“Boston Strong” Threatens Cop Block’s JP Freeman on Video

Matthew “Boston Strong” Schmidt believes “everyone loves” it when he lays on his horn as he drives by the Keene Activist Center. That’s what he did last week, while Keene Cop Block‘s JP Freeman was on the front porch. Once Boston got back to his house a few doors down, he taunted JP, which led to an unfortunate shouting match between the two. Then, Rich Paul went over to chat and following that, Boston came into the street and told JP more than once that he was going to “rap your head with a ratchet”, while brandishing a set of tools. Here’s the video:

To Boston’s credit, he’s a pretty dedicated activist. He recently even acquired a megaphone, which you see used in this video. He really doesn’t understand how to be a good neighbor, but he sure is an entertaining one. A little while back, Matt “Boston Strong” Schmidt was subpoenaed to a no contact hearing called for by JP at Cheshire superior court. At the hearing, Boston admitted to having been laying on his horn, which JP, who lived in the neighborhood at the time, claimed had woken up his small children. At the court hearing, Boston agreed to an order by the robed man which specifies Boston and JP should not have contact with each other and that Boston will not honk or blare his horn after 4pm. He’s been honking his horn in civil disobedience ever since the order was written. Personally, I find his antics amusing, but JP takes them personally.

While both men are responsible for creating the scene last week, (as JP did not have to react in-kind), Boston definitely instigated it, and escalated it.

His threats are yet another in a long line of violence and threats of violence from various members of the local hate group, many of whom are open supporters of the state and who get schadenfreude from the state agents’ victimizing peace loving activists. It’s not a surprise that many of them have violence in their own hearts as well.

For someone who is one of the most prominent members of a local hate group, Boston certainly doesn’t much seem to care about the orders of the local superior court judge. Maybe Boston is more like what he hates than he would like to admit. Of course, unlike many liberty activists, Boston is not a peaceful man, nor apparently oriented toward peace in any way. I hope someday he finds it.

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  1. Mathew Phillips has a pretty strong reputation for starting conflicts. He has men arrested and convicted of impersonating a soldier. He continues to do so to this day.  I have a tough time believing that order really means anything. From what I have read, A lot of citizens in Keene do not like or want you in Keene.  Where is the video showing him to be laying on the horn and making threats?

  2. FTL_Ian Jumping Jacks So, what time did he drive by ‘honking”? According to the “agreement” signed by a judge, it says he can honk his horn until 4:00 pm. Your video only shows someone honking their horn on Dec 13th. The so called “order” by the judge was supposedly signed Dec 14th.

  3. Why did you remove “Keene Guys” statements? The link he posted went to a website that seemed to know this Matt (JP) a lot better than anyone else. Does this site believe in free speech?

  4. Why did you remove Keene guy’s statements? It appeared the website had some information regarding Matt (JP

  5. JP should be careful because he was the one who initiated direct contact when he said to Boston “Come here , come here”. Also, JP states that “wherever I have the right to be” is language in the restraining order but if you look at the Order (which is linked inn the body of the article) there is no language even remotely close to that.

    Here’s the text of the Order:
     A final hearing was held on the petition for restraining order. By agreement, Mr. Schmidt will not honk or blare his horn after 4:00 pm in the afternoon in the neighborhood. Further, both parties agreed not to have any direct contact with each other and not to go to the residence of the other party for any purpose. This agreement does not preclude either party from traveling back and forth to their respective residences. Nor does it preclude non-confrontational, accidental interactions that occur in other locations.

  6. Jumping Jacks I didn’t remove anything, and there are no other admins at this time, so no one else beside Keene Guy could have removed his post.  You are welcome to post the link if you like. 

    That said, there are restrictions on speech here, including no racism, threats and spam.

  7. Jumping Jacks FTL_Ian Countless times.  You asked for an example.  That was one.

  8. Jp did not make contact in the midst of Schmidt in violation in front of the KAC , JP proceeded to tell him to stop and leave him alone . Then Schmidt heckled him for 15 minutes or so Schmidt was already engaged while blaring his horn past four. Language of the RSA in conjuction of the order states where ever the Plaintiff has a right to be . Stating facts to the defendant during a violation does not constitute a violation on JP part , JP has Pro Se rights to remind him in the midst of said violation after engaged to tell defendant facts of yhe order any time hes engaged. Schmidt approached and threatened with a weapon.

  9. Mountain AGORA At 2:38-2:40  of the video, JP clearly states to Boston – “Come here, come here” – which clearly can be construed of a violation.  I have no idea what this purported sentence means – 
    “JP has Pro Se rights to remind him in the midst of said violation after
    engaged to tell defendant facts of yhe order any time hes engaged”

    1.- Pro se is a court term and has no applicability in public;
    2. – How is saying “come here” in any way a reminder of anything – JP should be careful because the violation of that Order by Boston DOES NOT give JP the right to violate it thereafter.

    The Court can sanction both parties for violations. Upon a violation of the Order, JP has the duty to enforce that violation by calling the police and filing the appropriate motions. It is not an opening for JP to violate the same order.

  10. How to win friends and influence people, by the Free State Project.

  11. FTL_Ian Jumping Jacks That wasn’t a current video.

    You said, “His threats are yet another in a long line of violence and threats of violence from various members of the local hate group”.  I’ve only seen the two videos of this guy supposedly honking at someone. Your article makes it appear like this has happened many many times. The video you showed me was from December 13th 2014. This video is from April 17th 2015. That is a four month difference between the two “incidents” 

    You also said, “many of whom are open supporters of the state and who get schadenfreude from the state agents’ victimizing peace loving activists. It’s not a surprise that many of them have violence in their own hearts as well”. I don’t believe that is correct. Looking at the history of the people of freekeene, there are multiple felons and people with very long criminal records who do become aggressive towards the citizens of Keene. It would appear freekeeners enjoy creating drama and confrontations.

  12. The ironic thing about this whole feud is that it’s the perfect example for the necessity of government. You Free Staters are the posterchildren for government.

  13. Jumping Jacks FTL_Ian

  14. Jumping Jacks 
    JP has not been convicted of impersonating an officer that allegation was from a news article from 14 years ago with distorted facts . The file was pulled JP was fined by NCIS ( Naval Criminal Investigative Service ) a Division of the Department of the Navy , who do not investigate civilians. He and 3 others were fined 150 dollars for an Unauthorized use of their own uniform . The charge or conviction is a lie and it is slander to false promote a charge on a public forum . News paper or a 13 year article is not proof especially on a 14 year old matter none of us were present for . The only Vermont conviction he has , if its the same Phillips is with holding traffic with 1 year unsupervised probation with a driving class . Its funny that Stop Free Keene posts lies to expose false info but does not expose Andreas husband for his actual Conviction (Felony) of stealing 10,000 dollars . The other comment about he was convicted of Stolen Valor is funny too . The Stolen Valor Act was shot down by the U.S. Supreme Court and Ruled Uniforms to be a Freedom of Expression and a Right to Militia as Civilians under the Constitution . You need to get your facts right before you write . But good luck on all your false reporting and making fun of the guy . He’s loud and rude as a New Yorker but does not have a history of conflicts in fact people that have seen him in chaotic moments have publicly noted he has calmed down sketchy situations with gentleness. Your going on false facts from a hate group with the main focus to bully and pick on people with slanderous behavior with no proof but what you find on Google . . Your facts are a joke ..


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