Ransom Rich Paul!

2013_04_20_freerichFor those of you who don’t know, I, Rich Paul, have been sitting in the the Keene Spiritual Retreat for the last couple weeks. I am technically in for violation of probation and there are four violations alleged:

1) That when Dorrie O’Meara’s employees/ thugs attacked an artist/ friend of mine by surprise and from behind, I stepped in between the gang of attackers and their intended victim while holding a stick, and thwarted their attack.

This is true, but justified by my inalienable right to self defense and defense of others, I believe that the court will disregard this allegation.

2) That I have not paid the $3,500 in fines that the court demands. This is true also, and, with your help, to remedy this situation. Although I hate to feed the monster of the state, I liken it to the ransoms paid to the enemies for the return of captured warriors in the Middle Ages: It sucks to give money to your enemy, but it sucks to lose your fighters as well.

3) I have not stopped smoking weed. I don’t intend to do, but this alone is not think this is serious enough to hold me long.

4) I have not attended substance abuse counseling. Again, I don’t intend to. I hope to negotiate this as I will not submit to invasive or an unneeded invasive medical procedure to treat a condition from which I do not suffer- especially when the course of “treatment” requires that I lie and claim to be a “marijuana addict” an absurd concept. I still retain, I hope, my right to conscience, which includes the rights not to be coerced into deceit.

As you can see I have my work cut out for me getting out of this mess. Being able to pay these fines ASAP would be a big help in providing some sign of cooperation to the court. I hope so that you will help me make this a reality. Donations are accepted here.

Rich Paul
P.S. Please promote this article far and wide, on Facebook and elsewhere. The more people who see it, the more likely I am to regain my freedom!

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