“We’re building a domestic army” – In this video by Bikerbill, a Marine Corps Colonel named Peter Martino speaks out against police militarization at the Concord BEARCAT hearing:

Huffpo claims an inferior version the video is going viral. Sadly, that version is clearly shot with a cell phone, whereas Bikerbill’s is a proper, steady camera, with good audio. In fact, Bikerbill shot full coverage of the hours of testimony. Here’s Part 1 and Part 2.

UPDATE: More about Marine Colonel Peter Martino:

Mr. Martino is a Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve who has been mobilized three times. During his military career, he commanded an infantry platoon, company, and battalion. He was also the senior U.S. adviser to an Iraqi Army brigade. Mr. Martino has had a successful civilian career providing training, consulting, and program management services to private companies and to state and federal agency contractors. Mr. Martino presently holds a top secret security clearance.

Of course, the room was packed full of liberty activists, so there are thankfully multiple videos from which to choose. Love freedom? Don’t want a police state? Join us! Liberty-oriented people should move to NH as part of the Free State Project ASAP and help put an end to this police state through peaceful activism.

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  1. Love this guy!

  2. I’m proud that Col. Martino spoke up like this to his town council.


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