Ian Found Guilty on ID “Crimes”, Facing Up To Two Years in Prison

Earlier this year, I was surprised by the state police with an arrest for “unsworn falsification” and “prohibitions”.  Essentially, they were charging me with two class A misdemeanors for filling out their driver’s license application incorrectly.  As it turns out, had I filled it out the same way two days prior, it would have been completely legal.  Despite referring to me as a “customer”, they treated me like a criminal rather than simply helping me correct the mistake, as any actual business would who cares about their customers.

They alleged I used a “false” name, my given name of Ian Bernard, to apply for their license when I apparently should have used my now “legal” name of Ian Freeman.  At no point until my arrest was I given any indication that this was illegal.  The ladies at the DMV were aware of my use of both names, and happily processed the application.  I attempted to make it clear during the trial that I did not knowingly use a false name, as I don’t consider my given name to be false, nor was I attempting to defraud anyone.  No one has claimed I’ve defrauded them, ever.  I honor my word, regardless of the name I use.

None of that mattered in the decision that came by mail after the trial, which found me guilty on both counts.  Sentencing is still to come, but I’m facing as much as two years in prison.  The last time I was in jail was 2011 for the civil disobedience of blocking a police car when they were attempting to arrest a peaceful woman for drinking alcohol in Central Square.  In that case I was sentenced to 90 days in jail and nine more months suspended for two years.  Will judge Burke decide that these ID “crimes”, which have no victim, deserve a more serious punishment than civil disobedience?  Stay tuned here to Free Keene to find out.

Meanwhile, here’s the trial video along with my just-filed motion to reconsider the decision.

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  1. You are a criminal. Bye-bye, FK loser. Have a nice time in jail.

  2. I’ll bet “Judge” isn’t Burke’s first name, either.
    Hoping for the best!

  3. No jury trial?

  4. Yes because this is totally something some should go to jail for….pssst your public education is sticking out better tuck it back in. Everyone is a criminal in this nation. Ricky can you please provide me a report form every policing agency in the nation that you are not a criminal? Until you do so I’m going to go ahead and label you a felon who likes to touch kids. Prove me wrong criminal.

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  8. Yeah, a paperwork snafu. I sure hope that as a taxpayer, I’m paying for everyone who screws up gov’t paperwork to be housed, clothed, heated and fed for 2 years. That sure would be prudent.

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    I thought you freetards don’t pay taxes?

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  26. There will be 40 or so upset people when Ian goes to jail and my heart goes out to those who depend on this man! Fortunately though there will be 50,00 happy people to drown out the cries of these followers! Keep committing offenses you feel are not crimes or victim-less and you take a chance that you’ll actually get prosecuted and convicted! We the people of CheSHIRE County should sign a petition asking for no jail time in exchange for Ian’s agreement to move out of NH for good and forever!

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  30. I never indicated that violence outside of self-defense would take place.

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  32. still provided zero evidence.

  33. you actually have on several posts. “say it to us” means if someone says something to you, you will react.

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  37. No, it’s not. It’s his earned title of respect. He went to college for MANY years and worked as a lawyer protecting people’s rights for many more years in order to be called a judge.

  38. AGAIN
    *your is incorrect. It should be you’re.
    You also need the word “is” in between “he” and “not.”

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