Keenevention 2015: Day Two Recap

Keenevention 2015 Media Panel

Keenevention 2015 Media Panel

After a wonderful bonfire and VIP dinner on Friday night, we started again with the always-informative Media Panel, this year hosted by Shire Dude. The media experts on stage focused on how to monetize your media creations and of course took audience questions. After that, Renee Kate of the Seditious Sirens took the stage to talk with her lady panelists about activism from a female perspective on this year’s Ladies Panel. Afterwards, some of our VIPs headed out to a VIP lunch and others explored Keene’s restaurants on a two-hour lunch break.

When we returned, an interesting contrasting couple of panels were presented. First a panel of newbies hosted by Tarrin Lupo shared their experiences being new movers as part of the Free State Project. Then, a panel of some of the original batch of FSP early movers presented by Denis Goddard discussed their perspective on all the changes we’ve seen in over a decade of people moving here for the FSP. There were great audience questions for both afternoon panels.

Keenevention Old School Panel 2015

Keenevention Old School Panel 2015

For the final act on Keenevention’s Saturday, illegal UBER driver Christopher David held a group brainstorming on the topic of abolishing the state in our lifetime! Chris did not take the stage. He stayed floor-level and brought an easel and huge pad of lined paper on to which ideas thrown out by the audience of Keeneventioneers were placed. There was audience participation aplenty in this creative and usual keynote speech!

Today, we received an awesome compliment! Cameron, a new mover from Michigan, told me that Keenevention is already a better experience for him than the yearly (much bigger) Liberty Forum! That’s not to say the Liberty Forum is a bad event – it’s also great, and you should attend it. He says he prefer Keenevention because it’s more intimate and easier to connect with the attendees and speakers and he’s enjoying getting out of the hotel and exploring the area. Yay!

Christopher David's Keynote Speech

Illegal UBER Driver Christopher David’s Keynote Speech

All the panels and speakers will be released on youtube over the weeks following Keenevention, so stay tuned to the Keenevention blog for more announcements. You can also follow the new Keenevention Twitter, Keenevention’s facebook page and join the official facebook event here.

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