I’ve been in NH for nine years. If you love liberty, why aren’t you here yet?

Free State Project

What are you waiting for?

Labor day weekend was when I moved to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project (in-state number 420), nine years ago in 2006. It’s been a wonderful time and The Shire is naturally filled with good, friendly people who care about liberty.

Though it’s been over a decade since NH was chosen, the FSP hasn’t yet reached it’s goal of 20,000 signers. It’s not easy to convince people to pick up their lives and move for their ideals. The good news is we’re 86% of the way to the goal, at over 17,000 signed. Plus, lots of people didn’t want to wait and there are over 1,500 early movers already here.

FSP early movers have already built a ton of liberty activist infrastructure (activist clubs, lobbying and political action groups) and dozens have already been elected to the state house and various other town seats. Other early movers have created various liberty media, likely producing more liberty media in NH than the rest of the world combined. From outreach to civil disobedience to state house testimony, FSP early movers and NH natives are active across the state and making a difference for freedom. Numbers and concentration make all the difference.

If you are part of the liberty movement and not in New Hampshire yet, here are 101 reasons why you should seriously consider joining the Free State Project and making the move ASAP:

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  1. I moved here in April. Have not met any liberty lovers as yet.

  2. Where is here? Many in the native population are liberty-friendly, plus there are regular meetups of Free State Project early movers.

  3. I’m in Milford now but working on moving again.

  4. 20,000 people? You’ll never get 20,000 people. Just because someone signs a propaganda rag from the FSP doesn’t mean they are going to move to NH anytime soon if at all. There is no way FSP could verify those names. It would seem to most people this propaganda rag is the only thing they have to cling too because they have nothing else to verify their existence.

  5. Recommend you get in the “Porcupines” group on Facebook and see if you can dig up anyone to meet with – where are you moving?

  6. Labor Day I do not believe this applies to freekeeners

  7. And Gina, keep in mind that when Ian tells you that natives are welcoming the FSP with open arms, just know he is full of shit and we want you all out of our state.

  8. After listening to Ian for a couple years and watching a few videos of the people who have moved, I can say I’d rather stay with n a warmer, less nutty, environment.

  9. I’m not sure where I’m moving yet, Free Keene, and Chris, I was born and raised in this state and am coming home.

  10. Jumping Jacks (Runningwolfkenpo)


    When are you starting your own blog?

    You’ve been riding on coat tails of Ridley Report (as runningwolfkenpo), Copblock (as Slappy and JC), and FK (as Jumping Jacks) for 6-7 years now like a remora

    Hope you get the courage to break out on your own someday.and become a shark and stop being a remora.

  11. Hard to meet the “native population are liberty-friendly people” when they only exhist in Ians head and propaganda styled writing. Yes, many residents love life and liberty, thus the “live free or die” motto. But this by no means they are welcoming and opening their arms to a hostile, invading and occupying movement who feels they have the right to destroy what we built and love.

  12. Chris Thayer you don’t speak for everyone, only grumps who are afraid of change. Too bad for him, thousands more liberty-loving people are coming, and yes, more freedom is coming to NH.

  13. The only hostility here is coming from you and Chris, Ed. I am not hostile towards the state agents – I want them to realize the error of their violent, hostile ways. _Ian

  14. This definitely isn’t true. If you take a political stand, then there are people who support you and people who do not. I’ve met hundreds of people who support the FSP. There are 3000 people living in New Hampshire who’ve signed a statement that they’re ‘friends of the FSP’. So, Chris may want you out of his state, but a lot of others want you in the state.

  15. Neither do you Ian, so that is why you are full of shit because you always tell people that everybody welcomes you here.

  16. Jumping Jacks And all this means absolutely nothing. The 20,000 is just a target; a goal. After we get 20,000 signers, we’ll close the FSP and start a new project to bring it to 30,000.

  17. Chris Thayer, I never said everyone welcomes us. I suspect you never read the article. If so, you may want to re-read. Obviously there are going to be people who fear change and the end of the idea of the state. You are one of them.

  18. Chris and Ed, you are in the minority. And the wrong side of history. How about living those words on your license plate? No one is trying to destroy anything except oppressive government.

  19. I have been here for quite a while. The Porcupines group is a good place to find events and meet people. There are some crazy xenophobes, like stop free Keene crowd that love big government and hate the very idea of people being free to make their own decisions, but they are in the minority, and not the sort of person anyone sensible would want to know. Hope we will run into each other soon.

  20. I’ve lived in New Hampshire for six years and am very happy. People have been generally nice to me. The community has been even nicer. It took about three weeks for me to feel plugged in. and that took me going to an actual meeting, make friends there, and then go to events that interest you from there.

  21. I’m here in Northfield

  22. Ed you’re funny. No wait you’re not

  23. Anyone moving here that needs advice or help. Feel free to PM me

  24. I am sure that The majority of people moving to New Hampshire are probably pretty good people. But the ass hats in Keene are giving you all a bad name.

  25. Name calling is a sure sign you don’t have anything of value to add to the conversation, Chris.

  26. The keene people are fine.

  27. SnowDog2003 Jumping Jacks Now that is amusing. 20,000 means nothing so you will go to 30,000 that mean absolutely nothing. I guess  everyone needs a hobby.

  28. I am a life long native of NH and a liberty lover, i think the freestaters in Keene are some of the best liberty activists in fsp and i welcome any liberty activists to MY state to help fight the tyranny in this state that dares put “LIVE FREE OR DIE” on our license plate. I also live in Northfield.

  29. Jumping Jacks SnowDog2003 Right. Everyone needs something to work for in their lives. We choose to work for Liberty.

  30. SnowDog2003 Jumping Jacks I do not believe freekeeners know what liberty is. The liberty they believe in is not what the majority believes in. The freekeeners and FSP are vastly outnumbered and I doubt that will ever change.

  31. Great fantasy peace!!! If you want to move to NH or any other state in New England do it because you love the area. Don’t follow a cult. Free Keene has about the same acceptance rate as the Westboro Baptist Church.

  32. LoL  … what a fucking moron.  Pack it up and get out of Keene, you loser.

  33. Actually no, convict – they are not in the minority.  It is you and the rest of your useless bunch idiot friends that are the minority.  Even the majority of FSP members think you idiots do more harm than good to their cause.
    The state motto is “Live free or die”, not “Live off of others, pay no taxes, and ignore the law” like you and the rest of the FK Douchebag Squad do.

  34. That’s odd, because many of the FSP people would love for Bernard and the rest of the FK Douchebag Squad to just disappear.  They give the decent and hard-working people of the FSP movement a bad name.

  35. firecracker joe You are most certainly in the minority in the FSP circles.  
    I think Bernard and the rest of his idiot followers and associates have irreparably damaged the FSP “brand” and have made a lot of people think twice about moving to NH and be associated with these imbeciles.

  36. And making things up out of thin air is a sure sign you don’t have anything of value either, dipshit.
     Do you actually believe the crap that you write?

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