Seacoast UBER Driver Openly Committing Civil Disobedience

uber-app[1]Recently, in the supposed live free or die state, Portsmouth basically outlawed ride-sharing service, UBER. Constantly embattled by city governments in nearly every city they expand to, UBER has heroically fought for its drivers, even to the point of covering legal costs for arrests, vehicle impounds, and other legal targeting of their contractors by the government gangs. See, the taxi companies, who are mostly obedient to their state masters, tend to go running to their regulators crying about UBER, whose business model is not the same as a cab company. UBER merely connects drivers to passengers and takes a small cut for making the connections. They aren’t a cab company as traditionally defined. Cab companies generally own and maintain a fleet – UBER has no cars. Its contractor-drivers provide their own vehicle and are responsible for maintaining them.

Despite having proved to the Porstmouth city gang that their cars are insured, UBER has objected to the “draconian” background check requirement and placard requirement in order to legally do business in Portsmouth.

Christopher David is an early mover for the Free State Project living in Dover. He’s been driving for UBER for a few months in Portsmouth and Boston. Today he publicly announced his intention to commit ongoing civil disobedience and continue illegally providing transportation to willing passengers in Portsmouth. He says UBER driving isn’t his primary occupation and until recently he hasn’t been doing it much at all, but that the, “ordinance crap has gotten me pissed off enough to do it anyway”.

Christopher David

Christopher David, Illegal UBER Driver

UBER’s app continues to work in Portsmouth and Christopher reports that his first illegal customer was an older gentleman who was elated to be participating in civil disobedience and had several not-so-nice things to say about Portsmouth city council. In an interview exclusive to Free Keene, Christopher said his user rating is 4.85, which puts him in the top 10% of drivers in the region. He says that because of his excellent rating, “the idea of Portsmouth police chasing me down because the city council thinks they need to protect residents from me is insane”.

Of course, the government does insane, stupid, counterproductive things all the time. This wouldn’t be the first. In fact, the city gang has its sycophants at the taxi companies assisting them as a snitch squad. The cabbies, in an act of slave-on-slave violence, will be monitoring the streets of Portsmouth and ratting out any of the fifty known UBER cars in town. In the Seacoast Online article announcing the snitch squad, Great Bay Taxi owner John Palreiro told the city gang, “All the taxi companies will be writing down license plates and we expect the Police Department to enforce”. Merle White, owner of Anchor Taxi, said in true criminal cartel fashion, “It’s time Uber does it our way, or they get out of the city.” Palreiro told Seacoast Online that all his drivers have the Uber app, so they can see where Uber drivers are located in real time. He said they’ll be taking pictures and calling the police. “We know who they are,” he said. “If the Police Department doesn’t enforce this, I’ll go ballistic.”

If targeted by police, Christopher says he won’t be pleaing out and will go to trial, “I’ll draw it out as long as I can…I don’t see myself admitting guilt to anything.”

It’s great to see civil disobedience spread to the Seacoast! Christopher is currently speaking this weekend at the 2nd annual Freecoast Festival.

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  1. Well that certainly makes sense. Announce to the world you are going to continue driving like a taxicab even though he isn’t a taxicab. Yeah, he will be busted soon. There are reasons why taxicab drivers are doing their job. They have a special license that proves competency transporting people. Taxicabs are not allowed by law to take round about ways to a destination to increase the meter. You can’t prove you don’t do that. Also, taxicabs have a higher insurance then what an activist could afford.

  2. Jumping Jacks, you’ve made some arguments for why we should take taxi cabs instead of UBER. Good for you. You should take a taxi if you want to. But I still want to take the UBER ride. Why can the city use force to stop me from doing so if I still want to do so? You are saying that the city has a right to use force and arrest me and the UBER driver because it’s against the law for a taxi to take a longer route than he needed to? I can’t use UBER because taxi’s are better at driving than UBER drivers? These are the reasons why I can’t use UBER and why the police should use guns to stop me from doing so? I’m sorry, but this makes absolutely no sense at all. I think you need to reexamine your thought process.

  3. Hi there. I don’t need a license to prove competency transporting people. If my driver rating drops below a 4.6 out of 5, I’m kicked off the Uber platform. I’m rated by my peers in realtime – exactly how it should be. Not asking for government permission slips to provide a service that harms no one.

    And cabs are required to have $300K of commercial insurance. Uber insures each vehicle $1M.

  4. Christopher David. Yes, you do need to prove your transporting people. You could be a dangerous driver and not tell anyone.

  5. Are Uber drivers more likely to crash than licensed cab drivers?
    I finally started driving with Uber and Lyft in the last few days in Dallas. As far as I can tell, we are following all the same rules as the cabs. This may not be true in every city.

  6. “Today he publicly announced his intention to commit ongoing civil disobedience and continue illegally providing transportation to willing passengers in Portsmouth.”

    Whoop-dee-doo. Another freetard douchebag looking to get arrested. Well, we have plenty of jails and room for yet another butthole like this guy.

  7. When you’re referring to “we”, to whom are you addressing, Mike? Yourself? Do you believe that you have partial ownership of the jails whose cages you wish to put people in?

  8. I agree with you MikeAB. These “activists” have always went the jail route. They actually think if they break the law enough times, it will magically be changed. The more they break the law, the more it proves the law is needed.

  9. @Jumping Jacks

    Slappy, You consistently show hatred for freedom of choice. You are un-American by all measures which is typical of Hillary voters like yourself..

  10. @MikeAB

    Hillary Michelle 2016 for you too eh Mike? lol

  11. “The more they break the law, the more it proves the law is needed.”

    Spoken like a true absolutist, Jacks! History’s tyrants would be proud of you, especially because people like you have made their nasty jobs so much easier!

    Do you think, Jacks, that your line of reasoning should have also applied to the Jim Crow laws? How about the Sedition Acts (both in 1798 and 1918)? Maybe the Embargo Act (1807)? Perhaps the Volstead Act (1919)? Do you believe that Executive Order 9066 (1942) should have been obeyed without question as well?

    All of these laws ignored the natural rights of human beings and made criminal the exercise of those rights. How is it logical to conclude that blind obedience to such bad laws would have ever lead to their eventual repeal, Jacks? Wouldn’t your statement be better expressed as “When a law is universally obeyed, then it doesn’t really need to be enforced”?

    You really should put more effort into thoroughly researching the implications of your preposterous ideas before submitting them as declarations for everyone to see, Jacks. I don’t think that you’re making a good impression on some of the new commenters on this blog. Do you really think that it’s in your best interests to expose yourself as an idiot every time you make a comment?

  12. @Douche Vermell: Yes, I believe I do have partial ownership, since I am part of the majority the allows our justice system to convict and put people in jail who violate the laws of our society.

    And before you start with your pretend-intellectual nonsense, let me just put a sock in it for you and state it doesn’t matter what you think or write here: the law is the law, and our system of justice is what it is. We, the majority, are not going to change it. Deal with it, and move on – or better still, just move somewhere else.

    You may now respond with your idiotic nonsense you try to pass of for intelligence: I will allow it, if not for anything more than sheer entertainment value.

  13. You’re very gracious to allow me to respond to you, Mike! And in a forum that you’re merely a guest on, no less! My, you’re such a swell guy! But why the unpleasant little tirade? Are you upset because you weren’t able to point out a single thing wrong in either of my arguments? You are aware that adding the word “Douche” to my name and peppering the remainder of your reply with your usual idioms (quaint as they are) doesn’t refute my argument in any way, don’t you?

  14. Ian Bernard has kicked Cantwell of of free talk live

    “Why Christopher Cantwell is no longer allowed to host Free Talk Live:

    Chris Cantwell was one of the most talented cohosts we’ve ever had on Free Talk Live. In addition, he’s a dedicated activist for liberty. He’s known for having controversial views, and generally, that’s a good thing for talk radio. However, recently he’s been bringing up an issue that really shouldn’t matter to libertarians – race.

    As a liberty-minded person, I know that individuals should only be judged by their words and actions, not the color of their skin, where they were born, their hair color, height, gender, or any other arbitrary factors. Even if it’s true, as Chris has claimed, that asians score higher on IQ tests than whites and that whites score higher than blacks, who cares? If only the individual matters, what’s the point of talking about groups?

    Talking about groups only divides people when we should be reaching out to people of all shapes, colors, and sizes with the ideas of liberty.

    While I want Free Talk Live to be an entertaining talk show, and Chris is certainly an entertaining personality, the entertainment aspect of the show only serves to keep people listening to the principles of liberty and peace. Chris’ opinions about race are not helping bring people to liberty and are in fact working counter to that.

    Therefore, he is no longer welcome as a co-host on Free Talk Live.

    Chris believes he is on some kind of quest for truth, but with so much truth to be uncovered in this world, I can’t understand why this is so important to him. To be clear, Chris is still welcome to call into the show, just like anyone else. Free Talk Live is open phones every night. We’ll address this issue if it’s brought up – no one is backing down from the conversation on FTL – it’s just not appropriate for a host of the show to hold Chris’ views on this.

    I won’t go so far as to call Chris a racist, but he won’t do anything to make people think he’s not, and that’s a problem. He’s the last person I would have expected to collectivize people into groups and I hope someday he sees his error.

    I appreciate the entertainment and dedication he did bring to the show and wish him the best in his future endeavors. You can find his blog at:”

    I seem to recall Ian Bernard saying the people of Keene are acting like racists towards the freekeeners. But Ian seems to stop at racism? What about going out with 14 year old girls?

  15. @MikeAB @Runningwolfkenpo

    Hillary Michelle 2016

  16. @Runningwolfkenpo (Jumping Jacks)

    Spam much?

  17. Wasn’t Runnning Wolf Kenpoi banned from the Free Keene Youtube channel?

    What is he doing here?

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