New 2016 Bitcoin Flyer Released in Three Versions: Intl., NH, Keene

Bitcoin Flyer 2016 Front

Bitcoin Flyer 2016 International Edition

Thanks to graphics design pro Johnson Rice of Infinite Twilight, our Bitcoin flyer that we’ve distributed thousands of at various places since 2014 has been updated for 2016 with new info and a new video QR. Now, instead of just one version for the Keene area, we have three total:

Please feel free to download the variant of your preference and send it off to your favorite printer. I recommend color, matte cardstock, but that’s just my preference. Do as you wish and help spread the word about Bitcoin in physical reality!

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  1. Core development is controlled by Blockstream and core is supported by the chinese miners who have >50 of the hash power. Until and unless the bitcoin community successfully forks away form core Bitcoin is controlled by a company.

    You probably shouldn’t lie to people by passing out this flyer.

  2. @Jumping Jacks: An article from August, claiming that Bitcoin will fail in “four or five months.” A quick check of my calendar says… that article is bogus.

    @Eric: Blockstream does not control Bictoin’s “core.” Bitcoin has already been released (years ago), and is not controlled by anyone. Blockstream is one of many companies which makes Bitcoin-related products. Claiming that they “control” Bitcoin is just about as ludicrous as claiming that Wilson’s Leather controls the Federal Reserve because they make wallets, and folks store FRN’s in wallets.

  3. @flint

    Blockstream absolutely controls bitcoin core. Changes they favor get merged no matter how controversial(replace by fee) and changes they oppose get nowhere no matter how much support they have(blocksize increase).

  4. @Eric: You apparently have no idea what Bitcoin is, or how it works. Sounds like you’re just reposting from articles by folks who also have no idea of what Bitcoin is, or how it works. Blockstream is just one small company that offers various services to those who want them. No one “controls” Bitcoin. Anyone can write software that will work with Bitcoin, if they want – and many do. That software does not control Bitcoin, just as my wallet does not control the Federal Reserve.

  5. @flint

    RBF and the blocksize debacle refutes your position. Bitcoin is being controlled and it is obvious who is controlling it to those who have eyes to see.

  6. @Eric: Is this like one of those “the mood landing was faked!” things? Because I don’t have time for crazy conspiracy theories…

    The moon landing was real. The WTC collapsed because terrorists crashed jetliners into two of the towers. There’s no such thing as “chemtrails.” My wallet does not control the Federal Reserve. And Blockstream doesn’t control Bitcoin.

  7. flint – It doesn’t matter what you are saying, bitcoin is unstable and volatile. Eric has you running. He is right in his statements. I suggest you learn a few things.

  8. @Jumping Jacks: Eric is just posting crazy conspiracy theories. He’s not right, and no one’s running. And, speaking of craziness and falsehoods, your constant refrain that Bitcoin is unstable just goes to prove the point that insanity should be defined as constantly repeating the same action and expecting different results. You and yours have been predicting a collapse for years, and it just refuses to happen. Maintaining the same prediction means you are literally insane.

    Of course, we already knew that, given how you turned watching a TV show into a fantasy about running a chain of drug rehab clinics.

  9. @Flint If you really think I am talking crazy conspiracy theories read Mike Hearn’s account of what has happened. I don’t agree with him that bitcoin has failed. It is a fight that hasn’t been lost yet.

    Iv been raging on the internet for months about this shit but I have finally figured out that I have no power over the future of bitcoin except my ability to exit to altcoins so I traded half of my bitcoin for altcoins, put the rest in the coldest of storage and am doing my best not to give a fuck. Now I just wait to see if those with power really want bitcoin to be blockstream coin or not.

  10. @Runningwolfkenpo you missed the boat on Bitcoin when it was at $28.

    If you want the next 1000% investment go buy some Ethereum….

  11. I love how douchebag Flint states that the MIT article about the guy who now is “in control” of BitCoin development as “bogus”.

    Oh what the pathetic and blissfully ignorant freetards will say and do to foment and protect their lies and schemes.

    In addition to all the kitty fights over the direction of the core software, eventually someone is going to figure out how to hack the blockchain and then everyone who is heavily invested in the Internet pretend-money will be wiped out.

    I predict Bitcoin is gone within 5 years or less.

  12. @Eric: Sorry, but I don’t go in for your crazy conspiracy theories. Looks like you are trying to post rants to support your choices for an alternate by attacking Bitcoin rather than extolling the virtues of that alternate. Very telling.

    @Eddie: That article was from August. It claimed a failure would occur in four or five months. My calendar appears to be in working order, and tells me that January is five months after August. Since there has been no failure, or any hint of one, the article is very much bogus. By definition.

    Your notion that someone will “figure out” a way to hack the blockchain proves that you are completely and utterly ignorant of what Bitcoin actually is. Or how any decentralized software works, for that matter. Having many, many copies spread out over the whole Internet makes hacking impossible. Unlike central banks, where hacking is, indeed, a real concern.

  13. @ Flint

    Fine. I have a prediction for you then. Bitcoin transaction fees will rise to >$1 in 2016. Maybe reconsider if my prediction is correct.

    Also, fuck you for your constant BS attacks against me in this conversation.

  14. Flint, again you are lying. When you know you are out matched, the name calling begins with you. It’s too bad God didn’t give you a brain that is able to comprehend simple bits of information to make you smarter. Eric is right and you are very wrong

  15. If the Trolls want to complain about Bitcoin, go complain to China.

    80% of Bitcoin is traded by the Chinese.

  16. @Eric: Falsely claiming that someone is lying is a “BS attack.” Calling you out for your false accusation is not a “BS attack.”

    @Jacks: You don’t even make sense; the date of the article is part of the article, the claim made is part of the article, and the current date is common knowledge. And given that you are a pathological liar, your accusations are meaningless, in addition to being nonsensical.

  17. Flint, you’re incorrect. “Anyone” cannot decide the format and length of the blockchain and other core functionality associated with BitCoin; that is controlled by one or two entities.

    You’re like the morons who think Linux is open and free and controlled by no one, when in fact Linus Torvalds (or one or more of his designates) controls the development of the kernel.

  18. @Anonymouse: I don’t think anyone is complaining – they are pointing out that Bitcoin is becoming unstable and unsustainable. If you refuse to believe that then you’re either blissfully ignorant, stupid, or both.

    All one has to do is look at the world’s commodity markets back in the early part of the 20th century and what happened when a small group of people cornered a particular segment of a commodities market, drove the price up and at the same time shorted it. They all got rich and everyone else got fucked hard. You can’t do that anymore in the stock market – but there are no financial regulators overseeing the Bitcoin market.

    You watch. The Chinese and/or some other larger players are going to keeping mining and building up their Bitcoin reserves and at the same time start to slowly short Bitcoin through other entities controlled by them. When the Bitcoin market inevitably tanks, just before that they will end up walking away with bags of cash while the rest of you idiots will be left holding other bags of worthless Internet play money.

    I wish I could see the look on your faces when that day inevitably comes.

  19. @MikeBANE

    If you’re too scared to invest in new technology with possibility of 1000% returns, then just keep your money in a bank passbook savings at 1% interest. (Negative returns after inflation.)

    I recommend buying Ethereum right here at $2.68 thereum is now #2 and may replace Bitcoin at some point.

  20. @Tom: Ethereum is a sucker’s play, and somehow I get the feeling you have a vested interest in it as more than just a simple investor. Maybe you’re trying to pump and dump it?

    Morons like yourself make me shake my head and laugh.

  21. Oh, we if The Guardian states that it is, then it must be.

    LoL. You’re a fucking moron, Tom.

  22. Eddie the troll….not the Guardian its Sir Mark Walport

    Are you just here to be a clown?

  23. @MikeAB: Ah, ain’t it fun when someone tries to pretend that they know more than they actually know? Linux is free (there’s no charge to download it) and open (anyone can view the source code to verify precisely what is and is not there). As far as being “controlled?” The kernel is written and revised by thousands of volunteers. No one individual or even a small group controls it. Could you claim that the group of codewriters “control” the kernel? Possibly, if you want to use a ludicrous definition for “control” in which folks giving away their time for free “control” you when you use the product of that gift.

    But even under such a ludicrous definition, you still can’t even really claim that they control it. Because you can take the code (it’s open source, remember) and modify it to your heart’s content. You can’t call the resulting kernel “Linux,” because it isn’t. But you could call the result “Mikeux” and go on your merry way. Nope, no control at all.

    The same is true for Bitcoin. It’s open source, and anyone who wants to can create their own version. No one controls that. Go ahead and develop your own; no one will stop you. No one may choose to use it, but that’s not a matter of you controlling the market; that’s a matter of the market controlling you. Changes to the blockchain are proposed forks away from the original code. If folks decide they want to use the alternative, they will. If they don’t, they won’t, and the original will reign supreme. They (the users) control which is used, not the developers who offer options and hope they are accepted.

  24. “The kernel is written and revised by thousands of volunteers. No one individual or even a small group controls it.”

    Um, check your sources. People can contribute whatever they like, but it’s Torvalds who runs the show and he or one of his proxies determines what is released out to the world as the official Linux kernel.

    Wrong again, fucktard.

  25. @MikeAB: You clearly know literally nothing about how Linux development works. There are well in excess of 5,000 developers (possibly as high as 10,000). No one individual, or even some small group of “proxies” runs that. Folks like Torvalds, who are respected by the community, may suggest areas of focus or the like, but they have no control, and certainly do not personally approve every scrap of code. If their advice is sometimes followed, it’s solely because they give good advice; if Julia Child tells you that your beef bourguignon needs more thyme, you listen to her not because she “controls” your kitchen, but because she’s an a recognized expert in her field.

  26. Flint, I can guarantee you that Torvalds and his “people” have a HUGE say on how the kernel is updated and released to the world, having been involved in a very small way with Linux kernel development in the past. Companies/organizations like RedHat, Ubuntu, Debian, etc., also have a HUGE say on how kernel development is conducted.

    Yes, it’s open source and all, but that does not mean people can just do what they want. There are tons of people who fork the kernel source and create all sorts of additions and modifications, but not many of them make the final cut. There are favored developers – and then there’s everyone else.

    Modifications and additions are voted on and forks are merged in accordingly – but again, Torvalds, his “people”, and the groups mentioned above have a HUGE say on which forks are merged and then packaged up for a release.

    Given those facts, one can infer with a certain level of confidence that the development and release of the Linux kernel is managed and controlled at a much higher level of authoritarianism than many other open source projects.

    One can also infer that your knowledge of how Linux kernel development works is cursory and uninformed, at best.

  27. There are many, many instances of Bitcoins being manipulated and controlled by a select few groups.

    People are kidding themselves if they think Bitcoin can never be manipulated and/or corrupted in some form or fashion.

    There is no oversight or governance, so who do you complain to if someone steals your Bitcoins or manipulates a major market fluctuation that wipes out the value of your Bitcoins? No one, that’s who.

    I will keep my bank notes, thank-you-very-much. These can be forged and manipulated as well but there are legal consequences for doing so. Although my chances to recover the value of them is somewhat limited, it is still a 100% chance better than if Bitcoins were involved.

    I am sure that for every link I provided below raising concerns about Bitcoin, someone can produce a link that counters mine; such is the nature of Google. However: are most people willing to trust an amorphous crypto-currency whose intrinsic value rests in the software and data that defines it?

    I think not.

  28. @AlanJ: You’re equating listening to someone’s advice with that individual having actual “authoritarian” control. Since your entire argument is based upon that fallacious equivalence, the whole thing fails. Thanks for playing, though.

    And you also conveniently ignore that someone can fork the kernel and not merge it back in; they can maintain their fork as a separate version, if they so choose. Who controls that?

  29. “You’re equating listening to someone’s advice with that individual having actual “authoritarian” control.”

    Flint, in your case there is what you think, and then there are the facts. The official kernel does not get released until all the people who have a big say in it agree. Like I stated previously: your knowledge about this is cursory and uninformed.

    Sure – anyone can fork the repo and do what they want, but it’s not recognized as the “official” release of the kernel. And I stated as much in my previous message:

    “There are tons of people who fork the kernel source and create all sorts of additions and modifications, but not many of them make the final cut. There are favored developers – and then there’s everyone else.

    Modifications and additions are voted on and forks are merged in accordingly – but again, Torvalds, his “people”, and the groups mentioned above have a HUGE say on which forks are merged and then packaged up for a release.”

    Maybe I used too many big words for you; is that the problem? Help me out here, Flint, so I can better communicate with you.

    Stay classy.

  30. Oooo-wee, Al … you have got Flinty all in a twist here. He does not like it when people smarter and more knowledgeable than him expose the astounding depth and breath of his douchebaggery and general ignorance. Well done, lad.

    Holy shit, Flinty: you got p0wned again. I will give you some credit, however: you keep coming back for more.

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