Rich Paul Bail Set at $500 – He’s Out!!


Rich Paul, after checking out of the Keene Spiritual Retreat

After viewing the video of the first attack on local chalkers in Central Square, superior court judge John C. Kissinger decided to set bail for Rich Paul at $500. This is a huge step down from “no bail”, the previous decision by the judge, who at the time had not seen the video and was told by the prosecution that Rich was a menace to society and a threat to public safety – a ridiculous claim.

Activists quickly posted bail and Rich Paul is out! The full VOP trial will be 7/24 at 9am at Cheshire superior court.

Here’s video of the hearing:

Judge Kissenger went easier on Rich than most people were expecting. Was it because of what he saw in the video? While the Judge was watching the video evidence, Derrick J was watching for the judge’s reactions. Watch him close up as he reacts to what he is viewing for the first time:

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  1. Hope Rich is doing well.

  2. Fuck you Dorri O’Meara!!!

  3. Oh, I think Dorri will have the last laugh when the state sentences Rich Paul to prison for a few months after he is found guilty of committing parole violations. He has already publicly confessed to his crimes on this blog site. It’s an open-and-shut case.

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