Rich Paul Arrested for Violation of Probation (UPDATED)

2013_04_20_freerichRich Paul, who was out on probation after spending nearly a year in jail for the “crime” of selling flowers has been arrested and taken straight to the jail aka Keene Spiritual Retreat. The probation department alleges that he has continued to consume the evil flowers and that Rich was in possession of a weapon at the recent attack on chalkers Monday night. (Rich had a monopod on his camera and detached it and held it at the ready for self-defense as two potential assailants approached him.)

UPDATE: You can now write to Rich in jail via Mail-to-Jail!

UPDATE: Here’s the paperwork from probation with the alleged violations of probation against Rich.

UPDATE: He will have a bail hearing Friday at 9am and at this time he is facing the prospect of years in prison. Stay tuned to Free Keene for the latest. Here’s the RAW video of his arrest:

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  1. Like others have stated: it’s just a matter of time before these Free Keene members screw up and find their way into jail. I find it highly ironic that their intimidation tactic of choice (video recording) will be probably be used as evidence against one of their own.

  2. Were any arrest made of the people crossing the street (black man) making threats?

  3. More proof that the law is not about justice; it’s about whether you acted in conformity with some words that politicians wrote down.

  4. So people don’t have a right to defend themselves now unless its those you agree with? Now I wasn’t there but if he did hold the stand in self defense this is hardly a crime.

  5. The intimidation tactic of public exposure.

  6. That wasn’t a monopod. Why are you trying to lie about this? Don’t you think Paul’s antics have already done enough damage to your reputation?

  7. He had a police baton, begged for a fight… RP went to main because they watched the video FK posted… irony at it’s best, having a sip of kool aid with lady karma…

  8. A person on probation knows not to carry a lethal weapon… the police baton he had while filmed by FK, was watched by probation… your genius filming put your own in jail… Lmfao

  9. The lethal weapon, while on probation…. watched by his parole officer.. duh….

  10. So, Pinky says in the video that; “He was trying to defend a man that is in the hospital”. Um, get your facts straight Mariah, according to the videos, that was the night AFTER RP brandished a weapon. And you are lucky you were not arrested for being the first one to physically put your hands on another when you so bravely blocked the entrance to the common so the man from D.C. could not enter and lunged after him first. Yes, it was a shouting match with threats from both people, but YOU my dear, were the first one to assault anyone. Maybe you’ll be seeing RP sooner than you think!

  11. Well, Rich found his next meal ticket which is key because his figure isn’t easy to maintain. The only downside is that the county has to pay for his room and board. But at least he’s back in jail where he belongs! Ha ha ha…

  12. Rich exercised extremely poor judgment while on probation and is now paying the price for his actions.

  13. So the scumbag dope-smoking dope-dealing loser Rich Paul violated his probation. Wow, did anyone NOT see this coming? Hey Waistoid Rich, hope you rot in jail. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  14. You poke the bear … you get the fangs. FK’ers are starting to figure that out now, I’ll bet.

  15. Another $40, 000 on the backs of the unborn to pay for the caging of a victimless criminal. I wish the drug war supporters would step up and pay instead of adding it to the debt.

  16. “The county” means you, your family and your neighbors.

  17. Since most Free Staters don’t pay any taxes, the rest of us are used to picking up the tab for your collective.

  18. Yeah, that’s right, and a person in Nazi Germany knows not to be Jewish. So what’s your point?

  19. I hope you keep more of what you earn and you should do the same for me. The solution is drugs decriminization and even the jailer agrees with that.

    Government taxes you so they’re to blame for your higher taxes. Direct blame for direct action

  20. What, no trolls here want to touch this one? lol

  21. So … where’s the update about Rich Paul getting denied bail and remanded into custody? I hope he likes the color orange, because he’s going to be wearing that for quite some time. One down, many more to go.

  22. He’s on probation, dipshit. There are very strict rules about what a convict can and cannot do while on probation. He violated those rules, so back to prison and into the orange jumpsuit for Rich “I really am a moron” Paul.

  23. So if you have been put on parole for a victim-less crime you should just be a victim to a real criminal….? Your public school logic is astounding they must be so proud of you…burn any good books lately?

  24. Spare me with your “victimless crime” bullshit. The law is the law. You don’t like it – then ask your representatives in government to change it. Until then: follow the law, or face the consequences. If you really don’t like any of that, then please feel free to leave this country and find another one more suitable to your personal philosophies.

    And just for the record, dipshit – I went to private school and college. I’m sure you’ll find something to write about that as well.

    Once again: schooled by your betters.

  25. You are not picking up the tab. That is the point. You keep passing it down to kids who can’t even vote against these stupid laws. Straight up evil. You want prohibition? Pay for it yourself.

  26. So who is the victim if I smoke marijuana? Do you not see a problem with the state being the victim, the investigator, the prosecutor, the judge, and often the jury? So about real criminals going after someone on probation…does the probationer not have the right to defend their person? I find it funny that the police go out of their way to arrest Rich Paul but have not arrested the man who pushed the activist into the fountain….unless this has changed? What happens when the law runs contrary to other laws? Lets take for example the ninth amendment of the US constitution and the war on drugs. Surely your private education taught you about this little federal conundrum. States really don’t support the war on drugs, they support federal funding via the war on drugs. Till next time tax cattle.

  27. “selling flowers?”


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