Neutralizing Police Checkpoints in Manchester

Last night there was a DUI checkpoint in Manchester, NH. Some activists caught wind about the event and created signs to warn drivers to divert their paths. Dozens of activists participated, and probably hundreds of drivers were saved from unwanted interactions with police. Some people handed out “Know Your Rights” cards to passers-by on the street. I took video throughout the night to document this effective activism. One of the highlights of my night was rolling through the traffic stop with James “Robin Hood” Cleaveland. The checkpoint begins 5 minutes into the video. Here’s how it went:

Another great moment happened when James came back to speak with the Captain on foot. Although the police wouldn’t interact with him, James preached like a pastor from the sidewalk: “What if this isn’t about safety? What if this is about control?” he asked the police, who stood in stunned silence.

Full playlist of all DerrickJ’s raw video from that night:

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