Full Video of James Cleaveland Trial for Recording Police

James “Robin Hood” Cleaveland, local businessman, activist, and independent journalist refused the plea deal and took to trial two misdemeanor “class a” charges of “disorderly conduct” and “resisting arrest” for recording video of the police. Here’s the full, nearly four hour trial video.

During the lengthy trial, the state called several police witnesses to testify that in order to keep James safe from a gunman who was threatening to take his own life, that they needed to arrest James and put him in a cage for two years. Of course, the police really wanted to keep themselves safe from James’ camera and were willing to crush the supposed freedom of the press to do so.

Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the verdict when it’s available.

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  1. Freetard James Cleaveland provides ample evidence that proves Stephen Colbert was dead-on when he called Cleaveland and the rest of his merry band of morons “douchebags”.

  2. talking points for the arseclowns…spam ‘douche and tard’ 15 times a day

  3. OH your name is MIKE today…what will it be in 5 minuts and then tomorrow?…I think Ive counted 12 names youve gone by… You must like hiding and not owning up to your words….I guess it makes sense you not wanting to own the words you say…seeing as they are so ugly

  4. “There are 5 rungs of the douche hierarchy: asshole, douche, douche bag, douche nozzle and right at the top, (displaying unfettered amounts of douche), douche rocket.” http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=douche+rocket

    Mike (aka Alan Jones), you’re not unfettered enough to be rocket, so that must put you one step below.

  5. a convicted stalker with a restraining order stalked me… whats your point…I guess you must be pointing out that sfk are morons like u “mike”

  6. anyone who sites “stopfreekeene” as some kind of source for anything other than lies…can only be a liar hisself “mike”.. you phoney

  7. I waited to comment until after I watched the video. You can save yourself over 3 hours and skip to James’ testimony that starts at about 3h 11m where he incriminates himself by admitting he misjudged the situation and didn’t even know the location of the suspect, he was unaware of the presence of the police dog, and on more than one occasion admits he did not hear what the police officers were saying to him, on top of that he admits to refusing to comply with the police officers until after his arrest had taken place.

    James “mastermind” Cleaveland found himself arrested and charged as a result of actions caused by his own ignorance.

  8. Fucking voyeuristic vultures masquerading as some kind of truth-squad, what shallow, insensitive and selfish people. How are you shocked that people hate you when you act in such a callous manner?

  9. Perfect synopsis for both Cleveland and the entire band of cult misfits. The oddest thing is that this group of halfwits consider themselves smart, but I guess honest assessment and introspections isn’t their thing.

    I predict one of the idiots will do real time this year, hopefully Cleveland. Caging them will be money well-spent!

  10. “I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”~Harriet Tubman

  11. “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. it is simply too painful to acknowledge-even to ourselves-that we’ve been so credulous.”~Carl Sagan

  12. “The hardest thing in life is to face reality when you grow up being educated by myths.”~Ralph Nader

  13. Ummm,David, I’m certain everyone knows exactly what they are. Sad but true. I hope they can overcome their shame.

  14. Avr are you promoting statism? You do realize Nader has spent his entire life promoting the passing of laws and regulations. You can’t get more liberal statist than Nader.

  15. So deep, man! Are you, like, a philosopher or something?

  16. “sites” ? “hisself” ?

    LMHO. You’re an under-educated moron, Crawford.

  17. Nader was what douches like you would call a “statist”. He crusaded for years for more regulations and laws involving automobiles and other consumer-related issues. He was the antithesis of the liberty movement.


  18. Jason is the resident concern troll whose job it is to label people who naturally react negatively to the provocations of the Free Keene gang as haters so they can play their victim card.

  19. Jason can you explain why members of Free Keene seem to thrive off of provoking anger and hatred?

  20. your critiques of how i write… are a joke …it just means you lack arguments lol… please dont mistake that for me wanting to HEAR your idiotic “arguments” (they are NOT arguments,hence the quotes) lol

  21. Notice how the haters only engage in ad-hominen/personal petty attacks, never any specifics or anything real or of substance…


  22. You friends with Jammer Man or Forensource Ron?

  23. Are you part of the Stop Freedom in Keene movement?

  24. Its cute how Mike logs out and switches to his Alan Jones account. (or one of his other 12 accounts)

    I guess he wants people to think there are 12 more people who talk as idiotic as him.

  25. Notice how Jason tries to be clever and changes the name of Stop Free Keene to Stop Freedom in Keene.

    Jason I spent some time earlier tonight to review your comment history and I notice you spend a great deal of your time trying to discredit people and accuse them of being trolls and sock puppets and being haters instead of addressing the content of their posts.

    Instead of trolling and trying to discredit people Jason why don’t you try and comment on my original comment concerning the video from the trial which is the subject of the post.

  26. Ralph Nader applauds libertarians….


    “The longtime consumer activist, recidivist presidential candidate, and several-time host of Saturday Night Live talks with Nick Gillespie about what he sees as a new libertarian-progressive attack on crony capitalism, “

  27. Jason you didn’t answer my question and you completely ignored the fact that I did provide specifics and real arguments of substance above.

    It’s telling that instead of addressing the specifics and arguments of substance that I did provide you have decided to link to a video that has nothing to do with the topic.

    Also notice that the video you linked to has zero haters, ad hominems, or personal petty attacks.

  28. Most of the trolls on this site are one person from Youtube named Jammer Man. (Bane, Mike, Alan Jones etc are all Jammer Man.)

    I guess he’s here to “Jam” the site with his spam from his 12 screen names.

  29. Jason I guess if you spend all your time accusing people of being trolls, sock puppets and haters you never have to spend any time addressing their arguments.

    I actually dealt with the specifics of the 3hr 45min video that is the subject of this FreeKeene blogpost.

    If you are too lazy to deal with the topic then it appears you’re just as bad as the trolls you’re complaining about. #hypocrisy

  30. The problem is of course that left-libertarian cheerleaders for Nader while attacking cronyism turn around and advocate for government control of healthcare, education, banks, mortgages, interest rates, and pander to environmentalists and unions.

    So Jason your defense of Nader seems to indicate you must be a closeted statist here to sabotage the liberty movement.

  31. Jason did you actually listen to the broadcast before linking to it, or did you just read the title?

  32. I listened to the broadcast. What’s wrong with it? Ron Paul agrees with a liberal-libertarian alliance as well. Now go ahead and tell us he is promoting statism too, in case there is anyone who still thinks you’re worth reading.

    Also, calling someone else a moron using a hashtag in a forum where hashtags do nothing… brilliant.

  33. “The specifics?” Let’s see, you said James incriminated himself by admitting:
    1. he misjudged the situation and didn’t even know the location of the suspect
    2. he was unaware of the presence of the police dog
    3. on more than one occasion admits he did not hear what the police officers were saying to him
    4. refusing to comply with the police officers until after his arrest had taken place.

    Okay. The charges are “disorderly conduct” and “resisting arrest.” If he incriminated himself, please tell us how each of those four qualify as “disorderly conduct” or “resisting arrest.”

  34. Well, Jason isn’t alone. Ron Paul must also be a closet statist… ;(

  35. What specifics? What arguments of substance? What I read was your interpretation of the vid. and your opinions about it. Nothing about why you came to your conclusion… *yawn*

  36. Most people know that just because you’re behind one quote doesn’t mean you endorse the person hook line and sinker

  37. I,m going to decline chasing you down the rabbit holes. The topic has changed from James “matermind” Cleaveland’s trial, and then trying to rationalize a quotation from a lifelong statist, and now you want to add Ron Paul to the mix.

  38. Nice non sequitur, The specifics were James “mastermind” Cleaveland’s excuses which he attempted use to justify his willful refusal to comply with police orders.

    It’s that willful refusal to comply that qualifies as disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

  39. Correct David, you could just as easily find some enlightened quotes from Karl Marx to go along with your Ralph Nader but I don’t think quoting people that are directly opposed to the goals of your freedom movement is a good idea.

  40. You need more love.

  41. I already answered your questions, but then you don’t want an honest discussion, you just want to troll.

  42. I think you’ll find when dealing in police encounters with an armed robber holed up in an apartment complex and complying with police orders Ron Paul is very much the statist.

  43. I’m incline to support Justin here. I don’t like it when liberty supporters quote from state worshipers.

  44. Please don’t confuse an unwillingness to engage you or other Free Keene people in logical, rational discussion as an inability to do so. I’m just entirely uninterested in having said discussion with rude, obnoxious children who burned bridges long ago. None of you have shown any inclination to listen, only to preach, berate and insult.

  45. How’s that?


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