Manchester Activists Continue Jury Nullification Outreach

10410096_298255033682853_3078734082147211273_nOn the morning of  June 16th, 2014 myself and fellow Free Keene blogger Joel Valenzuela were accompanied by activists Angela Aronoff, Nicholas Buroker, and new Free State Project mover Andrew Vermiglio at the Hillsborough County Superior 10448210_298250733683283_7905153735992598897_nCourt House located in down town Manchester NH.  We arrived at the court house to warmly great jurors as they approached the building.  As they approached, we were handing out pamphlets to jurors.  The pamphlets inform the jurors of their rights as a juror.  The emphasis being that a jury can vote not guilty if the law is unjust.  Jury nullification outreach has been consistent every jury selection at this court house since March of this year.  Hopefully other activists around the state will do the same at other court houses.

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  1. According to the State’s Attorney arguing at the NH Supreme Court today, Jury Nullification doesn’t exist. “It’s not a right,” so you should stop lying to people. What if *everyone* used their conscience to determine right and wrong instead of depending on the State to tell them? CHAOS!!

  2. Jury nullification – as defined by FreeKeene – does not exist. They are not attorneys and do not know how to interpret laws. Their pamphlets are full of lies and half-truths.

  3. Yeah, all of those /direct quotes/ of the laws are obviously untrue…

    Oh, wait, no, those direct quotes are fully accurate, and anyone can verify them.

  4. Judge suspects a juror is going to try and nullify a law so s/he removes the juror; or, Judge sets aside the jury verdict because the jury’s decision is based upon nullification.

    Ergo, There is no such thing as jury nullification.

  5. My comments regarding a Judge setting aside any jury nullification verdict keep getting deleted and my account blocked. Not surprising, considering FreeKeene does not tolerate dissenting views and opinions.

  6. It doesn’t exist. A judge will set aside a jury’s verdict if it is an attempt at nullification. That fact is obviously not in those silly pamphlets you people hand out.

  7. Keep blocking and deleting messages you don’t agree with, FreeKeene – but the truth is that you lie and state half-truths about jury nullification. Judges will simply set aside jury verdicts if they find the jury is basing their verdict on nullification.

  8. you’re an idiot. of course it exists. it is the public’s check in the checks and balances system. where did you grow up? they taught us this in high school


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