Derrick J Denied Concealed Carry by KPD

Today I received a certified letter informing me that I have been denied permission to carry a firearm concealed. Below is a copy of the letter.

Denial PDF

DenialofCCW-page-001 (1)

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  1. What flavor is the Koolaid, Sharkie?

  2. Wouldn’t know – I don’t drink that crud.

    Also, FYI, the Jonestown “suicide” used Flavor Aid, not Koolaid… and were on your side of the political fence. So your comment is doubly ridiculous.

  3. It’s never simple. Particularly when, as “KeeneGuy” notes, this is clearly political.

    But the law is clear, and the Court would have to rule in direct contradiction to the law in order to uphold this nonsense. Not that courts have never done so – they break the law quite frequently. But if they’re going to rule in accordance with their own laws, they would have to rule that this is a clear violation of his rights. The “evidence” presented does not come close to justifying KPD’s decision.

    The ultimate solution, of course, is to simply eliminate the license requirement. It’s not like any rational individual can argue against that, given that we can look right over at Vermont and see that society has not collapsed just because folks can carry a gun concealed without a license.

  4. Isn’t awesome when some ass googles copy’s and prints shit lol. Shark ur more like a minnow

  5. Try that again in English, maybe?

  6. Are you telling me that folks in America are supposed to be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law?

  7. LoL … ok. Sharkie. My gosh, you really are just one of those pain-in-the-ass losers who think they are so much more intelligent than most. Keep dreaming, buddy.

  8. So all police have to do is arrest you for basically anything, release you without charge or conviction, and then use it later to deny you a permit.

  9. Perhaps. A friend of mine has commented about the difference between arrogance and conceit. What he said boils down to this: conceit is pretending to traits that you do not actually have, whereas arrogance is when you can actually back it up.

    I’ll freely admit that I can be quite arrogant, at times.

    But at least I’m not conceited, like you.

    (and, FYI, someone with an IQ of 101 is “more intelligent than most” – so using that as a standard to accuse others of arrogance doesn’t say much about your own point of comparison – someone who accuses others of being above average is likely below average, in order to consider /average/ an impressive thing)

  10. So some folks imagine. Fortunately, such nonsense does not fly in NH. They can /do/ it, but they’ll get nailed for it if he appeals.

  11. Actually no – they won’t. He’s an unsuitable person under the eyes of the law, and the courts will not rule otherwise. Of course, we’ll just have to wait and see who’s right on this.

  12. So you admit to being arrogant … but not conceited.

    LMHO … You obviously don’t know that the words “arrogant” and “conceited” are synonyms for each other.

    Quite the high IQ you’re sporting there Sharkie, but it looks to me like you have your thumb pressed firmly down on the scale.

  13. Maine shark go get a job u fuckin loser. Help America instead if living off our sweat and blood. U leech.

  14. Can’t read Dumass?

  15. Yes, he did: all misdemeanors that are not disqualifying. Except for possession of marijuana, all of them were for the same incident of violating the trespass order at the court property, an order which was later overturned IIRC.

  16. Someone’s not familiar with the concept of defining words. I gave the definitions, and explained the difference. I did not claim that those were the only definitions that exist, but rather exactly specified that they were particular definitions presented by one individual.

  17. No, I can read English. I don’t read, speak, or understand “Dumass.” Apparently, it’s the language in which you are most fluent?

  18. I manage a mechanical contracting company. What do /you/ do? Suck tax money, or flip burgers?

  19. This is New Hampshire, not NYC. If you imagine that such nonsense would be good, please just leave this state that you obviously hate.

  20. I’m a manager at a ten thousand a year country club. Name ur business

  21. As I have already told your punk pussy ass friend. Email me personally. We can meet and u can prove this face to face. But like 99% ull bitch out and claim all this bullshit u have lol. If u owned that u really think ud have time to answer to every blog on here like u do lol. Hahaha.

  22. Name yours. You talk big, but then hide and expect others to go first.

    I’m guessing that “a manager” rather than “the manager” probably means that you “manage” a janitorial cart or somesuch.

  23. Actually, I answer very few blog posts, and I type very fast. Frequently, I reply while I’m on hold – managing a business entails a lot of phone calls.

    I really have no interest in emailing you. You could show up at Burning Porcupine and ask around. Everyone knows me, so someone could point me out. That would be simple enough, if you actually want to meet.


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