Cell 411 Is About to Become Your New Favorite Tool

Don’t call 911 during emergencies, call your trusted friends instead, using Cell 411, the decentralized emergency alerting and response platform. Cell 411 is a powerful smartphone app that allows you to stream content and notify people in your cell(s) during police interactions and things like medical emergencies, car troubles and fire.

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Virgil Vaduva, who spearheaded the development of Cell 411, will be speaking this weekend at Liberty Forum at the Radisson in downtown Manchester. He notes, “If you are a Cell 411 user and want to get a crash-course in using the tool, I will be offering an introductory class and will answer questions about the app.”

And if you’re in the greater Keene area be sure to connect with the great crew active with Keene Cop Block.

More Cell 411 Resources

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