NH Bitcoiners Testify to State House Committee Day 2/2

NH Bitcoiners again converged on the state house legislative office building yesterday to testify on a bill that would make NH the first state to allow tax and fee payments in bitcoin. The video below is day two of two. (Day one is here.)

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  1. “Bitcoin has never been broken…”

    Not yet – but it will be. I’ll bet there are people working on it right now, and all they need is for technology to reach a point where the speed and sophistication of hardware and software will make it possible to break Bitcoin. It is inevitable.

    The usual suspects of “liberty activists” and other simpletons who are behind this bill have been lulled into a false sense of security with Bitcoin. Better to let them continue to trade their Internet pretend-money amongst themselves and leave the rest of us out of it.

    The state should not be allowing people to pay their taxes and fees with Internet pretend-money and I hope the NH legislature does the correct thing and tables this ridiculous bill.


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