City Councilor Wants to Ban Hopscotch – Seriously.

Hopscotch PreservationKeene city councilor Randy Filiault is proposing a prohibition on all chalking downtown at tonight’s 6pm committee meeting at city hall.  He actually says he wants to stop kids from playing hopscotch downtown, at about five minutes into his interview with WKBK’s Dan Mitchell this morning,

“What about the kids that want to play hopscotch?… If they want to play hopscotch, they’re more than welcome to in their own yards and their own neighborhoods, just not, they’re not going to chalk up city streets downtown.”

If the city council is foolish enough to pass such an ordinance, they better get ready to pay thousands more taxpayer dollars to defend their attack on the freedom of speech in court!  I bet the NH ACLU and the Hopscotch Keene Preservation Society will be very interested in bringing a case.

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