FSP Early Movers Launch Nanobrewery in Concord: Area 23

Area 23's Founders and Chris Lopez

Area 23’s Founders Kevin Bloom, Kirk McNeil, (and Chris Lopez and others)

Free State Project early movers Kirk McNeil and Kevin Bloom are busy guys.  Among other lobbying efforts in Concord, they worked to legalize nanobreweries.  Their efforts paid off and nanobreweries are now legal in New Hampshire!  Bloom even drafted the original law for the state rep who submitted it.

Now, the two, who are also founders of the Church of the Sword, have opened the doors on “Area 23“, Concord’s first nanobrewery (and they accept bitcoin!).  Their grand opening was yesterday and appears to have been packed.

The Concord Monitor’s Nick Reid filed a follow up piece on the opening of Area 23, after originally reporting on it long before it opened its doors.

Here’s Area 23’s website and facebook page.  Area 23 is located in Concord at 254 N. State St. in the Smokestack Center’s Unit H.  Congrats to Kirk and Kevin on their tremendous continuing efforts to move freedom forward in New Hampshire.

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