Full Video of James Cleaveland Trial for Recording Police

James “Robin Hood” Cleaveland, local businessman, activist, and independent journalist refused the plea deal and took to trial two misdemeanor “class a” charges of “disorderly conduct” and “resisting arrest” for recording video of the police. Here’s the full, nearly four hour trial video.

During the lengthy trial, the state called several police witnesses to testify that in order to keep James safe from a gunman who was threatening to take his own life, that they needed to arrest James and put him in a cage for two years. Of course, the police really wanted to keep themselves safe from James’ camera and were willing to crush the supposed freedom of the press to do so.

Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the verdict when it’s available.

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  1. I was chasing you down a rabbit hole by replying to your question on whether Jason actually listened to the audio in the link he provided. What has that question got to do with Cleveland’s trial? Talk about hypocrisy…

  2. That’s different from what you wrote originally, but okay. How did Cleavland’s “excuses” show you that he had “willful refusal to comply with police orders,” specifically? Here are your listed excuses again for your convenience:

    1. he misjudged the situation and didn’t even know the location of the suspect
    2. he was unaware of the presence of the police dog
    3. on more than one occasion admits he did not hear what the police officers were saying to him
    4. refusing to comply with the police officers until after his arrest had taken place.

  3. No you were chasing Jason down the rabbit hole, I want to know if he listened to the audio so I can ask him what relevance it has to the topic.

  4. Boy have you gone off the deep end, They were excuses that came straight out of Cleavland’s mouth as the reasons he willfully disobeyed the police and got himself arrested. If you’re too ignorant to understand that, I can’t help you.

  5. All you had to say was that you think people should go to jail for not doing whatever the police tell them to do, regardless of whether it violates rights. At which point I could direct you to learn about the non-aggression principle.

    For now, we can see why no one else bothered to respond to your so-called “arguments.” Because we all know your style of debate goes like this:

    1. Make unfounded claims
    2. Someone challenges claims
    3. Say the challenger has gone off the deep end, is ignorant, and can’t be helped.

  6. lol

  7. Nice straw man. Do you always make it a habit of dishonestly representing your opponents position?

    Cleaveland’s rights were not violated, and what police told him to do was guided by something we call LAWS, which tells people in a society what constitutes aggression.

    Without those laws to guide police, your non aggression principle is nothing but a floating abstraction. Your NAP is meaningless without laws that define what constitutes aggression.

    If you don’t like those laws then it’s your responsibility to convince enough people to join you in getting those laws changed.

  8. I’m glad you brought up laws, because it’s the supreme law of the land, the US Constitution, that protects the press from being told by police officers to not record police activity.

    Now if only your courts would uphold the Constitution, we wouldn’t have innocent people going to jail all the time like they do today.

  9. You really are displaying your ignorance. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t watch the video and troll the comment section. The police did not arrest him for taping the police.

  10. That’s a good question. My guess is that because Free Keene are lefties at heart, their indoctrination has taught them to adopt a victim mentality rather than to rely on evidence-based reasoning. Since they are mostly while males, the lefty-cards they have available is limited. They seem to have latched onto the “you’re a hater” card, and provoking anger and hatred is the necessary precondition to being able to use that.


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