The Sriracha Guy is Moving to NH in March for Free State Project

Randy Clemens

Randy Clemens

The author of the Sriracha Cookbooks, Randy Clemens says in a recent blog post that he’s been a libertarian for a long time and is leaving California and move to New Hampshire at the end of March as part of the Free State Project. He’s FSP signer #16,081 and hopefully we’ll see more people signing up and quickly making the move, rather than waiting until the official move is triggered at 20,000 signers.

When more people who love liberty move to New Hampshire, we solidify the position as the obvious destination for those who want to be more free. Success breeds success. If freedom matters to you, then please join Randy, and as of now more than 16,000 others like you and sign the Free State Project’s Statement of Intent. Then, start planning your move to join the fun. Still not sure? Here are 101 reasons to move to New Hampshire.

Here’s Randy’s blog post explaining why he’s making the move to New Hampshire.

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