James Cleaveland found NOT GUILTY of “Resisting”; Jury Deadlocked on “Disorderly” 6-6, Mistrial Declared

James Cleaveland Victory 2015!

James Cleaveland After His Court Victory

In a clear victory today, Free State Project early mover James Cleaveland was found not guilty of “resisting arrest” and six of twelve jurors voted not guilty on the “disorderly conduct” charge! Judge John C Kissinger spoke with the attorneys after the verdict and relayed that the jurors were locked 6-6 on the disorderly charge for all five hours of their deliberation. As a result, a mistrial was declared on the “disorderly” charge, meaning it may go to retrial.

Earlier this year in a bench trial for the same charges, Keene district court judge Edward J Burke found James guilty of both counts. As is his right, James appealed the two class-A misdemeanor charges to a jury trial, even though the sentence from Burke was suspended on condition of good behavior. Ultimately James said he was glad he went to jury trial, as he’s now been vindicated completely on the “resisting” charge, where state police officer Phillip Gaiser lied, claiming James lunged at him and also stepped back 3-4 steps when he tried to cuff him, a claim that was proven false by the video and audio evidence in the case.

In post-trial comments for Free Keene, James said that the video and audio he recorded was critical to his success. Otherwise it would be several cops’ word versus his word, and jurors generally believe police to be honest. Though it was costly in time, stress, and thousands of dollars in legal fees, James is glad he stood up for the right of free press.

Jury Outreach Activists @ Cheshire Superior Court 2015-12-17

Jury Outreach Activists @ Cheshire Superior Court 2015-12-17

Kissinger allegedly said that James choosing to testify made a good impression on jurors, but that having a larger camera would somehow have given him better credibility. All jurors refused activists’ offers of $60 for a post-trial interview.

This is the biggest jury trial success of any liberty activist thus far tried in New Hampshire. Major thanks to all the stellar activists who braved the cold to hand out NHJury.com trifolds to the jurors and also hold signage reflecting the amount of time James was facing (two years in prison), a detail never allowed to be revealed in a criminal trial.

Full video of the trial is still to come to Free Keene. Stay tuned!

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  1. Making frequent use of terms like “dumbass”, “asshat”, and “libertard” while trying to assert your own opinion is not characteristic of a sane adult having sane adult argument, Bsizzle. It’s characteristic of a child having a temper-tantrum.

    You’re also still one for five, Bsizzle, and for all of the reasons previously discussed. Your non sequitur fallacies don’t constitute evidence nor do any of your other opinions concerning the events revealed by the video during Cleaveland’s latest trial. The fact remains that a jury acquitted Cleaveland of one of the charges. There’s a good chance that Cleaveland will be vindicated of the remaining charge should the prosecutor opt for a retrial.

    You’re also lying about the outcome of Cleaveland’s legal misfortunes that he faced in Virginia. As you know, those charges were dropped. You’ve dashed all of your credibility here. Combining this with increasingly hysterical diatribes is not helping you. When you play chess, Bsizzle, you should be playing the game to win, or at least be trying to facilitate a draw. You’re not doing either.

    Making up and/or mis-remembering facts will not win this chess game of yours, Bsizzle. The fact remains that Cleaveland has been vindicated of false charges in two states now: Virginia and New Hampshire. Lying about that won’t won’t change anything, Bsizzle, nor will repeating the lie about Cleaveland’s lack of journalistic credentials. This unhealthy level of value you place upon what you perceive as popular opinion won’t change anything either, Bsizzle.

    Fortunately, you’re helping the cause for liberty more than you know, Bsizzle. Don’t let your friends hold you back. Please keep this up for as long as your able.

  2. Nope I’m 4 for 5 including the fact that your friends here with Mr asshat Cleveland. Yah see you are so blind with libertard rage that you cannot see the safety factors that are set in place for your dumbass friend here by the police. Did I get all of the naughty words that you don’t want me to use? I’m not helping in the cause for liberty here, even if your feeble mind says I am, because NOBODY IS LOOKING AT THIS BLOG ANYMORE, YOU FUCKTARD! In fact it’s quite the opposite. I show these postings to many sane everyday folks and they think you guys are insane, and blind to the truth. Bottom line is Cleveland is in hot water for thinking he is free or entitled as I like to call it, to do whatever he wants, and now is reaping the consequences. Tell me you dumbass fucker, why is nobody else in trouble here for their actions that where there that night? Who is Cleveland a journalist for “officially “? Cleveland got in trouble for an unregistered vehicle down south, and the drug charge was dropped. He still got in trouble for that just like Rob Mathias got in similar trouble for an unregistered vehicle, because the libertards think their entitled to do whatever they want. So keep it up guys, by your actions YOU GUYS make the FSP and Free Keene look like a bunch of grown up children not abiding by the laws and principles in real life. Your “grandchildren ” are part of this, how embarrassing that must feel, however that’s probably not the case you entitled asshats think your doing good, when all your doing is clogging up the court system and the jails, the one place that you libertards don’t want to be. I’ve got some advice for yah, STOP BREAKING THE LAW, ASSHOLES! I’m not here to win a game of chess with you, Dracula! The government authorizes, and the media, and local sane people, that are sick and tired of these childlike shenanigans will draccc. How long are you able to keep it up, in the name of liberty? You seem to not like my words and expressions towards the libertard movement which is funny because if you believe in liberty, then I should be able to say whatever the fuck I want, because of said liberty. So either shut the fuck up about how I post, or keep it coming. Remember I go for the jugular, in life and I’m just fine with that.
    Sincerely Mr. Grammar

  3. No Bisizzle. You’re still one for five – for all the reasons discussed previously. Cleaveland’s prior legal issues in Virginia had no bearing on the jury’s decision. Nor did Rob Mathias’s recent encounter with Merrimack County Sheriffs. These examples aren’t evidence. Imagining that Cleaveland’s actions were brought about because of an over-inflated sense “entitlement” is not evidence either. Cleaveland’s intent was to record the actions of the police during the suicide standoff. As you already know, Bsizzle, a jury acquitted Cleaveland of resisting arrest. Video evidence has revealed that Philip Gaiser’s (the arresting officer’s) report of the events that transpired during the arrest was false. Gaiser’s credibility as a witness is now destroyed. If and when a retrial is scheduled, there’s a good chance that Cleaveland will be vindicated of the remaining charge. Your outrage over the jury’s decision will not change this, Bsizzle. Lying about Cleaveland’s past legal issues won’t change this either.

    As for the rest? Poppycock! You seem to think that we’re enemies, Bsizzle. Far from it. You’re an absolutely fascinating individual to me. So let’s be clear – no one, not me or anyone else, has ever stopped you from saying what you wish to say here. Any replies made to you at all are for the purposes of correcting you when you’re wrong or when you’re being deliberately dishonest. It is not a restriction of your speech to challenge your opinion, Bsizzle. It is inviting a clarification. When your own clarifications consist only of insults and logical fallacies, then you invite ridicule. If you wish to prevail in this forum, you will need to make some improvements – effective communication and thicker skin would be a good start.

  4. Nope I’m 4 for 5. This is not “poppycock”, and with that response your treating this back and forth as here say. You keep saying that cleaveland will probably win the 6 to 6 jury decision, which obviously you don’t know the outcome. So that is your opinion, and your not right in repeatedly saying that over and over again, just like I say that cleaveland was in danger, but your to blind to see it. Keep supporting these stand up fixtures in the community, who do so much for the citizens of Keene (sarcasm). Doesn’t it make you stop and wonder why, when all these guys do is wrong and misguided and narassitic thinking, and cause more harm then good. You really aren’t that smart after all, eh draccc.

  5. You’re still one for five, Bsizzle. Remember, repeating a lie doesn’t make it true. You could bow out gracefully at this point, but I know you won’t. Your trapped by pride and it has far too strong a hold over you.

    No, Bisizzle. I’m not blind to your conjecture that Cleaveland was in danger. I reject that opinion outright – for all the reasons previously discussed. Atty. Paul Garrity was able to convince six jurors of the same. With Officer Philip Gaiser’s credibility being completely destroyed, there’s a strong possibility that a retrial will lead to Cleaveland’s vindication. I don’t understand your consternation over this, Bsizzle. The prosecution was unsuccessful in definitively proving Cleaveland’s guilt to a jury. This is how the legal system works. Haven’t you always maintained here that the law is the law? You’re bellyaching suggests that you believe otherwise.

    And no, Bsizzle, maintaining that Cleaveland will probably be vindicated in a retrial is not “hearsay”. The word you’re looking for is “speculation”. Hearsay is merely another word for gossip. Speculation involves forming a theory. It is my theory that the prosecutor will not be successful in proving Cleaveland’s guilt of Disorderly Conduct to another jury. I’m pointing this out because it’s true. It’s a very strong possibility and I’m quite certain that Keene’s prosecuting attorneys understand this as well.

    I’m curious, Bsizzle. Why is it that you keep misusing words? You have internet access. Is it really so laborious for you to look up definitions – especially when this small effort would greatly help you in communicating more effectively? It’s not like the process is expensive either, Bsizzle. You won’t be charged extra for visiting dictionary websites. Don’t you think you should try it? It might help in making you appear much less foolish. It might even help you to win an argument or two.

  6. I’m not here to win an argument or two, I’m here to show how you guys are so blind with libertarian rage that you don’t see how stupid and insignificant your cause is NOT doing any good!
    I’m 4 for 5 “blind” man!

  7. No Bsizzle, you’re still one for five. Being persistent with your lie to the contrary will not make it true. Waiting a few days before posting your next irrational reply in hopes that I won’t respond to it won’t make it true either. You’re not very inventive are you? In fact you never seem to enter this forum very prepared, Bsizzle. Isn’t an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure?

    For instance, Bsizzle, let’s take your criticism that the activism in the cause of liberty has been insignificant. The successes would indicate otherwise, don’t you think? Liberty activists like Carla Gericke, Ian Freeman, and James Cleaveland have and continue to win court cases where their natural rights have been ignored by state actors. Pro-liberty politicians like Amanda Bouldin have even sponsored bills that increase freedom. One of these bills (e.g., HB 271) has even been signed into law.

    Those successes don’t appear insignificant to me. Nor to you, I suspect. That’s why you troll here. Has your own strategy here had much of an impact, Bsizzle? It seems that it hasn’t. Do you know why? It’s quite simple, actually. It’s because you can’t win a game of chess by complaining about your opponent’s moves, Bsizzle. You eventually have to make a move yourself if you want to have a chance at winning the game.

  8. Nope I’m 4 for 5. I’m quite certain that the keeniacs, your friends are quite corrupt in their own circle, kind of like your view about all of law enforcement. I give this cause for freedom about 5 years before it dissolves, which is already happening from the inside. Keep up the illegal workings that are going on it will catch up with your friends, and in some ways already are.

  9. You’re still one for five, Bsizzle.You’re not even bothering to defend your ridiculous statements with non sequiturs and appeals to emotion anymore. My guess is that you’ve finally realized that you’re wrong. Too bad you’re too proud to admit it.

    You’re also misusing words again, Bsizzle. Corruption is a result of the fraudulent use of power. Liberty-loving people have no power, so by definition they cannot become corrupt. I think the word you really want to use here is “sinful”. And Free Keene has most certainly committed a sin against your obviously superior form of religion, haven’t they Bsizzle? Yet their “sins” have harmed no one. This is in stark contrast to the sins committed by certain members of law enforcement. Isn’t lying a sin, Bsizzle? What punishments do you propose for Phillip Gaiser? Doesn’t New Hampshire have a “bible” of sorts that lists such punishments? Shouldn’t Gaiser be held to task for his sins? After all, James Cleaveland was the victim of this sin, and the law is the law, isn’t it Bsizzle? You seem to be very much less outraged that an enforcer of the law has been caught disobeying the law. I wonder why that is?

  10. Nope, I’m 4 for 5 and you are truly delusional in your thinking! “Sins, bible?” Huh? I’m sick of your questioning, so tell me this, what do you think should happen to Officer Gaiser, and why hasn’t anything been done to this “bad man” as you portray him? Nobody “sins” has caused any harm? What about Rich Paul? Your friends are a outstanding wholesome bunch, eh draccc?
    Sincerely, Mr. Wrong

  11. No Bsizzle. You’re one for five. You’re building up quite a reputation here as a liar and a hypocrite, Bsizzle. You’re also dodging the question. In New Hampshire, Falsification of Official Matters is considered a Class B Felony. To those found guilty, fines of up to $2,000 along with maximum jail sentences ranging from three and a half to seven years can be imposed. Despite the revelation that Gaiser lied during his testimony, he still has not been charged. When will you be making your phone call to demand that charges be pressed against Gaiser? He broke the law, Bsizzle. The law is your bible. Shouldn’t you be demanding justice for Gaiser’s crimes as well, or are you insinuating that enforcers of the law deserve special dispensation?

  12. Nope I’m 4 for 5. Answer the question, why hasn’t officer Gaiser been arrested yet? Your friends are liars and hypocrites, like Rich Paul, and others, but you won’t answer those questions? What’s the matter, is your repeated approval of this failed group made you blind to the truth.

  13. You’re still one for five, Bsizzle, and you’re still dodging the question. Proclaiming Rich Paul a liar and a hypocrite without providing evidence to support your claim is not a valid argument. That is an emotional argument. You have a long history of presenting emotional arguments, Bsizzle. For instance, you’ve frequently declared that the law must be obeyed no matter what. Yet Phillip Gaiser did not obey the law. In contrast, Cleaveland did obey the law, but disobeyed Gaiser’s orders. This affront to Gaiser’s sensibilities led him to invent a crime in an apparent act of revenge. Your emotional response to this dilemma has compelled you to assassinate Cleaveland’s character instead of demanding justice for Gaiser’s own crime (Jacks likes to refer to this as “blaming the victim”). This demonstrates that you don’t actually believe in any of the principles that you claim to uphold, Bsizzle. In fact, the only principles you’ve ever seemed to have reliably maintained are the ones stemming from your eagerness to please authority. But that is a principle guided by emotion, Bsizzle, not rational thought or courage. While this is a deplorable characteristic that you share with many of the trolls here, thankfully your own zeal in wearing it as a badge of honor has also helped to shed some light on the very flaws you’ve built your own irrational beliefs upon. So please keep posting more of this nonsense of yours, Bsizzle. The revulsion it creates when people learn what it is that you really stand for has really helped to make our point.

  14. Nope I’m 4 for 5. The funny thing is coming from a man that asks many questions, your dodging my questions. You do the homework on your buddy Rich Paul and have a come with an answer. You can state your argument to clarify your buddies multiple problems with the law, and how they are justified. Please enlightened ME with your unvast knowledge of how they are outstanding fixtures in our society? Noticed I said me, because no one is watching this post anymore. So “when people learn what it is that I really stand for ” there is no one picking up on it. Big waste of time, huh Draccc? How about YOU keep it coming!

  15. You’re one for five, Bsizzle. I’m also very curious as to what role you think a person’s “fixture in society” should play in how his own government treats him?

  16. Nope, I’m 4 for 5. You keep avoiding questions that make paint your friends in a bad light. I don’t blame you. So why is it that your friends keep getting into trouble, in today’s society? Other countries my not have such stringent laws to protect or harm your friends, but we are in America, so if you just live your life like most people here you haven’t any problems with the law and government, I dont, most don’t. So what is the simple solution? Move, or keep to yourself. It’s a privilege to live here, don’t like it, fuck off. You just don’t get it just like cleaveland, I hope he keeps doing stupid shit and they throw the book at him!

  17. No Bsizzle. You’re still one for five. We’ve already been over why. You’ve lost this game. It won’t be the last time either, I’m sure.

    Also, Bsizzle, they’re not my friends. I don’t know them. I live in another state. It is my grandchildren who live in New Hampshire, not me. You’ve displayed your emotional and intellectual disabilities on numerous occasions here, Bsizzle. Do you suffer from some sort of memory disorder as well?

    As for why Free Keene’s activists (and activists in general) keep “getting into trouble” as you put it? You’ve been reading this blog for over a year now, haven’t you Bsizzle? Shouldn’t my answer already obvious to you? How can I be dodging a question that you already know the answer to? I’ve been working under the assumption that you’ve just been joking about this. You’re not really this stupid are you?

    And no, Bsizzle, living here is not a “privilege”. Are you actually advocating the idea that property ownership is a privilege? Do you think that’s very “American”, Bsizzle? You’re not a Marxist, perchance, are you?

    Regardless, Bsizzle, I’m rejecting your demands. I won’t be going anywhere. However, I will continue to condemn your statist (and dare I say Marxist) way of thinking as well as your ceaseless appeals to the violence it represents. Why? Because I don’t like violence, Bsizzle. I don’t approve of the use of aggressive force against anyone, even unctuous frauds like yourself who insist upon “progressing” society with increasingly petty diktats and the theft other people’s money.

  18. Well that’s that. Looks like the gate keeper of posting on this site has given up. Good luck at your trial James Cleaveland, NOT!

  19. Well that’s that. It looks like the gate keeper of posting on this site has given up, I don’t blame him, look at who he supports, fucking losers, speaking of which. I hope your trial goes well James Cleaveland.

  20. Nope I’m 4 for 5. I missed your last post it seemed to elude me. Wow draccc, you are coming off here on this last post with frustration and anger, telling me what to do, calling me out and premeditatedly using names to who you think I am. BTW they are your friends fuckface, because you support their cause, which is demented and delusional, I don’t have to prove it draccc, your friends prove it time and time again, the keeniacs are NOT part of “progressive “society. Seeing that your dumbass doesn’t live in this area as you claim, why don’t you get into your Buick come on over to beautiful quaint Keene, and ask the folks who live here if Free Keene are emulating this “progressive” society. You can get all the answers to my questions that you don’t respond to about your dumb, dirty, entitled, libertard friends.
    You draccc, are a fucking joke, the gate keeper of comment’s that seem to offend you and your friends.
    Sincerely Mr. Grammar

  21. No Bsizzle, you’re still one for five. You know very well why. Don’t feel bad, though. The rest of your argument was pure gold! And such colorful language you use! I was especially impressed with your persuasive use of belittlements to support your argument! My goodness, Bsizzle! “Fuckface”? “Dumbass”? “Buick”? So powerful! Once you learn what “progressive” means in this context, I don’t think there will be anything to stop you!

  22. Nope I’m 4 for 5. It’s amazing to me how you deflect and down right don’t answer questions. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel, knowing that I use colorful language, you gravitate towards my “shortcomings ” instead of staying on topic, it’s a major flaw of yours. So are you going to come by this quaint city that has been made a mockery by your asshat friends and do some investigating of your own, by asking questions about Free Keene and how they have made a positive impact on this city?
    Are you going to show up to protest cleaveland’s “unfair” trial? Are you going to chalk downtown Keene with your delusional libertarian and political views? Or are you instead going to hide behind your keyboard? If your to old for this then why don’t your grandchildren protest your adamant beliefs of the keeniacs and their stellar way they “chose” to live? BTW it is a “PRIVILEGE TO LIVE HERE” your entitled Romanian ass should know that coming from where your from Dracula. Why haven’t you moved back if you don’t like it here? Bye-bye!

  23. No Biszzle. You’re still one for five. You’re not still oblivious as to what’s going on here, are you? I’ve already answered all of your questions! You just don’t like my answers to them! And honestly, Bsizzle, don’t you think it’s time to dispose of this childlike personality of yours? “Going for the jugular” isn’t going to shock me into cooperating with you! You have to use your ability to reason to get me to do that!

  24. Nope I’m 4 for 5. You haven’t answered any of my questions as of lately. I don’t have to use my ability to reason for you to answer them, you just fail to answer them at all! You and your friends are a fraud, a sham, a waste of time. So look up my latest questions on this post and answer them, sincerely, one at a time, with some forethought and reasoning.

  25. You’re still one for five, Bsizzle. It’s because you don’t use you’re ability to reason that you believe otherwise.

    And I have answered your questions, Bsizzle. I’ve supplied you with all of the information you need in your investigation. You’re just too stupid to process the answers correctly. Maybe you should go over all of that information again? Wait! I know! You’ll need to go for the jugular, Bsizzle! For that to be done properly, you’ll need to re-read all of your comments over the last year as well as all of the replies made to them (not just mine).

    Let’s see… Normally for a project of this magnitude I’d recommend creating a spreadsheet or a table to organize everything. But who are we kidding here, Bsizzle? That would require ambition and organization! We both know that you’re too indolent for that! I guess you’ll just have to rely upon your own defective memory for this endeavor. But I assure you that it will be worth it and it will answer every one of your questions! Let me know what you’ve discovered, Bsizzle! You can even present it to me in the form of a rap if you wish! That won’t be too ambitious for you, will it?

  26. Nope I’m 4 for five. I’m not gathering together all my questions that you do not answer on a spreadsheet so you can attempt to say your going to answer them, that would be a waste of time. Speaking of waste of time, your statement about the fact that I’ve been posting for over a year here is untrue. It may seem like it to you people because of the waste of time you people drain from normal thinking, law abiding good honest citizens. All you really have to do which I asked in the last post is to answer my latest questions. That shouldn’t be that hard to do for a man of your intellect. I think your taking this kind of hard seeing all you can come back with is, I’m a rapper and I like to go for the jugular in life. Wow, not impressed. I see other people post the same idea of you in other posts, and all you can do is go after there having bad language or poor spelling. You are blind to logical reasoning that what you libertard friends are somehow working for the greater good, when all it is is going to be and is a failure, and is not “helping society”. Latest posts on Facebook by your buddies Jp Phillips, and Pete Eyre prove my point. Fraud, sham, and greed are just some of the adjectives that come to mind that portray what you believe is to be true and right.
    Answering some of my latest questions is not that hard, why don’t you try again.
    Now who’s the one being “stupid”?
    Sincerely Mr. Grammar

  27. My stars, detective! Concerning James Cleaveland’s recent trial, it appears that you’ve yet again tried to inaccurately report the number of facts that you were able to support! That is very naughty of you, detective! By my count, you’ve only managed to support one out of five of them! Fortunately, I’m still here to catch your dishonesty! Otherwise you might have tried to claim a success where none was earned!

    As for the rest of your reply? It was for the most part incomprehensible. Honestly, is it really so difficult for you to organize your thoughts intelligibly before you post them here, detective?

  28. Nope I’m still 4 for 5. You are grasping at straws right now and not responding well to my comments or questions. You are just like that crooked politician that doesn’t like to answer any questions that are damming to their reputation. The James Cleaveland trail is not over yet, the 4 for 5 game is all that you have to hang onto now. Are you trying to convince me that I’m still 1 for 5, draccc? Or are you forcing me to be believe that is the case? Either way it seems like your bullying me into believing it to be so. “As for the rest of your reply?” It’s incomprehensible? Wow, it couldn’t be anymore straight forward and to the point. It’s time to do your homework. Look up and study what your friends (Jp and Pete) think of the libertarian status around my quaint city of Keene. Keep refuting these clear cut cases of delusional thinking, which you obviously sponsor. You still got a thing for the detective bit too, it shows that I’m in your head, Dracula!

  29. But you are one for five, detective, and you’ll keep replying to me forever to refrain from conceding that one point, won’t you? It’s quite hilarious.

    It’s also pretty obvious that you’ve been thinking about me night and day, detective. My evidence? You’ve confided that you’ve talked to your “crew” about me. You’ve imported the obvious embarrassment you feel from being humiliated by me into other threads. You’ve even renewed another investigation into discovering my identity, pouring through Free Keene’s archives in a desperate bid to figure out who I am. In contrast, detective, I typically spend less than a minute per post on you. I think it’s quite clear who’s really in who’s head, eh detective?

  30. Nope 4 for 5. Glad to see you staying on topic. I was first to bring out your flaws and all you do is reiterate them back to me in your last post. That’s all you’ve got? You don’t even have a response back for the recent posts put out by Jp and Pete Eyre that really show what libertards are all about. And how about the death and the burning down of a beautiful historic church, all because of unpaid taxes? Wait let me guess, government is to blame? I say there is one less looney around, crowding up the court system. You also dont even mention cleaveland in your pithy postings. And as for my “crew”? Get other yourself! I show everyone i know posts and blogs about all of you asshats not just you, draccc. In true politician style, you avoid direct questioning at all costs. What a waste of time, eh?
    Get back in your hole, Dracula.

  31. We haven’t been discussing Cleaveland for over a week, detective. This thread has never been about answering your questions or having an intellectual discussion with you. You’re not capable of that. My only goal here has been to determine exactly how many replies you’re willing to post before you give up. You still haven’t figured that out yet, detective? My, you’re a stupid one!

    I’ve answered your questions all before, detective. You’ve asked them in a variety of ways, but it’s really only been one question. You want to know why I “support” a group that you hate (Free Keene). What you’ve failed to learn from my replies, detective, is that I’m not supporting any group at all. I only support ideas. Naturally, I want to see some ideas put into practice, while others currently in practice to be disposed of. Unfortunately, detective, you have no interest in ideas. You prefer to occupy your time organizing people into groups and demand that I do the same. I have no interest in that; so I choose to mock you instead. There is just no other worthwhile way to interact with the likes of you.

    Oh, and by the way, you’re still one for five. Did you know that there is such a thing as dignity in humility, detective? I think your crew has been trying to help you to understand that. You should listen to them.

  32. Nope I’m 4 for 5. You haven’t answered any of my questions at all. “While others currently in practice to be disposed of”? Exactly my reasoning draccc, you leave yourself wide open to the fact that your blind with libertarian rage that what the keeniacs believe is right and true. You are agreeing to the fact that Free Keene has delusional ideas and thinking. I’m still discussing cleaveland’s trial, your not. I am showing you the latest in the fallout in the fsp and fk. I am not a detective, draccc. And for the last time, my “crew” is not telling me to stop, quite the contrary. If your not supporting any group at all, why are you wasting your time on such a group with a dismal outcome? Questions answered, how about your answers honestly? Wait for it, wait for it……

  33. If you draccc, are in for it, as in the number of posts here, you are pathetic. Good luck, yah freak show. Either way I don’t care.

  34. Indeed,detective? Now you’re claiming that it’s your crew that’s actually egging you on? Well that’s a strange statement. I thought that you said that your friends told you that your types of displays here are “a waste of time”? Do you remember that statement, detective? It was on Christmas. Perhaps I misunderstood? I suppose that such a misunderstanding shouldn’t be unexpected given your inability to express yourself clearly. Maybe you should start expending more effort into constructing your sentences with more care, eh detective?

    Oh! And you’re one for five, detective! I mustn’t forget to continue correcting you! Otherwise you might never learn to tell the truth!

  35. Nope I’m 4 for 5. You absolutely didn’t respond to any of my questions, at all. I’m waiting.

  36. You didn’t ask any questions, detective. You drew a line in the sand. They’re not the same things. No thinking person would ever consider to responding to that.

    By the way, detective. You’re one for five. This should be of no surprise to you. Well, at least this little experiment of mine isn’t a complete bust. Some of my vocabulary has rubbed off on you. Too bad it’s just mindless mimicry. Monkey see, monkey do, eh detective?

  37. Nope I’m 4 four for five.”You didn’t ask any questions, detective?” Are you that lazy and feeble minded that you can’t answer flat out direct questions just a couple of posts ago? Rich Paul, jp, and Pete Eyre have recently brought to the table an interesting amount of doubts and inconsistencies in the Free State Project, and Free Keene. You have not responded honestly to any of these recent implications. And now with the death of another delusional libertard, just because he didn’t pay his taxes, you and all of your in depth arguments that you usually have, have gone silent. What you do not have here is an experiment, it is more like a complete failure. Did I refresh your memory with my questioning? I’m afraid you might have Alzheimer’s. I’m waiting for answers not comebacks, your retorts are becoming redundant, and increasingly desperate.

  38. But you haven’t asked me any questions, detective. You merely keep drawing a line in the sand and then demand that I pick a side. That’s not how polite discourse works. You need to make modifications to your atrocious behavior, detective. Until you do this, you’ll be obtaining no cooperation from me.

    You’re also still one for five, detective. It’s amazing to me just how easily you tell lies. Maybe you should reflect upon this quote from Nietzsche: “The visionary lies to himself, the liar only to others.”

    Until tomorrow, detective.

  39. Nope I’m 4 for 5. How easily do I tell “lies”?
    I’m not demanding you or anyone else for that matter to pick a side. There is no sides here, that’s your words. I’m merely here to show the delusional and cult like actions of this virus in my community. You feverishly defend cleaveland, but when asked about people like JP, Rich Paul, Ademo, and the like, you deflect any questions that I send your way. A man of your intellect should come up with answers yet you avoid them like the plague. That in itself speaks volumes. “Atrocious behavior?” Me? Nope, how about the people I’ve commented about above, and their behaviors, and the worst out of them all is you draccc, by your support of these derelicts. Their the “liars” and your one of the dopes they sucked in their vortex of delusion. “Until tomorrow, detective?” I “demand” right now, you coming to your own logical conclusion.
    Key word is logical.

  40. But you do want me to pick a side, detective. That’s why you keep asking me why I support a group that you hate. It’s been the premise of every single one of your replies, this current reply of yours included. Instead of politely asking why I gravitate towards certain ideas, and accepting my answers, you instead perceive it as an evasion and rudely dismiss it. This is unreasonable and atrocious behavior on your part, detective. No one would continue to cooperate with that. So, since I won’t be conceding to any of your demands, you’ll have to learn these answers you seek in another way. Unfortunately, you lack the patience and charm to do so, so you can expect the mockery from me to continue.

    Oh, and you’re still one for five, detective. You know the drill.

    You really should consider taking Nietzsche’s observation to heart, detective. It’s a shame that you’re clearly too angry to understand it’s meaning. I’ll post it again anyway, just in case you change your mind

    The visionary lies to himself, the liar only to others.

    I’ll await your next exasperating reply, detective. I suppose it’s inevitable.

  41. Nope I’m 4 for 5. Let’s try this again. What “lies” am I posting here. Please enlighten me, you won’t even answer that question. I’m only angered with frustration that you will not admit to the major shortcomings of this cult. The “hate” that I have is the same that is reflected by the citizens of Keene, I am not the only one. That is why I say to get in your Buick and come on down and see for yourself. Do you have anything to say about Rich Paul, JP, Ademo, and others faulty actions, draccc?
    BTW, I am certainly not going to take into consideration anything that you post for advice, thanks but I will not accept advice from a delusional person such as yourself.

  42. No, detective, the anger you display here is a reflection of the flaws within your own personality. The atrocious behavior that stems from your flaws cannot be excused simply because you believe to be doing that on behalf of the citizens of Keene. Since you don’t know the opinions of every citizen in Keene, you can’t possibly be speaking for all of them, can you detective? You can only speak for yourself.

    And no, detective. I’m still declining to cooperate with you. You keep insisting that this is some sort of gang dispute rather than an disagreement over ideas. You’re evidently incapable of discerning the difference between the two. That was why I quoted Nietzsche for you. You’ve now missed this point two times. The third time is the charm, eh detective? So here it is once again: The visionary lies to himself, the liar only to others. I have absolutely no faith in your ability to understand this detective, but I wish you luck just the same.

    Oh. And you’re one for five, detective.

  43. Nope I’m 4 for 5. Wow, amazing, I’m dumbfounded! Your flaws are apparent here, and I’ve exposed them. Keep digging for nothing here. I never said something about a gang, your putting words into my mouth. Boy, you still are grasping at straws here, eh draccc? Totally ignored my last post, eh draccc? You would be a great politician,eh draccc? Not answering any questions, eh draccc? You haven’t any faith in me draccc? I think it’s time for your Geritol, eh draccc? How is your Buick doing draccc? You think you can make the trip, eh draccc?
    Sincerely, Mr. Nietzsche

  44. Of course you associate yourself with a “gang”, detective. Why otherwise would you be assuming that your opinions represent those of the rest of the citizens of Keene? You really need to stop making such presumptions, detective. It’ll save you a lot of disappointment in the future.

    You’re also still one for five, detective. Until tomorrow.

  45. Nope I’m 4 for 5. You can’t even respond to a stupid and insignificant question, that I am asking of you. You know what, you can even call up business owners that live and work in the area and ask them these same questions, you actually don’t have to drive your Buick down here to get the response I want you to get. See how easy I made that for you? There isn’t any gang here, draccc. Again, what “lies” am I posting here? There is no disappointment here, just what is your future, Dracula!

  46. Wait for it, wait for it….

  47. If your questions are so stupid and insignificant, then why are you so surprised that they’re being ignored, detective?

    Oh, and thank you for being so considerate with your shrewd suggestion, detective! That will assuredly make things much easier! Ah, detective… You’re such a riot! You actually still believe that you’re in control here!

    By the way, detective, you’re still one for five! Until tomorrow!

  48. Nope I’m 4 for 5. You didn’t answer my questions, again. The questions I posted
    two posts ago are the easy ones. So did you call up anyone in the Keene area for some answers back for my questions? You weren’t straight forward with you answering back if that’s what you call it. It’s more like your replies are dripping with sarcasm, obviously so let’s try this again.

  49. You continue to make presumptuous demands, detective, yet you offer absolutely nothing in return. I thought I made it clear to you that I wouldn’t be cooperating with you until you started modifying this atrocious behavior of yours? Tsk, tsk, detective.

    Since it’s a forgone conclusion that you’ll be responding tomorrow, do you think that you can do so while trying to behave like an adult, detective?

    And you’re still one for five. I can’t wait to find out! Until tomorrow, detective!

  50. Nope I’m 4 for 5. Tell me what my “lies” are, and how I am supposed to “modify ” my “atrocious behavior “? Let’s see if you can even attempt explaining this, seeing that you blatantly avoid any of my questions. To keep on topic, I wonder how your buddy Cleaveland is going to fare on the rest of his waste of time trial? Now he’s on probation, let’s hope is keeping out of trouble, eh draccc? Do you want to know what’s pathetic? You aren’t even keeping on topic at all, and that answers some of my questions, but not all.

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