Election Hitpiece Attacks Free Stater Aaron Day, Who Is Not Running

Free State Project participant Aaron Day of Bedford is again under attack.  Unlike earlier this year, he’s not actually running for office, but that has not stopped the haters from spending big money to drag his name through the mud.  Here’s a new attack flyer that was recently mailed to many households that likens him with NH senator Andy Sanborn (who is not a Free State Project participant).  The flyer makes several claims and shows a pair of sad, dirty children, as if to suggest that Aaron, who has kids, hates children.

In case you need any more evidence that the Free State Project is making an impact like no other libertarian movement in the world, here it is:


As it’s said, you don’t take flak unless you’re over the target!

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  1. Excellent. When the statist pigs are squealing, it means we’re having a beneficial effect. Or, put another way, if you’re taking flak it means you’re over the target.

  2. You just know those kids are reacting to having just been told to get ready for another day at the government institution.

  3. I will bet State Hater has this flyer pinned up in his parents basement and has been jerking off to it daily.

  4. Mind you this is a so-called REPUBLICAN who is supporting far-left Democrat trial lawyer Lee Nyquist against Andy and that is HIS influence seen in the mailer. Andy’s only crime is that he refuses to be bought by the town’s sociopathic control freak. Aaron refuses to be controlled as well, and that is the only connection for why they are both hated and attacked. Please note that the town sociopath, who is also a transplant from NY, fully support Keith Murphy in the primary… for his own purposes of course. See: http://patch.com/new-hampshire/bedford-nh/would-terry-wolf-promote-republicanism and http://patch.com/new-hampshire/bedford-nh/bedford-primary–how-many-democrats-were-posing-republicans and http://patch.com/new-hampshire/bedford-nh/vote-today-conservatism

  5. Aaron Day is doing excellent work for the Republican Party. Steering the NH GOP in the right direction.

  6. … as opposed to the town’s resident dipshit know-nothing … that would be you, btw.


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