Live Tweets from James Cleaveland’s Trial For Recording Police

Darryl W Perry is tweeting live from the trial of Free Keene blogger James Cleaveland, happening today and possibly tomorrow (Wed) in Keene at Cheshire superior court:

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  1. Cleveland should of kept his accountant job, wouldn’t of gotten him in all this hot water. STOP BREAKING THE LAW ASSHOLES!

  2. Not Guilty

  3. dont YOU have a job ,i mean besides trying to squelch free speech and shooting yourself in the foot

  4. it seemms like the jury is being serious and not just rubber stamping…thats encouraging

  5. Whatever way they come out ,at least they seem to be not taking it lightly

  6. What law has been broken? The law of refusing to do whatever a police officer tells you to do? That isn’t a law, I’m afraid. Nor should it be. This is not Nazi Germany and police officers are not the SS.

  7. im listening… theres the “order” part of law and order…same with court: “‘order’ in the court’… theres something going on that doesnt need confusion or distractions… ie ORDER … order is important in such scenarios. that would be a point ,i think, and a argument that is important …ITSA TENSE SITUATION… it doesnt need added distractions and confusion

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