Robin Hood Pranks Opposition on April Fool’s Day

rhood_dogelolA satirical post published to Robin Hood of Keene’s facebook page yesterday had apparently gulled a few advocates of the STOP FREE KEENE!!! facebook group into believing that some participants’ previous efforts to prompt intellectual property lawsuits by the Disney Corporation had been a success. The evidence presented was a redacted Cease and Desist letter on which Michael Eisner, Thomas Mullins, and Mickey Mouse were CC’d. The letter purported to be from the Chester, Nelson, and Albuquerque law firm in Orlando, Florida, on behalf of The Walter Disney Corporation. It was dated from exactly one year prior, and identifies, “attorneys representative of the STOP FREE KEENE!!! LLC” as being the original source of the complaints. Accompanying the letter, a short message from Robin Hood implied that the new profile image for the page had been altered to include Doge as part of a deal with Walter’s attorneys.

One April Fools’ post appeared at STOP FREE KEENE!!! and collected five facebook-likes before vanishing altogether between seven and eight in the evening, approximately forty minutes after publication.

Another false-positive on the corporate lawsuit joke appeared in the group earlier today, and remained visible after being revealed as a comedic parody. The second post has also since disappeared from the group’s page.

It’s understandable that reading the words through the sharpie redaction can be difficult, but it’s a safe bet that any correspondence that is CC’d to Mickey Mouse should be taken in jest.

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  1. Haha, you fooled the seminar shill spammer ‘runningwolfkenpo’ bigtime. He was spamming the Disney story everywhere he could.

  2. lol

  3. And the antics continue. For reasons unknown.

  4. Definition of antics is “amusing behaviour”. If the haters of HATEFREEKEENE Facebook page miss such an obvious holiday joke, now thats amusing!

    Being blinded by hate will make you miss CC’d to Mickey Mouse every time. =)

  5. You did not fool me. We now have Ridley and Sentinal on our side.

  6. Take that bitch

  7. For the lulz

  8. I like Brandie’s comment “Typical Free Keene Behavior”
    What with all their joking and fun and whatnot…typical…

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