Video of Christopher David’s Epic Keynote @ Keenevention 2015

Free UBER founder Christopher David hit the activism scene in a major way on the Seacoast in late 2015, blowing up the mainstream media with his open civil disobedience against the transportation ordinances of Portsmouth, NH. He went in a different direction from most keynoters at Keenevention by getting down into the audience and conducting a group discussion about ending the state in our lifetime. It was epic. Here’s the full video:

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  1. I commend Darryl for the point he made and his comment near the end of the video. It seems so obvious, yet so foreign to most people. Sigh.

    Freedom IS Panarchy!

  2. He has an extensive criminal record including prison time. There wasn’t anything epic about what he said. There appeared to be a lot of empty chairs. It would appear this little crusade he invented is more important to him then his family.

  3. Jumping jacks, if a person helped lots of runaway slaves, thus having an “extensive criminal record” would you be in favor of taking other peoples money under threats of force to imprison and maintain that “criminal” ? Just curious.

  4. Eddie doesn’t check his sources very well. LOL

    Ripoff Report
    Submitted: Mon, December 30, 2013
    Updated: Mon, December 30, 2013

    Reported By: Squall Leonhart — Los Angeles California

    Squall Leonhart is a fictional character and the primary protagonist of Final Fantasy VIII, a role-playing video game

    In Final Fantasy VIII, Squall is a 17-year-old student at Balamb Garden, a prestigious military academy for elite mercenaries (known as “SeeDs”). As the story progresses, Squall befriends Quistis Trepe, Zell Dincht, Selphie Tilmitt and Irvine Kinneas and falls in love with Rinoa Heartilly.

  5. @Eddie got Punk’d: WTF does the “source” have to with anything? Is your name “Eddie got Punk’d” ?

    What a freaking moron.

    So is that link the same Christopher David that is Bernard’s current binky?

  6. @Bob: that argument is becoming so tedious, Bob. You freetards like to use civil rights and slavery as somehow akin to your “struggles” against society. It does nothing but show how narcissistic and shallow you morons truly are.

    Get a clue, Bob. You so desperately are in need of one.

  7. No Mike. You completely misunderstand the point of Bob’s comparison. It has nothing to do with struggles against society. Bob’s scenario presents the argument that laws which cause harm against others should be regarded with skepticism and disobeyed on moral principle. Of course, Bob could just as easily have offered up other examples from American history, e.g., laws forbidding alcohol sale and consumption, censorship laws, laws criminalizing adultery, etc. Comparisons to slavery, however, clarifies his point more effectively, i.e., that laws that cause harm to others are immoral and hence are not laws laws to begin with. The bonus, Mike, is that Bob’s comparison also attracts childlike trolls like yourself to post unconvincing emotional arguments in a failed attempt to disparage it.

  8. @MikeAB, Hello Mike, since you replied to a question for Jumping Jacks, how about telling me what YOU would do in the same circumstances I described in the question ?

  9. Bob Constantine – Again, this isn’t the early 1800’s. You seem to have a problem of living in the past. He has a significant past criminal history. Uber does back ground checks. Maybe he wasn’t honest with them.

  10. Trolls are getting desperate when they post fake reviews written by Squall Leonhart a fictional character of Final Fantasy VIII.

    If Christopher David’s campaign manager really was Squall Leonhart, Chris would have won 🙂

  11. @Jumping Jacks, Could you define what a criminal is ? Has the standard for determining that changed over the years?

  12. Prove it’s not fake, Punk’d. Did he or did he not run for Congress as the RipOffReport states? Is it the same Christopher David? You haven’t answered the question, except to deflect.

    Your move, douchebag.

  13. @Drac: Laws that y’all say are doing harm, where the majority of people may not feel that way about those same laws.

    Who decides if you’re right and they’re wrong, or vice-versa?

    Narcissistic, know-it-all tools like yourself think that you are some sort of final authority on the validity of a given law or ordinance.

    Freetards don’t hold any higher moral high ground, considering that some of them think children should be able to decide for themselves if they should have sex or not:

    Do you agree with that, Drac? Should children be able to decide for themselves if they should have sex or not?

  14. No Mike. I don’t believe that I am the final authority. I only believe that individuals are better-equipped to make personal decisions for themselves than the state is.

    You believe the opposite. According to you, Mike, the individual’s personal decisions should be left to the majority. But this isn’t really the best way to organize society, is it? Why? Because majorities can be wrong, Mike, and they often are. Slavery, prohibition, and Jim Crow laws are all perfect examples of this.

    So who decides, then? Well you do, Mike. And so do I. But we decide for ourselves, and only for ourselves; not for anyone else. If I don’t agree with your personal decisions, I leave you alone. If you don’t agree with mine, you leave me alone. No harm, no foul.

    As long as you’re not harming others, Mike, or their ability to live their life as they wish, then why on earth should I care how you live yours, let alone try to control how you live it? Naturally, I would expect the same respect in return. But you don’t respect others rights to make personal decisions for themselves, do you Mike? You prefer that majorities make these decisions for you and others, and advocate harsh punishments upon those who resist this. When this has been pointed out to you, the only suggestion you can make is to resort to politics – gain a majority and turn the tables on the rest.

    Libertarians have been pointing out for decades that personal decisions are best left to the individual. Why? Part of the reason is because politicians and bureaucrats can’t educate people so that they make better choices. All they can do is corral themselves into large rooms and create ever-expanding spheres of laws and regulations.

    As for your link? You’ve posted that before, Mike. You know full well that Ian was not making the claim that you’re insinuating. Ian was making the argument that there is no single age where consent can be given legitimately. You do realize that some young adults are more mature than others, don’t you Mike?

    While it’s clear that the younger someone is, the less likely they are to be able to make informed consent, you on the other hand seem to believe that an individual’s age is all that should be considered and that the maturity of the individual in question is irrelevant. You insist that consent shouldn’t be defined by the individual granting it, but should instead be defined the state. Those not meeting that arbitrary definition should be charged with a crime.

    Do you think it’s reasonable for states to be accusing teenagers of rape for engaging in consensual acts with each other just because the state says they’re too young? Do you think it’s reasonable for the state to ignore the maturity of the individuals in question and use the full force of law to ruin their lives? Rape is an act of violence, Mike. How is redefining the concept of consent so that rape charges can be invented out of thin air contributing to the public good?

  15. @MikeAB

    Get a credible source or STFU

  16. @Punk’d: so it is true, then … The link posted is in fact the same Christopher David mentioned here.

    It figures … There is not one freetard I am aware of that has not been involved with criminal activity of one kind or another. It’s rather pathetic.

  17. Just as I suspected Drac … You’re just another clueless and twisted freetard fuck-up.

  18. In what way, Mike? Because I disagree with your own opinions? I’d love to learn why you believe your principles are superior, but you never seem to be able to get further than a few profanity-laden sentences. One would think that you don’t really have any principles at all. Is this the case, Mike?

  19. See there goes draccc again keeping of topic by being all butthurt when someone uses bad language. What is the matter draccc, did bullies swear at you growing up in Romania, so when you moved here you could bully others behind your keyboard with your “big” words? Clueless, ouch, twisted, stop it, freetard fuckup, that hurts! Get over yourself and keep on topic. How is it that every libertard has someway been in trouble with the law?
    It is quite pathetic, and definitely narcissistic thinking, to think you are entitled to do whatever you want, and think you are above the laws that are set in place here in America. Don’t like it? Get off the grid, or move out!

  20. You’re such a laugh riot, Bsizzle. You think I’m a bully? My, my, that’s an interesting perspective! But why such indignation about this, Bsizzle? Aren’t you a street tough, old school rapper with a crew and a clue! I mean, just look at the latest unfinished rap you’ve provided for this forum’s enjoyment? Such poetry, Bsizzle! Just look at that prose!

    Clueless, ouch, twisted, stop it, freetard fuckup, that hurts!

    I’ve read it several times, now. It’s just that powerful! I’m sure that no one will ever “dis” you again, Bsizzle; not in this forum anyway!

    Oh! Once you’ve finished the rest of the lyrics, Bsizzle, will you be including any music with it? Rappers often borrow music from other artists, don’t they? If this is the case, might I make a suggestion? You should use “Get a Job” by the Silhouettes. That will definitely add more emphasis to your message.

  21. Again draccc not keeping on the topic at hand. Quite pathetic people don’t you think. Why are most libertards in trouble with the law? Are you having trouble with that, no pun intended. Do you see what you get when you dumb down a entitled libertarian? Well we get what we have right here, a man who can’t help himself in trying to right the wrong in the libertarian movement. Draccc’s intelligence falls by the wayside when he tries to defend his sham of a cult friends! Thanks for showing your weaknesses, old school rap!
    You draccc, are a lost cause, along with your dumb libertard friends. Go to bed you 90 year old entitled libertard washed up Romanian!

  22. Draccc vermell is Richard Onley.
    Sincerely Mr Grammar.

  23. What a bunch of losers!

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