Neutralizing Police Checkpoints in Manchester

Last night there was a DUI checkpoint in Manchester, NH. Some activists caught wind about the event and created signs to warn drivers to divert their paths. Dozens of activists participated, and probably hundreds of drivers were saved from unwanted interactions with police. Some people handed out “Know Your Rights” cards to passers-by on the street. I took video throughout the night to document this effective activism. One of the highlights of my night was rolling through the traffic stop with James “Robin Hood” Cleaveland. The checkpoint begins 5 minutes into the video. Here’s how it went:

Another great moment happened when James came back to speak with the Captain on foot. Although the police wouldn’t interact with him, James preached like a pastor from the sidewalk: “What if this isn’t about safety? What if this is about control?” he asked the police, who stood in stunned silence.

Full playlist of all DerrickJ’s raw video from that night:

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  1. Preaching to a police officer violating your right might be comical, but how useful is it? Most likely, either the officer already knew he was being a bad person by violating his oath and the Constitution and didn’t care, or he completely disagreed with you on the subject.

    On the other hand, the sign holding was awesome. Great work, sign holders!

  2. The purpose of debate is not to convince your opponent, but rather to convince your audience. He ain’t going to convince the cops, but others who are able to see and hear it may think about things in a new light.

    And that’s why I like to remind folks to consider the audience when they discuss things online.

  3. This isn’t “Liberty Activism” … this is a bunch of unemployed or under-employed douchebags driving around harassing and trying to provoke police officers

  4. You can’t “harass” someone who is engaged in harassment. That makes no sense. It’s like saying that someone “assaulted” a mugger who was beating him when he fought back.

  5. The purpose of debate is not to convince your opponent, but rather to convince your audience.

    This is exactly why arguing with MaineShark is not a waste of time.

  6. There’s a difference?

  7. Not for me, anyway. I have a rather substantial track record when it comes to convincing folks to embrace liberty (in general) and to join the FSP and move to NH (in particular). When folks like you set yourselves up by making ridiculous claims that I can shred, it really makes my life very easy. Of course, that leads to the debate: do you get credit for helping convince folks to move? Or do do I get full credit?

  8. LoL … you are definitely not as intelligent as you think you are. This entire “liberty” thing is a rather pathetic and sad display of adults acting like spoiled children.

  9. Notice that MaineShark fails to follow his own admonition by addressing me directly, whereas I know to address you, my audience, directly.

    Notice also his skillful use of deceptive language. When folks like MaineShark come to my house every weekend and wash my car for free, it really makes my life very easy. I’m not claiming that MaineShark has ever done that. But neither have I ever made a ridiculous claim that MaineShark could have shredded.

  10. He said “spoiled children.” Everybody drink!

  11. Enforcing the law is harassment? That’s idiotic.

  12. I loved this video. The fact that there are so many people willing to stand up to the police state gives me hope for the future.

    From the footage, it looked like there were far more activists warning potential victims about the tax feeders waddling ahead than there were actual tax feeding thieves, kidnappers, and tow truck jackals altogether.

    The top highlight for me was the high irony of the stammering and stressed out Captain Archie Bunkerizing the word “duress” about 3 different ways while at the same time semi-self assuredly attempting to taunt the driver while waving a customer satisfaction questionaire under the driver’s nose. (I’m sure this humiliation tactic will spread throughout the coposphere–expect the TSA to soon mock you the same way after they stick their hands in and take photos of what’s up your asshole).

    So besides documenting the positive spirit of the freedom activists, this video is important because it puts Captain Archie up close on the record and you really get a clear impression of his hatred and anger at the prospect of people challenging his power and overtime wages.

  13. I just watched the 2nd video. The comments were interesting at the end about the importation of U.S. government control tactics from its far flung colonies back to the “homeland.” The great Chalmers Johnson used to say you either have to give up your Empire or live under it.

    Also, I loved the comment at 18:20 when the cops apparently wave a tow truck through the checkpoint. I think part of the reason it is amusing is something about juxtaposing the state socialist sector (cops) and the fascist/corporatist sector (tow truck outfits)–like the Marines and Blackwater in Fallujah or the Assemblyman and the Soprano family in NJ.

  14. LoL … my gosh, you’re a moron.

  15. People of color get kidnapped and murdered for these kinds of stunts…if your white its alright…I guess.

  16. Actually, I’m exactly as intelligent as I think I am. Professionally-tested and everything. But I’m almost always the first to say that intelligence, beyond a certain point, is pretty much meaningless. It’s like having a fast computer; nothing says that you aren’t using it to play solitaire instead of doing something useful, and nothing says that someone with a “slow computer” isn’t doing amazing work and just taking a little longer to get there (but getting far more done than the guy playing solitaire, despite the difference in equipment).

  17. Thanks for demonstrating a total lack of comprehension of what’s being discussed. I did not “admonish” anyone to address the audience. I discussed the purpose of debate. That purpose can be achieved by a variety of means, including addressing one’s opponent, directly.

    Do try to keep up…

    Nor is there anything deceptive about my language. You’re a newcomer, so it’s not reasonable to imagine that anyone has moved as a result of the deconstruction of something foolish that you’ve said. But if you keep it up, you’ll certainly help me to convince others to move.

  18. No, that’s accurate. Putting on a silly-looking uniform does not make one’s actions any different. If it would be harassment for me to do it, or harassment for you to do it, then it’s harassment for them to do it.

    I realize that your religious belief in the State as some sort of deity makes you imagine that its priests have magical powers that mean they can do things which “mere mortals” cannot, but I can assure you that they are in no way special; they’re merely more psychotic than average, but that’s it.

  19. Beat me to it.

  20. Don’t address me, a hole.

  21. Now who’s the moron? And you were doing so well… Hint : addressing your rights is perfectly acceptable.

  22. Blame racist cops…

  23. Sharkie, you really do have some issues. I usually assume that someone with your kind of views wears a custom-fitted aluminum foil hat, but I guessing it goes a lot deeper than that.

    This is why the “liberty” movement will never gain any real traction in NH or anywhere else: for the most part, You’re all stark raving mad.

  24. By focusing on race you narrow the focus of thought and miss the point. Susan Bruce focuses on suffering and chose to be a violent chest beating gorilla when she thinks she wins an argument …the nap to her is foolish self disarming so feminists can exercise more violence

    Cops fear you because you’re violent

    None of this will get through…thus today I think god exists…his designs is beyond comprehension

  25. Typical responses from public SERVANTS. The people pay their salaries, and are rarely accountable TO the people, this is wrong in every sense of the word!
    DUI checkpoints are locations that are manned by armed criminals, using threat and intimidation to prove a ‘need’ that never existed, and also an illegal and unconstitutional search, without warrant, for an act that has no validity, and no legal reason to be implemented, other than to control the people. It comes down to absolute control, NOT safety.

  26. To you its, about race. To me, its a fact of life

  27. Who are you addressing?

  28. MaineShark may be exactly as intelligent he thinks he is. He’s just not as intelligent as he says he is.

    Want to see something funny? Ask him to post an image of his supposed “professional” test results. You’ll be amazed how quickly the authority of a “professional” can become nothing more than the authority of his own say-so.

  29. You’re all stark raving mad.

    Not all of them. Some are merely shark raving mad.

  30. Keep up the good work!

  31. If I’m not mistaken..wasn’t this a DUI check point? If you think a DUI check point is a bad thing try raising your kids after a drunk has shattered your life by killing your spouse, child or other love one (because the drunk
    had a “right” to drive drunk). Let the cops do their job and get the drunks off the road- stupid morons. If I see you all on my road maybe I will have the right to just plow you over

  32. The only one that is looking like a moron here is the sheeple like you that think they are getting drunk drivers off the roads at these checkpoints. Drunk Driving has nothing to do with these stops and Police Officers have admitted it. Out of every arrest, ticket, or warning given drunk driving is a very rare occurence. Before you go and call people morons, even people that support police officers have done research on how uneffective these are as seen in the article below. They are a waste of tax money. The problem here is you live your life following what the latest trend with the Kardashians is and go around opening your mouth about stuff you choose not to educate yourself on and make yourself look like an idiot.

  33. You guys are having all the fun!!!

  34. I have no doubt race plays a part. I think a bigger part is played by these being Manchester NH cops and not, say NYC cops.

    That doesn’t make what the activists are doing here wrong.

    I’m wishing for african americans and people in major cities not to get kidnapped or murdered. There problem is those cases, not this case. People of any color have a right to speak their mind, in any city.

  35. Sorry guys, but you come across as a bunch of immature, uneducated kids with a half-assed agenda of trying to make a point, but unfortunately you missed the mark. I don’t agree with these check points myself either, but your approach to it is seriously lacking. The officer made “you” look like a fool as he sent you on your way. I admire your dedication but you should educate yourself more with certain laws and court cases (write them all down if need be) before attempting this again. My comments are meant to be construed as constructive criticism and nothing more.

  36. I like the idea behind what they ae doing but they’re not doing it right. He had no obligation to identify himself. He had no right to be illegally stopped and refused every single one of that pig’s orders. People have NO NEED for a driver’s license unless they are operating in commerce. It’s also illegal for the STATE to force you to have a license for something that’s not illegal in the first place.

  37. Have I ever said how intelligent I am?

    No one intelligent actually cares about such things. Someone with an IQ of 60 can be right. And someone with an IQ of 260 can be wrong. A statement should be judged on its own merit.

    Only fools imagine that IQ actually matters.

  38. Yeah, let’s see… someone who says that all humans are equal, versus someone who says that putting on particular clothing makes someone super-human.

    /One/ of those individuals is not sane. (hint: it’s the one that believes scraps of cloth grant extra rights)

  39. DUI checkpoints don’t actually reduce rates of DUI. So yes, I think they are a bad thing: the interfere with honest folks, and do not actually prevent the harm that they are supposed to be preventing. Ergo, they are an unmitigated evil.

  40. Have I ever said how intelligent I am?

    Hmm, good question. Let’s see… In this post you wrote, “I’m exactly as intelligent as I think I am. Professionally-tested and everything.”

    In this post you wrote, “I’m quite content with my intelligence, and have no trouble with the fact that I’m the least-intelligent individual in my house.”

    In this post you wrote, “I would be just as correct if I was only twice as smart as you (ie, still well below average) as I am from a point where “average” is too far down to even be meaningful. ”

    So clearly the answer to your question is: “yes. You have ever said how intelligent you are.”

    Only fools imagine that IQ actually matters.

    In this post you wrote, “My kids] are /already/ likely the most intelligent people in New Hampshire. That’s based upon their measured IQ’s…Thankfully, they have good company, even if no acual [sic] peers, given that libertarians average the highest IQ of any political group, by a substantial margin.”

    Only fools talk about measurements they believe don’t matter.

  41. So, if I’ve said how intelligent I am, do please share the number.

    Oh, wait, you can’t, because I haven’t. Your post is ridiculous. Saying that I know my own intelligence is not the same as expressing /how/ intelligent I am.

    Even /you/ should be able to tell the difference.

    And no, /answering/ someone else’s question is not the same as saying that something /matters/. Particularly when the answer is precisely to say that it does not matter.

  42. I gotta hand it to MaineShark. Watching him contradict himself rather than admit he said something foolish is like watching a train wreck that never ends.

    So now any expression of intelligence must have a number in it? According to MaineShark’s latest excuse for logic, the statement “Einstein was the smartest man ever” is semantically nugatory, because there’s no number in it. In fact, taking MaineShark’s creative premise to absurdity (not very far to travel) there is no way to say anything about the magnitude of anything without a number. I’m so relieved to know that I won’t be offending MaineShark by announcing that he is a idiot, because to him, that is not a statement about his intelligence because it lacks a number.

    MaineShark, I know you’ve made a powerful case here, but I’m concerned that there might still be some readers who are not yet convinced that you are, as you say, “objectively an intellectual giant.” I want to help you make that case right now.

    You just wrote

    /answering/ someone else’s question is not the same as saying that something /matters/. Particularly when the answer is precisely to say that it does not matter.

    Okay MaineShark, here’s a big softball coming right over the plate: In that foregoing quote, you claim you were answering a question, and that your answer was “it does not matter.” What was that question, and where did you say it does not matter?

    Just to make this extra fair, here’s a link to the thread.

    Your exact words were:

    I actually have three kids, so far. In all statistical likelihood, there’s a very good chance that they’re the three most intelligent people in all of NH. And, being a student of the psychology of intelligence, I take into account the fact that NH does not have a normal IQ distribution when I say that. They’re simply /that/ far beyond the mean…they are /already/ likely the most intelligent people in New Hampshire. That’s based upon their measured IQ’s.

    I don’t see anyone asking you about your kids’ intelligence, I don’t see anyone talking about IQ but you, and I sure don’t see where you wrote “it does not matter” as you are now claiming. Is saying they’re “the most intelligent people in New Hampshire…based upon their measured IQ’s” secret code for “IQ doesn’t matter?” If IQ doesn’t matter why did you bring it up? For that matter, why did you have it measured?

    What are you going to do now MaineShark? Climb out of that hole or keep digging?

  43. For someone obsessed with intelligence and trying to /appear/ smart, you’re really /quite/ stupid. As in, impressively stupid. That or completely dishonest. Take your pick.

    You’ll go off on fantasy limbs about me stating that intelligence can solely be expressed by a number, without me actually saying that. So, either you’re a liar, or cannot comprehend basic English. Which is it?

    And no, mentioning IQ to those who are obsessed about it does not mean that /I/ think it matters. It means that it clearly matters to them.

    If someone says, “I’m smart, so I’m right” after making a ridiculously-incorrect statement and having its faults explained in detail – with his sole defense being, “I’m smart, so I’m right” – then pointing out that someone who is more intelligent says that he’s wrong is a refutation of that argument.

    Plus, it’s just plain /funny/ to do so when someone is ranting about how he’s /soooo/ intelligent, when it’s clear that he probably has an IQ of 105 and thinks that makes him the most intelligent individual on the planet. You, Susan, and others like you guys are akin to a janitor who goes out drinking and tells everyone about “his” company, pretending to be the CEO.

    You are utterly hilarious, and I frequently share these posts with friends so they can laugh at your nonsense. I think I’m may just start calling you Invader Zim from now on.

    Oh, and I did not “have” my IQ measured. It was measured when I was in school, at the school’s insistence. At other times, I’ve also volunteered to take various other specific intelligence tests because there was an incentive to do so (eg, a college student was doing a study to determine whether visual/spatial intelligence increased after taking a course on drafting – I was excluded from the study because I scored 100% on the initial test and, therefore, no improvement could possibly be measured, as they were not set up with tests that would be difficult enough to challenge me).

    But, as I noted, intelligence does not matter. Sure, I was able to get a perfect score on that test during the allotted time, but others could have achieved the same score, given additional time to work on the problems. If outcome is the important issue, then I have no advantage over them – we are each capable of achieving the outcome of an accurate result. I can do it quicker, but who cares? It’s not a race.

    Someone could potentially have a high IQ and still arrive at the wrong answer. The tortoise beat the hare, not because he was faster, but because the hare kept was faster, but kept very rapidly doing the wrong things. My brother’s a marathon runner, whereas I have a bum knee, but I could beat him in a 10k by walking, if he ran 26 miles in the wrong direction. He might even complete those 26 miles in less time than it takes me to walk 10 kilometers, but if he was headed away from the finish line and I was headed toward it, I’d still win the race.

    So, yes, I must /clearly/ be saying that intelligence is /very/ important when I mock its use as a standard. I will say that you are wrong, because you are wrong, not because you are many, many standard deviations below me in intelligence. If /you/ try and argue that you are intelligent and therefore correct about something, I will mock your nonsense by pointing out that someone more intelligent than you says that /you/ are wrong. And if you cannot grasp that you are being mocked, I don’t know that I can solve that problem for you…

  44. There you have it folks, MaineShark comes through again with flying colors. Let me admit up front that I am an impressively stupid person. I had my IQ measured and my score was 85. Which makes it all-the-more humiliating for intelligence-obsessed MaineShark that I can so easily cut and paste his own quotations to prove him a liar.

    In my previous message I posed a “challenge” to MaineShark, and I use the quotes because this so-called challenge was nothing more than any honest person should rise to anytime, anywhere, with respect to anything they’ve said: namely simply to back up a claim he’s made. I even called it a “softball” and put it in bold-face just so when he failed even to take a swing his manifest dishonesty would be that much more obvious. I even gave him a link to the post that would have contained the evidence to shut me up, put me in my place, and prove me wrong with no more effort on his part than cutting and pasting a single sentence.

    But MaineShark couldn’t do it? Why? Because I caught him in a lie. And as if to prove my case against his honesty, he has done me the service of proving himself all the more a liar by failing even to acknowledge the evidence against him. Instead he produces ten paragraphs of response-free, evidence-free, credibility-free bloviating, a collection of ad hominems and off-topic irrelevancies of the sort you’d expect from the crazy guy on the corner in the Napoleon hat when you challenge him to show you his army.

    Thank you MaineShark. Thank you for providing us with ten paragraphs of evidence that proves my case that you are a liar, insane, or both. Ten paragraphs that proves then when caught in a lie, without evidence, without logic, you won’t go quietly even if it means publicly reducing yourself to name-calling and topic-changing.

    Yes, MaineShark, I thank you for making my case for me. Being a person of such low intelligence, I know that my claims that you are a liar are highly suspect unless backed up by objective evidence, and there’s no more authoritative evidence of MaineShark’s dishonesty than his own inability to back up a he claim made but one post ago.

  45. That was an unintelligent question. It said who I was replying to, or as you try to sound smarter by saying addressing.

  46. IQ has nothing to do with the amount of knowledge you posses or how much your brain can store. IQ is simply a measure of how good you are at problem solving. So basically Maine is right. Your knowledge is like your hard drive and your IQ is like your processor. You can have a 266 MHz processor with a hard drive full of truthful facts. Or you could have a 4 ghz processor with a drive full of nothing. Usually high IQs tend to store and access data faster, but if that data is incorrect you just sound like an idiot.


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