Amanda Billyrock Attains Celebrity Status, According to Hilarious Laconia Sun Article

billyrockMy favorite part is where they describe Derrick J Freeman as an “anchorman”, in this very amusing mainstream media “investigation” by the Laconia Sun into Amanda Billyrock’s recent arrest. It’s titled:

LACONIA — A self-proclaimed anarchist associated with the Free State Project spent Friday night in the Belknap County House of Corrections after refusing to cooperate with a police officer who stopped her after she allegedly ran a red light.

According to Laconia police logs, Amanda “Billyrock” Johnson, 27, of 105 Windsong Ave. in Manchester is charged with one count of disobeying an officer, one count of resisting arrest, one count of transporting alcoholic beverages (for allegedly having an open container containing alcohol in her car), driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and possession of controlled drugs.

Johnson allegedly refused to tell police her name or cooperate with the police.

For the next 12 hours, Internet sites associated with the Free State project and other libertarian causes buzzed with tales of Johnson’s “kidnapping” by the Laconia Police and subsequent “caging” at the Belknap County House of Corrections — where she was taken after she allegedly refused the services of a bail commissioner. Readers of the sites were urged to call the county jail in protest.

Johnson, whose Internet name is “Amanda Billyrock”, is referred to online as an “epic figure” in the libertarian world. She calls herself an anarchist and has said she came to New Hampshire to join the Free State movement and liked it here. She is from Utah.

At one point, she moved to New Zealand because police there don’t carry guns and stayed for a period before returning to the United States. One of her webcasts said she moved to New Hampshire after attending a Free State event earlier this year.

A video filmed by one of the other people in the car during her encounter with police was posted to YouTube but has been removed — apparently by Johnson. A statement on her Facebook page yesterday said she was preparing to issue another statement within 24 hours.

Johnson’s lawyer, Seth Hipple of Concord, said yesterday that Johnson had a valid Utah driver’s license and a New Hampshire registration for her car and gave them to the police officer who stopped her. Hipple said his client’s birth date is on both documents.

He said she was not intoxicated and the drugs in her possession were prescribed to her by her physician. As to the open container charge, he said Johnson didn’t have an open container and was unaware if one of her two passengers did.

He also said he was the one who advised her to take down the video that had been posted on her Facebook page.

He said she complied with the police to the degree the Constitution requires and did not talk to them, which he said is her right.

When contacted yesterday, Police Chief Chris Adams initially didn’t know who Amanda Johnson was. After being told, he said his officers treated her the same way they treat anyone who allegedly commits similar violations and misdemeanors.

Beyond that, he said he didn’t have anything to add.

Belknap County Superintendent Daniel Ward said Johnson was incarcerated for a little over 12 hours. He said she initially refused bail but when her lawyer arrived Saturday afternoon she agreed to cooperate.

Video posted recently to the Free Keene website (“A New Hampshire Liberty Activism Destination”) show an anchorman sitting at a desk in front of a map of the world appearing to have a phone conversation with a Laconia police supervisor about Johnson’s arrest. The supervisor didn’t answer any of the man’s questions. It is not known from where the man was broadcasting.

A second website hosted by Copblock aired a second conversation a caller had with a person who answered the phone at the Belknap County jail.

Ward said the jail employees got about six phone calls from individuals another two from newspapers and another two from television stations — most of them from the Midwest.

“No big deal,” he said.

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  1. “When contacted yesterday, Police Chief Chris Adams initially didn’t know who Amanda Johnson was. After being told, he said his officers treated her the same way they treat anyone who allegedly commits similar violations and misdemeanors.”

    This is what has to change; and it will only do that if people start suing. As long as they believe they are doing the right thing by violating the law, then nothing will change.

  2. What’s a lawsuit going to accomplish other than have more money stolen from taxpayers to cover any damages? The legal system is weighted in favor of the State.

  3. Hopefully the increased cost to residents lead to one less sociopath handcuffing human beings for invoking their right to remain silent.

  4. Google: contempt of cop

  5. And one less cop solves the problem how?

  6. All this for a no-job-having spoiled adult-child who was driving drunk? Just let it play out in court. Of course we all know by now that for all their talk of “illegal police conduct”, libertarian/anarchist/spoiled brats are petrified of actually standing in a courtroom and shining a light on that alleged illegality. Just ask Adam Kokesh.

  7. Apparently you either cannot read or you did not read the article. She was not drunk and the drugs she had were prescribed.
    As for illegal police conduct, I do trust you do not end up on the receiving end. Oh but wait you bend over for whatever they want you to do anyway right?
    If you were a person of color even if you do cooperate you might be killed. Google “18 LA county deputies charged with torture of prisoners”.
    In any case Mr. Rockit Man sir you are a clueless fool.

  8. “Mr. Gazelle, why do you run from the lion? Wouldn’t it be much easier to just do what he wants?”

  9. Exercising lawful rights, including the right to file a civil case, is not stealing from taxpayers – rather it is seeking justice in a civil manner.

    The publicity of a civil case is just as important as the case itself.

    Yes, the city might steal more money from taxpayers if they lose, but anyone who let’s likely immoral behavior by the city (stealing) deter them from seeking justice in a civil manner would not help the cause of liberty. Liberty demands justice.

    As for taxpayer money, more is being stolen daily than would likely be paid out in a decade of civil judgments.

  10. One at a time.

    No, one is not going to change the world BUT

    one, by one, by one, by one, by one, by one, . . . see the pattern and how it grows ?

  11. Chosing your battles wisely does not equate to fear.

    Does making assumptions equate to stupidity ?

  12. Technically, the right was not taken away, though it may be less protected than before.

  13. Positive law versus natural law. “Lawful rights” versus natural rights. Filing a civil suit, which occurs in the realm of government, inherently requires funding for government. That funding comes from taxation. Taxation is theft. The ends do not justify the means.

  14. No, I don’t. The problem isn’t a cop; the enemy is the State.

  15. She ran a red light with open containers in the car and refused a breathalyzer test. My brother is a paramedic, and he sure as hell would have wanted her off the road. This isn’t someone being put down by “the man,” this is a spoiled little kid who thinks they are above basic safety laws.

  16. 867-5309? Do you think cops don’t create reasons to arrest you?

  17. Jon Fox? Is it you? or Jason?

  18. Given that I am 42 years old and have never been arrested even though I have protested in the street and spoken out against administrations (y’know, actually making a political statement, not just trying to get away with being a little princess twat), no. I do not think they do.

  19. Age is irrelevant. I seldom see cops just let people go unless media (or recording elements) are present. If you dont think cops dont like court time, ask Jeffrey Tucker or the FBI how much OT is paid to have them in court. That and the police(or local fund of sorts) are recipients of parts of the fees paid. Twat? Hate much?

  20. You don’t seem to get it. I have done legitimate protests against the administration. I have spoke truth to power and stood up to “the man.” I was not even arrested, let alone the beat downs you seem in real police states like Russia and China. My brother is a paramedic and I have talked with him about the first time he had to make the call between “This person is barely alive. I can expend massive amount of time and energy but he is probably going to die anyway, or I can go help the people in the other car who have a fighting chance.” So yeah, I have an issue with drunk-driving little princess twats (blew through a red light, open containers in the car, refused breathalyzer) who think they are above basic safety laws. This has nothing to do with standing up against the man. This has to do with a little spoiled brat wanting to get away with endangering lives by drunk driving.

  21. Not to be anecdotal but I remember the Battle in Seattle. (I cant count free speech zones as a legitimate place to protest). Please realize that the police have charged her with (x) offenses, many of these are thrown at people in trying to get something to stick, if a person “acts a donkey” they are more likely to chance getting more charges thrown on. and yes, i am one of those people that thinks the “license implied consent” stuff is stupid. Police haven’t been in the public safety business for a while, revenue generating perhaps?

  22. Implied schmied. There is nothing “implied” about it.

    “Responsibilities….Respect and obey federal, state, and local laws.”

    Welcome to the United States.

    Secondly, when she signed her driver’s license application (and driving is a PRIVILEGE, not a right), she agreed to abide by the traffic laws of the state.

    If you do not like living under U.S. law, you can of course renounce your citizenship and leave.

    And if the police were not in the business of law enforcement, you would have been robbed by now. You might even have been killed by now.

    This is the thing, all you libertarian anti-government types think that no government equal a free utopia where every gets along. What you don’t realize is there are plenty of examples of what a country with a collapsed or weak government looks like across the world. I would rather this nation NOT become Somalia, thank you.

    And you can complain all you want, but you are just defending for the whining of a drunk driver. Is this *really* the fight against the government you want to pick? Over an irresponsible kid?

  23. Implied consent as in breathalyzer testing. I believe that most states have this. I do understand that people aren’t nice. but it has been determined that the police don’t really have any obligation to serve and protect. The gov’t never stopped when it came to what they chose to do. And by the way, dont do the citizenship preaching. I lump that in with patriotism as a way to keep the sheep in line.

  24. …I have no idea what planet you live on. Are the cops perfect? No. Do they have a sworn, written set-down-in-law duty to serve and protect?


    If you do not like the duties of U.S. citizenship, then leave. Seriously, GFTO. You’re nothing but dangerous, dead weight on the rest of us, so go have fun in Somalia.

  25. “said he believed I had given false information on the bail paperwork I filled out in jail and that he intended to charge me with perjury” – Interesting outcome, but I would like to know if you indeed did lie on the paperwork?

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