Thank You, “STOP FREE KEENE!!!”, For Your Hitpiece Flyer!

SFK_flyerI’ve been informed that someone, apparently from the “STOP FREE KEENE!!!” facebook group of haters, has been leaving color, two-sided hitpiece fliers on cars downtown that have been saved by Robin Hood of Keene. The flier (PDF) quotes an alleged Graham Colson facebook profile update then proceeds to attack Robin Hooders. On the flipside of the flier, it cites some of my answers to the Sentinel questions for school board candidates.

This is really great news! I wasn’t planning on doing any campaigning for school board besides media requests, so imagine how pleased I was that someone took the time to not only distribute my ideas, but also pay for full color printing to-boot! Whoever you are, I am humbled and honored that you feel my ideas are so important that you’d spend your precious time and money spreading them. Thank you so much and keep up the great work!

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  1. LOLOL OMG, look at all the free publicity. I can’t believe someone would go to bat for you guys for free like that and still consider themselves your “sworn enemy”!

    Big props to whoever that was. Awesome.

  2. They think just because you don’t have children, you don’t have a family? WOW interesting definition. They use one individual’s comments on a facebook page to define a GROUP? Keep up the good work, Ian.

  3. Graham Colson is not and has never been a free stater. He is actually from the area, being born here and all. But hey, there is no reason for truth to stop the haters. Then again, maybe they will come around? Graham used to hate the FSP until the concept was explained to him a few times using rational thoughts, not propaganda flyers. Speaking of propaganda flyers…

  4. Hopefully these flyers are not handed out to people. I would be extremely annoyed if someone handed me a flyer with curse words!

  5. they shouldn’t be handing out flyers with swears on them..

  6. Love it. They might regret publishing your questionnaire answers. I’m betting a few people besides Free Staters agree with your responses. Keep doing the good work, and have another donation from Texas!

  7. I can understand why they are so hopped-up on the educational system. Given the grammar and general poor quality of that flyer, it’s obvious that they are wishing they had better schooling.

    There’s no excuse for it in a flyer; unlike some forum comment or the like, a flyer is produced in advance and should be proofread. Back when I was teaching, I wouldn’t have accepted something like that from one of the seventh-graders in my class. To see it from (supposed) adults is just sad.

    There’s not much better indication that the current system is utterly broken and needs to be totally reformed than what they just demonstrated – whomever produced that is desperately in need of a quality education, and clearly did not get it in this system.

  8. i want more universally agreed positive positives… as opposed to negatives that are interpreted as positives…or however you want to say it… ie the community/natives etc and freestaters are unanimous and in agreement that its positive

  9. and that CAN BE DONE without selling out… things that no sane person could say are negative

  10. Admit it Ian, you made these yourself. It’s implausible an enemy would do you such a favor.

  11. What are you talking about? Doesn’t this flyer prove a lack of unanimity?

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