Vocal Free Keene Critic Publicly Threatens Garret Ean

Seamus O’Connor and his wife, Carolyn Hanks have lived in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire for a few years now. Both have claimed participation in the Free State Project, but have also been long time critics of Free Keene bloggers, both belonging to a large “STOP FREE KEENE!!!” group on facebook. On April carolynhanks_seamusoconnor23 of 2014, Seamus uploaded a video titled, “Garret”, which consisted of several repeated explicit threats of violence directed at Garret Ean. Beginning the monologue with, “Garret, I’m gonna kick your ass, you mutherfucker…”, the narrator goes on to repeat the “kick your ass” line, interspersed with references to a rough childhood, and expectations of a non-response to such violence by local authorities.

Ain’t no cop’s gonna help you, you son of a bitch. The cops in Keene, the Sheriff’s Department in Cheshire county, they don’t like you, they’re not gonna stand up for you. You don’t say shit about me, you don’t say shit about my wife. You can say whatever you want, but there are consequences for your actions, you son of a bitch. So guess what, it’s gonna be you and me. Do you know anything about me? No, you don’t. You want me to tell you something about me? You probably don’t, but I’m gonna tell you anyway, you piece of shit. I grew up rough. I grew up rough. It wasn’t a choice of mine, it was a survival thing. I had to. In the places I grew up in, the way I grew up. And you know what? I’m a redneck, you mutherfucker. You fucked with a redneck. Yeah, everyone wants to make fun of the rednecks, until, (until you get one pissed off at you) …yeah, and you got one pissed off at you right now. And you have that funky 70s perm hairdo, what is fucking with that, you son of a bitch? And you’re roller skating, and skateboarding on the sidewalks, like you’re something special. I’ll tell you what’s special is you eat my fucking fist in your face, you son of a bitch. You fuck with me, you fuck with my wife, you fuck with my family, and I’m gonna fuck with you. Your ass is grass, you piece of shit.

…I’m gonna kick your ass, you son of a bitch. I’ll catch ya, when there ain’t nobody around. There ain’t nothing you can do about it. The fucking way I grew up, mutherfucker…I bet right now, this is a solid wood wall. This is not some cheap piece of wood right here. I could put my fist through it. You couldn’t do that. I’ll fucking break your jaw with one punch, you mutherfucker.

Though the shocking video from which the above text was derived was deleted Carolyn_Hanks_seamus_oconnor_threat-_2014-04-24_10.20.06xbetween 24 and 48 hours after its upload, a copy of the original has appeared on LiveLeak. Another video with a much briefer, albeit still direct threat appeared two days following titled, “Stop ‘Free’ Keene“. That video remains live on the LuckyShitZu youtube channel. Also published to Seamus’ facebook page as well as Carolyn’s facebook page were again threats by Seamus, stating, “Garret, I am going to kick your ass!“, “Anyone want to know whos ass I am going to kick?“, and “Look at the little girl whos ass I am going to kick TRY and shoot a gun. You think that is a gun? You just wate you peace of shit!

People in Cheshire county should exercise caution when dealing with these individuals, as Seamus is known to carry firearms and Carolyn can be heard in videos speaking about responding to people’s “attitudes” with her Mosin-Nagant rifle. All individuals are advised to carry a videocamera as a means to protect one’s self and others.

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  1. They have also been creating fraudulent accounts to comment hate here on the blog, they are frequently found using the same names as FK bloggers.

  2. Why are you seducing a 14 year old Ian Freeman?

    Why did Free Talk Live co-host Mark Edge involved in a murder?

    Why does Rich Paul want to blow others heads off?

  3. Ya Ian, you are one sick mother fucker.

  4. Seamus/Carolyn, just make an account under your real name – you can post whatever nonsense you want, then.

  5. What’s up with all the hate of the free staters? I don’t understand why people would hate folks who are just trying to get others MORE FREEDOM. Talk about irrational.

  6. LOL I just watched that video and this guy Seamus is a moron. He wasted his life doing nothing, and now he wants to threaten (weakly I might add) individuals that are trying to fix our society from the parasites that think they own us all. His wife, LOL, she is butt ugly and I’m gonna say I believe if I was given a choice, I bang their dog before I stuck it in her. YUK! Hey Seamun, crawl back under that rock and don’t come back out.

  7. The problem is four-fold. 1) ignorance on the part of locals as to what Free Staters are supposed to be about, 2) the non-uniformity of Free Staters that do their own thing and bring hate down on the entire group (the price to be paid for a group that promotes individuality perhaps?), 3) a severe dislike by locals of many of the activities and tactics used by Free Keeners (or people they associate with them) and 4) crazy batshit loco drunkards with a penchant for violence looking to unleash their murder-rage on activists that have made some bad calls now and then that will always overshadow the good things they do.

  8. Thanks for your reply FTL_Zeus. I wish I lived in Keene. I would try to set up a time/place where citizens of the town could talk to free staters and questions could be asked on both sides. I think that would be a great way to foster cooperation and understanding between the free staters and the citizens of Keene. Unfortunately, I can’t move to Keene right now. Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to get out there and help the cause of liberty. I live out in the middle of nowhere, so most of my activism isn’t really activism, it’s “facebook activism”. To actually get involved and be part of something would be amazing.

    Ultimately, I think the free staters are doing a wonderful thing. If the citizens took the time to get to KNOW the free staters, they might even be inclined to join them, or at the very least, tolerate them. I’ve spoken to a few of the free staters on facebook and they seem like decent folks. It’s clear that they are committed to positive change and non-violent/voluntary interaction. I wish they had come to my town. They could have REALLY made a difference in a town with 2300 people. 🙂 Of course there’s really not much TO change in this town, since there are very few restrictive city ordinances and zero county ordinances, so it would have primarily been a battle to change the state.

    I would like to be able to say that I did something to make the world a more free place, so I will get to Keene at some point.

  9. This guy is batshit but he’s telling the truth about Ian boning a 14 year old. She’s 16 now.

    How is Renee, Ian? Does it make you feel like a big man to seduce and groom little girls, you twisted fuck?

    Pedophiles, murderers, and violent offenders, OH MY! The human wreckage of Free Keene has come to save us all from ourselves with the world’s biggest collection of striped polo shirts and some white guy who could double as a chimney broom!

  10. It is a shame that these people have little clue what liberty is. Freedom of speech is fine along with having a gun however liberty is a privilege. Not in the sense that statist use it but you lose liberty when you start to threaten and boss and egg others to do so, as Carolyn here does. Destroying liberty and claiming to be part of the Free State Project is a disgrace. Liberty is something to cherish and cultivate. The tongue can upend it. It seems by the way he talks that he has drank one too many drinks in his life. We need so desperately a Free State Project and this phenomena of this couple is disheartening.

  11. Hey, shit-for-brains, ephebophilia, an attraction to sexually mature individuals below the “age of consent,” is not the same as pedophilia, an attraction to pre-pubescent individuals.


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