Full Video: Robin Hooders Return to Cheshire Superior Court for ROUND 2

After the NH supreme court ruled mostly in Robin Hooders’ favor, they sent the injunction request by the “City of Keene” gang back to the Cheshire superior court for it to be considered separately from their failed demand for financial damages.

Hence, we were back in court yesterday for round two of the “evidentiary hearing” (the original was three days long in 2013). The evidentiary hearing looks and feels like a trial, but actually isn’t. We’ve never even gotten to the trial, since the judge dismissed the city of Keene’s case before that could happen.

Once again, Robin Hooders were represented by top-tier free speech attorney Jon Meyer, and he did a spectacular job.

Thankfully, the hearing only lasted one day, and boy are there some amazing moments captured on video. Don’t miss when Jane claims Garret is “taunting” her no matter what words come out of his mouth, even if he were to talk to her about the weather! No kidding – she really says that.

The icing on the cake had to be both Jane and Linda expressing having “anxiety” (Jane even likens her experience to PTSD) due to not knowing when Robin Hooders were going to pop up. Hey Jane and Linda, how do you think the innocent people that park downtown feel? They never know when the parking enforcers will pop up and ruin their day with a ticket.

Now the case is again in the hands of judge John C Kissinger. He ruled correctly the first time around but this injunction portion of the case was remanded back to him by the NH supreme court on a technicality. Did the parking agents’ sob story convince him to issue an unconstitutional injunction against Robin Hooders? Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest in this ongoing saga!

I sure hope someone cuts up a best-of from this video – it’s pretty entertaining at times.

Look out for multiple lies and libels by the city of Keene parking enforcers, including:

Jane lies and claims I always record video of her, further claiming it’s because I like to hear myself on video. However, this is demonstrably not true. I don’t remember the last time I recorded Jane while Robin Hooding, I certainly didn’t do it the one time I encountered her this year. The city attorneys even had photo evidence taken by Jane the one time I was out feeding meters, and there’s clearly no camera on me.

Further, in a bizarre accusation Jane accuses Robin Hooders of exploiting young and mentally challenged people. Huh?

Jane appears to subscribe to a conspiracy theory that I am in charge of Robin Hooding. Not true. I play a small role. Further, I have never paid anyone to Robin Hood. I don’t organize this activism. Sorry, conspiracy theorists!

Finally, she claims “Free Keener” JP Freeman yelled at her and scared her by charging up some stairs. JP has never been a Free Keene blogger. He’s with Cop Block.

Linda claims I was within arm’s distance of her in the video exhibit the city’s expensive private attorneys played in court. Easily disproven, as I do later on the stand.

Linda also claims she’s seen me Robin Hooding more than a dozen times over two years. I really don’t do it much – maybe she’s seen me twice in two years.

There’s probably more, but those are the notes I jotted down during the hearing. Enjoy the video.

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