Keene Business Owner Issued Stalking Order, Allegedly Threatened to Kill 10-yr-old With Knife

Jennifer Schmidt

Jennifer Schmidt

A prominent member of local hate group, “STOP FREE KEENE!!!“, Jennifer Schmidt has been issued a temporary stalking order by Keene district court’s judge Edward J Burke. Schmidt is alleged to have stalked and threatened to kill a ten-year-old boy with a knife. She has been ordered to stay 300 feet away from the boy in question and to have no contact with him, pending a full hearing in court on December 29th at 1:30pm.

In the stalking petition filed on December 5th by Anne M. Tallon, it is alleged that Schmidt, aged 40, began to stalk a boy, aged 10, (whose name I’ve redacted from the PDF) in October by coming to Fuller Elementary School and glaring at the boy while he was on the playground and when he got out of school. The petition says school admins attempted to bar Schmidt from the playground and parking lot but were unsuccessful. A couple of weeks later, the same day that Keene school district assistant superintendent Dan Black informed Schmidt she was prohibited from being on the playground during school hours, Schmidt allegedly approached the boy in Hannaford and told him to, “Fuck off”. Later in November, Schmidt is alleged to have come to the boy’s home and given him the finger. Finally, on December 1st, Schmidt allegedly approached, brandished a knife, and threatened to kill the boy if he didn’t stay away from her daughter.

Matt "Boston Strong" Schmidt

Matt “Boston Strong” Schmidt

Schmidt, who is the owner of Embellish Floral Studio in Keene, lives down River street from the boy and Ms. Tallon and a few houses up the street from the Keene Activist Center. She is better known as the perennially angry-looking wife of Matthew “Boston Strong” Schmidt, who has obsessively gone on a one-man mission to destroy peaceful chalkings drawn by children and adults alike in downtown Keene. Matthew regularly drives by the Keene Activist Center yelling “Get a job!” at the top of his lungs, to the detriment of the peace of the neighborhood.

These allegations are further examples of the violent and dangerous nature of many of the SFK!!! group‘s participants. Community members should be on alert for this potentially dangerous couple who moved to Keene from Boston several years ago and appear to have brought along their big government ways of threats and intimidation.

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  1. it’s not really much of a surprise.Individuals who are raised on violence, and indoctrinated by fear, that have no interest in self reflection, and improvement of their own philosophical ideas, in my experiences, know no other methods of conflict resolution than intimidation and violence.

  2. “Big City ways of threats and intimidation”? Really? I didn’t realize how being “country” or “small town” magically collectivized people into being peaceful, or that being from a city somehow magically made one violent.

    That line in this article just sounds kinda dumb… sorry if that criticism is a little harsh, but the collectivization is a little out of character for you, and for this blog. It has a lot less to do with being from a city, and a lot more to do with simply being loudmouthed self-righteous jackasses – and those can be from anywhere.

  3. Lol, a dude who fucks kids going after someone for “endangering” them.

    You don’t even know these people or the nature of the court order. You’re just making assumptions because it gives you license to go after people who vocally agitate against you and your personality cult.

    You’re a fucking coward, Freeman, and I look forward to the day when your arrogance and mouth finally lead you to spending the rest of your days eating through a straw and shitting into a collistomy bag.

  4. The matriarch morlock inspired these thugs with big city behaviors.

    Susan Olsen has her pix from change org user 251351

  5. I knew that some of the SFK folks were probably somewhat unsavory, but this is repugnant on every level. What a hunk of shit. Who the fuck stalks a 10yo boy and talks like tat to him in a grocery store, or anywhere else? This person is clearly a dangerous one to have near kids.

  6. Yeah, people who prey on or harm children are totally fucked up. Like that Ian guy from Free Keene who has sex with 14 year olds. What a piece of shit, huh?

  7. Peace be unto you. May you be exorcised of your demons so that you can contribute love and peace to those around you.

  8. Peace be unto you. Please share the documentation that Ian has sex with 14 year olds. Please share the criminal charges against him.

  9. Maybe this bitch wants the 10 yo to father her child . she fancies herself Debra lafave

  10. it should have said “they act like people from Boston because that’s what people from Boston act like.”

  11. These two guys are dangerous!

  12. Fixed it for you, Johnson.

  13. Keyword is allegedly. I don’t think we should make judgements until she has her say.

  14. Right, OK… everyone from Boston is violent now. Gives new meaning to the big green monster I guess. Next time you ask “who is ‘we’?” if I refer to the government as a ‘we’… I guess I can just respond “all of us people from Boston” (it doesn’t matter if you don’t live there if you are engaging in ‘their’ ways right?)

  15. try it now

  16. Much better. It’s at least factual that big cities do in fact have big governments.

  17. Isn’t this really just backlash at the community for having the opinion that Ian “Freeman” is a predator? Finding and grooming young girls to be his future sexual partners? Isn’t this anger about being banned from local schools where he and his group has been seen harassing and approaching underage girls? A hideous distraction from reality. I for one expect more from Free Keene, Let’s be honest boys.

  18. Scumbags.

  19. Lol.

  20. Dangerous is allowing a sexual predator like Ian to live within 500 ft of a school zone.

  21. That’s exactly what it is. These people think Ian is an asshole and the vindictive little shit went and proved them right by broadcasting their personal lives to the fucking cretins who hang off his every word.

    This has zero to do with Free Keene or Stop Free Keene. Ian is just megalomaniac who had his feels hurt and decided to be a shit about it.

  22. Is the Schmidts’ daughter being bullied or something? We all know the government school system is incapable and unwilling to protect the children. I wish this could have been solved without violence and threats of violence. Any ideas how a free market could be more responsive to the epidemic of bullying?

  23. They seem to be worried about “City People”. I am not sure what a “City Person ” is, but I hope that whoever they are, that they have less of a cache of tolerance for scumbaggery.

  24. Hey, I’m an SFK sock puppet account run by a raving liberal psychopath, don’t expect me to say anything worth reading.

  25. Hey, sorry about that Matt. What I meant to say was, STOP FREE KEENE is run by hypocrite psychopaths who don’t understand email.

  26. I have been reformed. Well, not really, it’s just that I don’t understand how email works, and I lost control of this Disqus account because I’m a fuckin retard.

  27. Dangerous is giving morons like you internet access.

  28. Best thing I read all week.

  29. They make a perfect couple. They have important things in common, like the philosophy, do what I say or I’ll crush you.

  30. Please explain how people from Boston act. This comment is full of ignorance.

  31. please explain big city behaviors.
    another ignorant post.

  32. 2nd ignorant post from you

  33. Yes she was for over a year. Now it’ all turned around on her mother, who never threatened a fly. Thank yo for being the voice of reason Pablo.

  34. You rock Chad!

  35. Agreed..

  36. “Innocent until proven guilty” will be a thing-of-the-past once the FreeKeene regime comes to power.

  37. Lol. People who steal, fuck kids, instigate riots, and lie like its their job shouldn’t make such accusations.

    Get mad, spanky.

  38. Aww … poor little megalomaniac Bernard is all butthurt again so he’s lashing out against his critics. Funny how he only tells one side of the story here.

    Speaking of criminal activity: Is there is a statue of limitations for having sexual relations with children? When is that investigation going to begin?

  39. I’m curious, Johnson, as to why you think lying isn’t OK but turn a blind eye to it when your friends do it?

    Also, lol. Mocking religious people when your faith in the free market is also retarded magical thinking? All your fatass needs is a MLP fetish and to borrow Chris’ Fleshlight and you’d be King of the AnCaps.

  40. So how do you think that Ian forced this bitch to start stalking and threatening little kids?

  41. You’re a lying sack of shit, Asshole. Truth is Ian’s girl is 17, which is perfectly legal according to your beloved state. So stop lying and you might learn something.

  42. Well, STOP FREE KEENE is like that …

  43. Especially those in Mass! Or run by Massholes.

  44. Just reporting the news.

  45. Free markets work through math, not magic. The “Invisible Hand” is a metaphor.

  46. I’m pretty sure there is nothing to investigate. The age of consent is 16 in New Hampshire … your government, your laws. We didn’t set it.

  47. Ian wrote

    These allegations are further examples of the violent and dangerous nature of many of the SFK!!! group‘s participants.

    So Ian is saying that an unproven allegation about one person is an “example” of the violent nature of many other people, because they are co-participants in a group? If you accept that sort of collectivist “logic” then why stop there? We have allegations that Ian is a child-molester. Ian is a Free State Project participant. You are a Free State Project participant. According to you, if I now claim that we have examples of your dangerous nature as a child-molester then I’ll be “just reporting the news.”

  48. Lol, what are you going to do, Rich? Hit me with a baton? Oh, wait it was a “monopod”. I see Manic left your silly ass for Garret. Is she the second or third woman to ditch your ass when you land in the clink?

    I’ll let you know when I want the opinion of Keene’s biggest piece of white trash. Until then, shut your cocksucker and go do what you do best: waste space.

  49. Bullshit. This has personal vendetta written all over and the fact that you asswipes think no one can see that shows how much arrogance outmatches your ignorance.

  50. Lol. “Math”.

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