Ransom Rich Paul!

2013_04_20_freerichFor those of you who don’t know, I, Rich Paul, have been sitting in the the Keene Spiritual Retreat for the last couple weeks. I am technically in for violation of probation and there are four violations alleged:

1) That when Dorrie O’Meara’s employees/ thugs attacked an artist/ friend of mine by surprise and from behind, I stepped in between the gang of attackers and their intended victim while holding a stick, and thwarted their attack.

This is true, but justified by my inalienable right to self defense and defense of others, I believe that the court will disregard this allegation.

2) That I have not paid the $3,500 in fines that the court demands. This is true also, and, with your help, to remedy this situation. Although I hate to feed the monster of the state, I liken it to the ransoms paid to the enemies for the return of captured warriors in the Middle Ages: It sucks to give money to your enemy, but it sucks to lose your fighters as well.

3) I have not stopped smoking weed. I don’t intend to do, but this alone is not think this is serious enough to hold me long.

4) I have not attended substance abuse counseling. Again, I don’t intend to. I hope to negotiate this as I will not submit to invasive or an unneeded invasive medical procedure to treat a condition from which I do not suffer- especially when the course of “treatment” requires that I lie and claim to be a “marijuana addict” an absurd concept. I still retain, I hope, my right to conscience, which includes the rights not to be coerced into deceit.

As you can see I have my work cut out for me getting out of this mess. Being able to pay these fines ASAP would be a big help in providing some sign of cooperation to the court. I hope so that you will help me make this a reality. Donations are accepted here.

Rich Paul
P.S. Please promote this article far and wide, on Facebook and elsewhere. The more people who see it, the more likely I am to regain my freedom!

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  1. Where was Rich working while he was out on probation? What type of money did he pull together towards the fine?

  2. The fact that you publicly state that you have violated, and will continue to violate, #3 and #4, will be enough for probation violation and paying the fine will not change that.

  3. He’s soon going to look back upon his days in jail with fond memories, because the next stop is prison for Mr. Paul.

  4. Work? LoL … c’mon.

  5. We all are accountable in life. We may not feel like it’s fair, but that’s life. Being responsible is part of being an adult. I am beside myself that you would even ask hard working people to pay YOUR fines. They are YOURS, not mine or anyone else’s.

  6. I was beginning to think this place was losing relevance until I saw the huge readership of haters that come here on regular basis.

    Haters are hitting that refresh button every 30 minutes lol

  7. Actually, no they are the State’s fines, not Rich’s or anyone else’s.

  8. Actually no, he has incurred them, therefore they are his. Again – wrong answer, as usual.

    As is so typical of people like Mr. Paul, he expects others to take responsibility for him and settle his debts. I noticed his donation site has a whole $60 contributed over the last 24 days; that’s a long way from $3,500. Where are the contributions from Derrick J. and Bernard? It looks like none of the FreeKeene members have contributed. Why is that, I wonder? Where is the groundswell of financial support from the “Liberty” community?

  9. I’m all for liberty as we should be able to do as we please providing no harm is done to others. I wish someone with half a brain could represent though… This FK group doesn’t have half a brain if they put all their heads together. They should not be FREE TO BREED.

  10. “I have not stopped smoking weed. I don’t intend to do, but this alone is not think this is serious enough to hold me long.” LOL…

  11. I’m back and forth with what the free Keene bloggers do and don’t do. With that said I can not blame him for not attending substance abuse counseling or whatever they want him to do. That’s just another way for people to make money of something so stupid. It’s not like he’s shooting heroin.as for the fines I’m sure all of these people get by on donations , which is a lot like welfare but just money from people who have their same beliefs. Go figure. Smoking pot really isn’t a big deal and the courts and jails are loaded with stupid petty criminals and letting the serious offenders out early. That’s what everyone should really be squawking about. He shouldn’t be sitting in jail wasting our tax dollars for stupid stuff. We should be worrying about child molesters and junkies.

  12. Yes Jocelyn. The jails are indeed loaded with stupid petty criminals.

  13. $40,000 per year in jail for a victimless criminal. The big spenders don’t give a damn how hard it is out there for the little guy to make ends meet with high property taxes and high rent. They simply use other peoples’ money to force their beliefs on others. You want to put people in jail for victimless crimes? YOU PAY FOR IT!

  14. Your wish for him to be placed in prison will be funded by the future labor of unborn New Hampshire residents. So moral of you. Statists like you should step up and pay for the big government you continue to refuse to pay for. YOU ARE COMMITTING THEFT BY STEALING FROM THE UNBORN! And what is truly sad, is statists like you will get away with it. The next generation will be living in trailers so you can continue your crusade against flowers. And then after some kind of mind warp, voting takes away all your immoralities.

  15. You really have to cut back on the gangha, dude. You’re starting to hallucinate.

  16. There is no such thing as a “marijuana addict,” and “marijuana” is just a made up Spanish word anyway. It’s nothing but a natural hemp plant with a high amount of THC. The only reason the female hemp flower can be addictive is if the black market laces it with addictive substances to keep customers coming back for more. Making it legally available on the free market makes that problem go away. People don’t want crap-laced pot.

  17. Items 1 through 4 are things that Rich agreed to as conditions of his probation. Items 3 and 4 provide strong evidence that he is a drug addict. If a rational person had to choose between not smoking weed or going back to jail, they would stop smoking week. Rich just can’t. Sometime away from his lifestyle will do him a lot of good.

  18. Yeah, I found his entire diatribe oddly sad. He is is own worst enemy. He has publicly declared he will not conform to the conditions of his parole, mistakenly assuming that he can negotiate his way out of this situation.

    The State is going to want to set an example with a convicted drug dealer and habitual offender, so my guess is he ends up going to prison for a few months. Prison is where shit gets real for Mr. Paul.

  19. Really? He incurred them? How, precisely? Did he sign a contract with someone, freely and without duress, agreeing to pay such an amount? Did he damage someone else’s property or harm him physically, such that he owes restitution? No? Then they’re not his – they’re just a demand made by muggers.

  20. It’s impossible to be addicted to marijuana. I believe Mr. Paul uses it for medical purposes, so “just stop” isn’t a realistic answer.

  21. Right … “medical purposes”. So no doubt his “medical condition” must be dire right about now.

  22. Run along, strange little man who makes no sense. Now you’re just spewing nonsense.

  23. I agree with all of your points except one. Accepting donations and welfare from the state are two completely different things. Donation is voluntary, welfare is involuntary.

  24. Ah, the sound of a Statist who is completely unable to respond to someone who calls him on his religious nonsense. Sorry, but I’m an agnostic, and I don’t worship the State like you do; hence, your silly little rituals don’t hold any meaning for me.

  25. Sure, sure … whatever. Keep on with the nonsense – it’s rather amusing.

  26. Presumably so, but the government has a long history of denying folks medical treatment; these folks you support are really quite demented, and would be treated for their psychopathic behavior in any healthy society, rather than being hired and put in power over others.

  27. Yeah, that was an impressive response. Do you fail to realize that such a response is as good as flatly admitting that you’re wrong… only without the demonstration of maturity that would come by actually doing so?

  28. You are a rather disturbed individual, aren’t you? I mean, anyone who spouts the kind of nonsense that you do must be.

  29. Nope. Probably the sanest individual you’re likely to find. I look at the world in an entirely-rational manner. I don’t think that I can deny reality or justify harming others by performing silly rituals.

  30. True but it is still living off money of others. Thus being dependant on other people. They can get jobs and pay for their own stuff either their own money

  31. LoL … right. Sane people do not go around spouting the foolish nonsense that you do.

    You just keep telling yourself you’re sane if it makes you feel better.

  32. You do realize you used the words “statist”, “religious”, and “worship” all in the same sentence, right? Does spittle fly from your mouth as you type and post these irrational rants?

  33. Again, the same argument comes into play here. The same question that is always asked when people see these videos…”How do these guys make money?” “Who pays for their food” “Do they have jobs” and besides Ian, I dont think Garret, Rich, or Derrick work. Who would ever hand over their hard earned money to individuals who refuse to work ? Its simply pathetic.

  34. pure arrogance. this amounts to nothing more than pathetic begging for others to shoulder the burden of fines incurred by your actions. good luck convincing the evil statists sitting the benches in the courthouse that your complete lack of accountability and refusal to comply with the conditions of your parole evinces “cooperation”. judging by the content and composition of this letter, the weed is still working its way out of your system.

  35. you’d be well served to educate yourself about physical versus psychological addiction, friend. your comment about “laced” weed speaks volumes, though.

  36. He said “spewing.” Everybody drink!

  37. Is he spouting? Or is he spewing?

  38. There is nothing wrong with living off voluntary contributions from others. Take employees of charity organizations for example.

  39. That’s how some people believe they’re going to stop Free Keene, apparently 😉

  40. They must not be haters if they spend so much time thinking about Free Keene!

  41. Why aren’t the members of FreeKeene chipping in to spring their poor compatriot from jail? Is it maybe because the majority of them barely have two quarters to rub together? Not having a job usually causes that problem.

    Where is the groundswell of support from all the people who supposedly identify themselves as part of the “Liberty” movement? Is it maybe because the FSP has disowned FreeKeene, or is the “Liberty” movement more smoke than substance?

    The donation site isn’t setting any records; $60 raised by 3 people in 25 days is pretty pathetic.

    I really do want to know, because FreeKeene talks so much about how their “movement” has really taken hold in Keene and they enjoy “broad” support. Ok – so where is it? Why is Rich Paul still in jail?

  42. Hey bud, I smoked lots and lots of weed every single day back in Alaska when it was decriminalized there. I quit very easily when I moved to Minnesota. I know without question that it’s not addictive.

  43. I don’t know why I’m responding to a troll, but what makes you think that most funds weren’t raised off the Internet? I think raising ANY money to pay for court fines is unprecedented. Do you know of any other recent case where this has been done more successfully?

    I won’t speak for others, but I’m doing what I can. I do have a full time job. I work in a casino. In my opinion, Rich Paul, imprisoned or not, does a lot more for society than I could as a corporate tool. Where do you work? What do you do for society other than troll this site?

  44. So are you stating that they may have already scraped together the $3,500 and the donation site is just a scam? It wouldn’t surprise me in the least, actually.

  45. Even if he did raise the money, there is still the issue of parole violations – and I believe the State has had enough of Paul and FreeKeene and wants to send a message. Well, sending Paul to prison for a few months is a great way to send that message.

  46. You do ask a lot of questions while answering none, don’t you? I think if it were a scam, then they wouldn’t post videos revealing that they were also receiving money from other sources.

  47. You don’t get it, do you? You can’t beat Rich Paul. He will either be set free or he will be a martyr for the cause.

  48. And a burden to the very system he is fighting against.

  49. Yeah not everyone is comfortable with the idea that part of their salary will be taken and spent on building bombs to be dropped on civilians…

  50. LMFAO … “A martyr for the cause”? Seriously – that’s idiotic. And btw: keeping him and others like him in jail/prison is a burden that is gladly accepted.

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