FSP Schism Over Snowden Recording Headlining NH Newspapers

Crowd Holding Snowden Masks

Snowden is all of us. Photo courtesy Union Leader.

The Free State Project got a lot of things right about this year’s Liberty Forum. It was well-attended, fun, and the organizers did a good job overall. The Edward Snowden keynote interview made a huge splash in various media around the globe.

However, for reasons yet unknown, it’s being claimed by new FSP president Matt Philips that keynote speaker Edward Snowden requested there be no recording by audience members. Free Keene blogger and NH native Garret Ean recorded anyway and released it here yesterday.

Why would Snowden try to restrict recording when hundreds of people would be attending with recording devices, including, likely some undercover federal agents? I tweeted at Snowden today in an attempt to get a comment and received no reply thus far. According to the organizer of the Liberty Forum in an unofficial facebook post, there was some agreement to allow the FSP to record the event and have Reason.com (whose editor Nick Gillespie conducted the interview with Snowden) release it via their YouTube.

Many in the liberty community are on an all-out attack against Garret for making the recording, and me for refusing to pull it down. One even called for “Free Keene” to be banned from all FSP events. Hilariously, that ban would include FK blogger JJ Schlessinger, who is the video professional the FSP hired to record the event. He called Free Talk Live Tuesday night to inform our audience that he is currently editing a high-quality five-camera HD shoot of the Snowden talk.

NH mainstream newspapers are now picking up the story of this latest FSP schism. Here’s the first two headlines, posted online and appearing in print today:

These schisms have occurred forever in the FSP, where once a group gets near to thirty members, there’s some ideological or personal division between them where some people choose sides and go strike off in their preferred direction. When schisms are happening, some people find them distressing but ultimately they are a sign of growth and have resulted in creative destruction, where new ideas and activism are built.  Most of the time, tensions reduce and most people get along fine, even between whatever various tribes there might be.

That this latest schism is making mainstream media headlines really shows how successful the liberty movement has been here thus far. People outside the movement are paying attention to petty liberty drama! Most libertarians are lucky to even get a single mention per year in the media in other states. It’s pretty clear that NH liberty activists have already become an important part of New Hampshire’s scene and continue to be relevant, and that’s with the FSP official move having just started two weeks ago!

Here at Free Keene, thanks to Garret, we’ve started another conversation both inside and outside the movement about freedom. Last night on my radio show, Free Talk Live, we delved deep with Garret as our guest, covering this topic for all three hours of the show, which you can listen to here:

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  1. One of the first things my wife and I taught our little anarchists was that cooperation is optional, and needed to be elicited. Sounds like Garret’s parents failed to teach him that lesson. Now he will have to learn it as an adult, at a higher price.

  2. So it is not OK that he was hired for a a job and did so?

  3. YOU “subverted a fsp ORDER!”

  4. Obviously the coward traitor Snowden didn’t want cameras was anything he said could be used against him in court. He has no control over the people who would video him. Of course Garret and Ian would violate the request not to record. Everyone else was there to see Snowden and followed the rules. Hopefully Snowden did say things that can be used against him and freekeene can be responsible for it.

  5. Schism between those activists who are courteous and those who feel entitled and have to have things spelled out for them at private events which they claim to respect. What a shame.

  6. If Snowden did request no recording, the correct response from the FSP would be, “No.”

  7. @Derrick: Shut The Fuck Up, Tinkerbell.

    This is the problem with Free Keene Fucktards: too immature and too stupid. Poor babies were told “no” and they went ahead and did it anyway.

    Here’s the best part: Bernard and the rest of the Free Keene crew are actually persona non grata as far as the majority of people who identify themselves with being members of the FSP are concerned.

    Bernard likes to pretend he’s some sort of important figure in the FSP movement, when in reality most of the FSP members wish this gloryhound/narcissistic prick would just pack up and leave and take his minions with him.

    If the FSP didn’t have Bernard’s stink associated with it the community in general might be more accepting of what the FSP is trying to do; instead they see the Free Keene Fucktard Crew and assume that is what the FSP is all about.

    The best thing the FSP could do is publically state that Bernard and his minions do not represent or are associated with the FSP in any way. After that, ban them from any future organized meetings held by the FSP. Then sit back and watch the fun as Bernard goes into an epic hissy fit and starts biting the hand that has been feeding him.

  8. The FSP in my opinion keeps the keeniacs around because of the publicity it gets, all that be negative publicity, however Ian “thinks” that “everyone loves what their doing” that is textbook narcissism, and delusional thinking. Notice I said the “publicity it gets”? That’s because 75 Leverett is a cult. They flock to it like moths to a flame. One of those particular persons is Jp a truly delusional, narcissistic deadbeat father, who claims to have been a Navy seal, but that was proven to be wrong in court. Just another pathological liar that tends to gravitate towards this cult.

  9. “However, for reasons yet unknown, it’s being claimed by new FSP president Matt Philips that keynote speaker Edward Snowden requested there be no recording by audience members.”

    (1) Does anyone have confirmation that FSP President Matt Philips made such a claim?

    (2) Does anyone have confirmation that Edward Snowden made such a request?

    I’m glad Ian is checking with Mr. Snowden. Hopefully he can clear up this rat’s nest before any more people get stupid about it.

  10. JJ Schlessinger, video professional: if that’s not an oxymoron, I don’t know what is.

    A douche that own a couple or more of video cameras and has a barely passable ability to edit the footage on iMovie (or – good gosh – was stupid enough to buy Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere thinking it would automatically give him street cred) is not a “video professional”.

    If that’s where the bar is set, then every soccer Mom in America is technically a “video professional” as well.

  11. @Michael Houst: what difference would it make if Snowden did make that request? These Free Keene freetard assholes would have ignored the request anyway.

    “Anarchists should be worried that if their desires for no government comes to fruition, the first people the lawless mob comes for will most certainly be them.” — anonymous

  12. The divide and conquer principle on inane basis

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