Illegal UBER Driver Launches “FREE UBER” Site, Flyers Portsmouth, Gets Mainstream Media Coverage

Christopher David

Christopher David, Heroic Illegal UBER Driver

Free Keene broke the news last week about the UBER driver and Free State Project early mover in Portsmouth who has been flagrantly violating the city’s prohibition of the innovative ride-sharing service. Christopher David has courageously stepped out into the limelight and announced to the world, and more specifically the Portsmouth city council and police that he’s continuing to give people illegal rides around the Seacoast city.

Now, mainstream media has picked up the story of Christopher’s heroic civil disobedience in this Seacoast Online story by Elizabeth Dinan. Christopher reports on his facebook that he and another activist have posted 100 flyers around downtown Portsmouth promoting his new website, that is encouraging Portsmouth’s inhabitants to contact the city council (it provides their contact info), boycott the snitch cab companies, and sign up as an UBER driver to join the ranks of the civilly disobedient!

Stay tuned here to Free Keene as this saga develops!

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  1. I can’t wait until the first arrest happens and the city has to explain why they are arresting someone who has done nothing but run a business.

  2. “Mainstream media”? I haven’t seen anything neither has my family and friends. I believe you are exaggerating. The guy admits he is going to continue doing this Uber system. Eventually he will be caught and then the only media he will get is his name posted under “court” in the newspaper.

  3. Jumping Jacks are you retarded?

  4. samantha001 Why don’t you post a link that shows the ‘mainstream media’s” story about this Uber driver. He flat out states he will continue breaking the law. What do you think is going to happen.

  5. The link is right in the story. I go on vacation, come back, and you still haven’t managed to learn how to read?

  6. They have fought Uber in many places …. probably all. As far as I know, the people want the service so much that it eventually becomes legal in places like NYC and DC where the fight was fierce.
    I can drive legally with Uber in Dallas including the city owned airports.

  7. Ok can I sell alcoholic drinks out of the trunk of my car as my “business”…? Uber is not illegal in Portsmouth, u need to have a permit like everything else.

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