SFK Group Member Displays Glock Pistol At Square

Craig 2Yesterday (6/3/2014) at about 7:30PM, approximately 40 minutes after a man was slammed into the fountain, a man entered the square, walked past myself and a few others, then lifted his shirt to display what appeared to be a glock pistol, pointed to it with his hand which was very close to it, and then came back later (still armed) and sat on the gazebo steps nearby the group who saw his exhibit.

Rich managed to catch this display on video despite his camera being mechanically defective (it keeps zooming in).

I posted pictures of this man to Facebook and was soon contacted by a source that told me he is Craig A Faulkner, a member of Stop Free Keene and son of Dorrie O’Meara. (Note the ear on photos below).

CraigCraig Hat
Craig SFK

Craig Faulkner 18


I have no problem with people carrying tools for self-defense, but I feel that the display was an attempt to intimidate and threaten the people at the square with violence and not for his defense.

The following pictures show further evidence he might not be a peaceful-minded person.

Craig TwitterCraig Twitter2

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