215 Sign Shire Society Declaration at 2013 Cheshire Fair

Cheshire Fair 2013At least 215 people declared their personal independence by signing the Shire Society declaration at the 75th annual Cheshire Fair! It was the 2nd year for the Shire Society booth at the fair and we got an upgraded spot this year and were fortunate to be located across from Porcfest favorite, the Juice Caboose!

Amusingly, the Cheshire Democrats were set up a few spaces down with a lame booth (see the photo to the right) featuring the nationalistic American flag (ours had the peace flag).  On their table all they had was some printed/copied papers about how great government healthcare is and about their position on gun rights (contrast to our colorful, graphically interesting fliers).  They, like most political booth operators just sat there and waited for people to approach them (we actively pitched to passers-by).  However, they at least deserve credit for trying.  The Cheshire Republicans were no where to be found.

Like last year, we asked passers-by to sign the re-designed paper version of the Shire Society declaration and hundreds did! Our biggest day was Saturday, with 77 signers, followed by Sunday with 54, Friday 46, Thursday 26, and Wednesday 12. Several Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree DVDs were sold and one person even joined the NH Liberty Party. In addition, hundreds of informational flyers were distributed including: Foundation for NH Independence, NHJury.com, Don’t Take the Plea Deal, FreeKeene.com, Keenevention, FPP.CC Newspapers, and the excellent Philosophy of Liberty trifold.

Thanks to the dedicated, liberty-oriented volunteers who came out to connect with member of the community and share the ideas of freedom.  It was a great time and most people we talked to were very receptive, even to “radical” ideas like secession.  We’re coming back next year.  Thanks to everyone who took the time to stop and sign, or even consider signing the Shire Society declaration.

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