Keene’s Music Fest Combines with Art in the Park This Saturday

art_fests_2015Two of the biggest events of the Summer in Keene have come together on the same day – “Keene Music Festival” and “Art in the Park” are both this Saturday!

Both festivals are still in their respective locations, with Music Fest‘s stages being spread throughout downtown Keene from 11am to 10pm and Art in the Park in nearby, beautiful Ashuelot Park from 10am to 4pm (Art in the Park also happens Sunday).

According to the president of the Monadnock Area Artists Association, Wendi Hulslander, the decision to hold both events on the same day was deliberate. Seems like a smart move – lots of people come to town for each festival, so why not have them on the same day so people can cross-pollinate between the two and enjoy a big day full of art in Keene?

If you love music and visual art, you won’t want to be anywhere but Keene this weekend.

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  1. Interesting. The money that will be made will go to the annual Pumpkin Festival. freekeene is not a non-profit organization so there really isn’t much for them to be there for. I’m sure altercations will be happening with the freekeeners and the public. Let’s see how many freekeeners can go to jail this weekend.

  2. Don’t forget the free keeners will probably be there pushing the bit-coin deal. Good grief!


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