Former FSP President Blogs About Secession

Varrin SwearingenWith groups like the Foundation for NH Independence, a pro-secession advocacy group, and the NH Liberty Party, a political party with secession as its main plank, the movement for New Hampshire declaring independence from the United States is just getting started. It’s an idea whose time has come again.

While Free State Project early mover-to-Keene Varrin Swearingen says he is not an advocate for secession, in his latest blog, he digs into the issue and does admit:

I’m not absolutely opposed to secession under any circumstances. I believe New Hampshire is better off now having seceded the first time, and that could become the case again. If the U.S. Government continues on its path, and Americans do nothing to stop its tyrannical decline, I may concede that another secession is, again, the least bad choice.

Varrin is a professional pilot who lives in Keene with his wife and children and is the former president of the Free State Project. You can read his full blog on secession here.

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  1. New Hampshire Secession from the United States will never happen. Texas has been down this road many times over and have failed. NH couldn’t sustain itself financially the state doesn’t have enough resources to survive as it’s own entity.  If the freekeeners think this would get rid of government you are sadly mistaken. There are people in all 50 states that want their state to secede from the union. It will never happen

  2. Hah… nice job lifting the secession-tolerant bits out of my anti-secession article… 😉

  3. Yeah, I see what you did there FK. 😛

  4. Bernard you are a lying douchebag, taking people’s words out of context to fit your twisted ideology.
    If you read the blog, you would see that Varrin is AGAINST secession.  
    When will you losers realize that you are solely in the minority in NH?

  5. MikeAB It says right in the article that, “Varrin Swearingen says he is not an advocate for secession.”
    Not very good at reading, are ya?


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