VIDEO: Activists “Run for the Border” to Derby Line, VT

This year’s Porcupine Freedom Festival included an epic video of two NH tax collectors trying and failing to crack down on unlicensed vendors, but that wasn’t the only interaction that Porcfest attendees had with police.

Early in the week, several liberty activists made a “run for the border” and drove a couple hours from Lancaster, NH to Derby Line, VT which features the imaginary political line crossing through the middle of the Haskell library. We wanted to see it for ourselves as well as attempting to cross on foot with various forms of identification, including the World Passport.

Here’s a 24-minute short documentary covering what we saw and what we learned. In short, one can cross to Canada with only a driver’s license and despite what the US federal government claims, you don’t need a passport to cross back into the US, but they might hassle you. Also, Derby Line, VT and Stanstead, Quebec have been hurt economically by the border-tightening that happened around 2007. Derby Line’s commercial property is nearly completely empty, and several homes are on the market for sale. Stanstead is in somewhat better shape.

Who would want to live where most of the cars on the streets are Border Patrol vehicles? That’s life in the ghost town of Derby Line, a microcosm of what will happen to the United States if the borders continue to tighten – freedom and the economy will suffer.

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  1. Very amusing. Your “crew” consisted of 5 people. Boarder patrol takes this very seriously. If you cross into Canada, you do need a passport to cross back into the USA. You are very wrong about that. It doesn’t look like you met your objective.

  2. Flapjacks, it’s Border not “Boarder”.

  3. We proved you don’t need a passport to get back across. You must not have been paying attention, Jacks.

  4. You haven’t proved anything. The PD were right there. Since they saw you go across and come back, they just gave you a break. The officers explained what it’s about and how things happen.

  5. AnonyMouse – Thank you grammar nazi

  6. They crossed the border. They got back without a passport. They proved their point, I think.

  7. They proved their entitled dumbass libertards. Nice job!

  8. Really great and useful post, thanks for sharing.

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