Video of the New Movers Panel @ Keenevention 2015

Get a fresh perspective on NH activism from Keenevention‘s New Movers Panel of people who’ve moved for the Free State Project within the last year, hosted by new-mover-to-Peterborough and author Dr. Tarrin Lupo.  Panelists included Dax Seal, Jeremy Kauffman, Bruno Parga, and Gloria Leustek:

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  1. Dr. Tarrin Lupo DC? He isn’t a real doctor, he’s a chiropractor. His book is the typical holistic crap these people push. Since the FSP is a hobby, I guess you need someone with a 5th grade education.

  2. For a hobby the FSP is sure having a powerful effect.

  3. Flapjacks always complaining.

  4. What is the powerful effect? What have they changed?

  5. Flapjacks, take a chill pill. Stop complaining.

    You need to get out and enjoy life. Go see a movie or something.

  6. @Jumping Jacks: Given that you are someone who outright lies about being a medical professional, you aren’t really in a position to judge anyone else’s credentials.

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