VIDEO: Free State Project Officially Announces 20,000 Signers – 100% Reached

FSP Founder Jason Sorens Speaks to Nearly 100 This Morning

FSP Founder Jason Sorens Speaks to Nearly 100 This Morning

Nearly one hundred liberty-loving early movers were in attendance for the press conference this morning held by the Free State Project at the Radisson in Manchester. FSP founder Jason Sorens spoke on the creation of the FSP and why the first 5,000 participants chose New Hampshire as the destination. Jason said,

“The free state project is working because it gives people hope”

That’s definitely true for me. When I moved here as an early mover for the FSP in 2006 I was pretty angry about the government. I felt very lonely in Florida, with little more than a handful of libertarians in the area. Now there are more liberty-minded people living at my intersection in Keene than there were in the entire city where I’m from.

With over 1,600 having moved across NH from all around the globe as early movers, (the official FSP move begins today) and having a major impact, it’s clear that there is hope for liberty here in the Shire. I’m not angry anymore and haven’t been for many years. I expect other libertarians who feel isolated or cornered where they live will have a similar transition when they are surrounded by people who actually care about liberty and are willing to do something about it. It’s quite encouraging to be here. Here’s the full video of the press conference:

After Jason Sorens’ speech, FSP president Carla Gericke got up to address the crowd and journalists in the room, officially announcing that the FSP has reached its goal of 20,000 liberty-minded folks signing and promising to move to New Hampshire within five years of today, Feb 3rd, 2016. It’s now been dubbed “Porcupine Day”, and happens right after Groundhog Day. (The porcupine is the mascot of the FSP.) Once here, the FSP movers are to put forth the maximum practical effort to achieve liberty in our lifetime. Carla explained to the audience what it took to get the project to completion, including a sustained, expensive ad campaign on Facebook, for which much credit was given to Vince Perfetto who is well known in the NH liberty community as the producer of the excellent documentary, “101 Reasons Liberty Lives in New Hampshire“.

All the speakers touched on various successes of early movers, especially within the political system.  It’s clear that the FSP’s early movers have had more political successes in a decade than the libertarian party has ever had, nationwide, in forty years.

Free State Project

FSP Reaches 100% of its Goal of 20,000 Signers!

To the surprise of some in the crowd, Carla did announce that the FSP would continue to accept signers, as their goal now is to ensure 20,000 libertarians make the move here.  She promised that more on the future of the Free State Project as an organization will be announced at the upcoming convention thrown yearly by the FSP, “Liberty Forum“, happening 2/18-2/21 (also held at the Radisson in Manchester) .

The speakers answered several questions from the audience, including on the common objections to the FSP from libertarians considering a move.  Of course, one of the most popular being that, “it’s cold in NH”.  Ultimately, the panel of speakers, which included Porcfest organizer Matt Philips, agreed that the cold temperatures keep away the fairweather activists and the talkers.  We get the best activists here in NH as a result of this natural filtering process.  Plus, the weather also keeps out statists, though it was pointed out that it was in the 50s today in February, historically the coldest of all twelve months in NH.

With nearly 10% here for the FSP already (1600+ movers plus nearly 300 FSPers who were here at the time of the vote), it’s clear to anyone paying attention that New Hampshire is the best destination for libertarians and voluntarists who are willing to get active rather than just complain. Start making your plans to move – the fun’s just getting started. Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest from across the Shire!

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  1. Very, very cool.

    What fun!

  2. For some time I’ve been thinking of moving to NH- I have some niggling questions and if I was at this gathering I’d have had an opportunity to present my questions. Is there anyone I can speak to with regard to my questions- I’m a libertarian through and through- and it pains me when I see adults who profess to be a libertarian, yet I hear them bossing their children around. Something about that just doesn’t feel right to me. I’m not a half-baked libertairan, I live libertarian consciousness with folks of every age, culture, etc.
    I would hate to exert all the effort with moving, only to find out that I live amongs families who, while they may want to reverse policing policies, continue to police their children and teens. It’s like they want freedom for themselves, yet don’t support the same freedom for their children, notably minors.
    On another note, I’m thrilled to hear of the legislation changes, of the court rulings in favor of libertarian goals, etc. in terms of home schooling, and other items that were mentioned at this talk.
    I’d love to come for a few weeks, to get a feel for the place. Is there someone who can host me, or is there an inexpensive rental I can consider for about two to four weeks?
    I prefer rural to urban areas. Rural, within biking or driving distance to urban.
    I prefer warm weather, and abhor cold weather, yet I am willing to put up with the colder climate in NH cuz what would I not do for liberty in our lifetime…
    I have profound gratitude for all that you are doing on the gov’t level…. I’m delighted that NH is a state in which libertarians get into positions of the gov’t where they can be instrumental in bringing about the change we all need to live our lives free of gov’t overreach.
    I can be contacted at angeljungr at

  3. typo- amongst

  4. Prove 5,000 have moved to NH. Prove 1600 people from all over the world have moved to NH. It would appear you are making up numbers Looking at the NH population increase, it has only increased a couple of hundred each year. It sounds like you are lying again

  5. Is this a representative sample of the FSP people that are going to move to NH? Oh my.

  6. So no one dies or moves out of the state??

  7. Anika – Yes, people move out of state and die. But obviously not at the rate to prove 5,000 have moved to NH. It’s all a scam.

  8. @Jumping Jacks: Actually, NH has huge population turnover. More than half of NH residents are not natives. People are moving away and others are moving here, all the time. You’d know that if you were actually in NH, instead of just being an ignorant troll living in your parents’ basement, somewhere far away.

  9. There is flinty, and his delusional thinking again. It’s sad actually!

  10. Takes one to know one right, Flinty? The difference being Jacks isn’t wearing a GPS ankle bracelet like you do as a result of being a convicted sex offender.

  11. I moved to NH in 1999 when I retired from the military; but I’d changed my state of residency from NY to NH way back in 1985, having grown tired of high NYS income taxes, draconian NYS laws, and zero benefits from either. I’m a live free or die, death is not the worst of evils sort of guy, but I don’t get counted as one of the 20K movers.

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