Stocking Stuffer: Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree Now Available @ Bull Moose in Keene

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Now Open in Keene @ Hannaford Plaza

Regional physical media chain Bull Moose recently opened its doors in the old Video Headquarters location in the Hannaford plaza on West Street in Keene. They carry a wide variety of media including video games, cds, vinyl, DVD, Bluray, and even books! It’s refreshing to see someone trying to keep physical media distribution alive – hopefully it works out for them. Kudos also to Bull Moose for carrying Keene-produced-and-edited documentary Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree on DVD!

DJVCS DVDs on-the-shelf at Bull Moose, Keene!

DJVCS DVDs on-the-shelf at Bull Moose, Keene!

Of course, you can watch the feature-length documentary produced by Free State Project participants for free in its entirety online, but that doesn’t do you any good if you’re looking for a gift for this holiday season. Victimless Crime Spree makes a great stocking stuffer, and Bull Moose in Keene is selling it for LESS than Amazon! Amazon has it listed for $7.93 while Bull Moose has it on-the-shelf, brand new, for just $6.97! There’s no cheaper place to purchase the Director’s Cut DVD, which is loaded with hours of bonus footage and even features TWO commentary tracks!

Bull Moose has three copies in stock as of yesterday, so if you’re looking for a perfect last-minute gift, stop in to 401B West St. in the Hannaford plaza. They’re open until midnight tonight and 7pm on Christmas Eve.

If you don’t live in the Keene area, just grab your copy at Amazon where it qualifies for Amazon Prime and Free Super-Saver Shipping!

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  1. Stocking stuffer? Now that is amusing. I see Derrick is still trying to hock his video. I was in a couple of different Walmarts and I never once saw his video. I even asked about it and I got the deer in the headlight stare. Walmart said they never heard of the video. My friends did the same thing and never found one copy of this video.

  2. @Jumping Jacks: What does Walmart have to do with this story? Who would even consider going to Walmart for movies?

  3. FlapJacks always complaining.

  4. Flint, Are you serious? Everyone shops at Walmart. There was a small article on this website not to long ago making statements that Walmart was carrying this video. I along with many many people have never seen it for sale in Walmarts. As far as Amazon goes, it really doesn’t matter. I seriously doubt there would be many if any sales or these types of articles would be posted on freekeene. By the way, Walmart has a huge selection of movies doe people to buy and for a lot cheaper.

  5. @FlapJacks

    Walmart carries the film, what the heck are you talking about?

    Here it is here….

    You must have spoken to a new Walmart employee who doesnt know about ordering from the ‘in store’ Online Shopping option.

  6. @Jumping Jacks: I didn’t ask if anyone shops at Walmart, at all. I asked about movies. No one with the least bit of sense buys movies at Walmart (except, maybe, out of the discount bins – and popular movies aren’t in the discount bins).

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