Facebook Silently Censors Good News About NH Topless Prohibition Bill?

Free the Nipple, Censored

The preview photo banned by facebook.

Did facebook silently delete the news about the topless ban proposal going down in flames? The evidence says yes. The original Free Keene post to facebook has mysteriously disappeared, which means that the nearly 1,000 people who liked and shared it prior to its deletion have all had their shares disappear from their pages.

Presuming the original post was reported by some prudes (despite having a “safe” preview pic), shame on facebook for not even letting us know of the removal.

I didn’t have to presume for long. As I submitted another post on the Free Keene page on facebook explaining what happened, an error popped up:

The content you’re trying to share includes a link that our security systems detected to be unsafe:


Please remove this link to continue.

So yeah, that confirms it. Facebook sent the censored preview photo to a blacklist of some sort, so one can still share the original article’s link on facebook, but no preview pic will come up.

Should you wish to share the story again on facebook, here’s what you have to do to make it a little tougher for the prudes to attack:

  1. Create a photo post on your facebook page.
  2. Upload the censored-for-facebook version of a pic of some ladies at the first Free the Nipple beach event from 2015. (Or, if you want to take a greater risk, you can upload the uncensored version.)
  3. Then, once the pic is uploaded – type in whatever you want for the post, and drop in the link to the article.

That’s it!

Facebook never should have blacklisted the already-censored preview pic – it’s been posted countless times before and does not show any areola. I specifically made that version with facebook in mind, which should be obvious given the graphic used to censor. The pic in question has been attached to other articles that have been shared a lot on facebook, so WTF? If you try to share the link to the pic via a facebook post, it does give you a link to report their decision as wrong, which I did, and you are welcome to do as well. I have no idea if it will make a difference.

Thanks for sharing the good news about the first step towards total defeat for the awful proposed prohibition on female toplessness. Special thanks if you share it again in the way I describe above!

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  1. Hey Ian, why no article about your bestest buddy State Rep Kyle Tasker? Another free-stater pedophile bites the dust.

    Jesus, for such a minority of the population you free-staters really rack up the kiddie-diddling charges. I guess that ‘s what y’all mean by liberty!

  2. It sounds like freekeene and copblock should boycott Facebook. Just wipe out your accounts and move on. Maybe Mark Zuckerberg has it out for you people.

  3. Waaah … Facebook is censoring my posts … waaah … they hate freedom … waaah … don’t they know who I am? … Waah …

    Fuck off, Bernard. Once again you are reminded how insignificant you are.

    In other news … I thought we would have seen a scorching blog entry denouncing the arrest of that freetard pedophile Kyle Tasker by now. I mean, after all, you condone this kind of illegal activity, right?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnSixDLrGlw

  4. FYI, for the brain surgeon’s posting above, Tasker’s a local, not a Freestater.

  5. How dare these evil nanny-statists impinge on the god-given liberty of free-stater Kyle Tasker to have sex with 14-year-olds.

    First Facebook decides what is allowed on their private Web site and now the gubmint is getting involved in the romantic affairs of poor Kyle, what is this Nazi Germany?!?!?!?!?!

  6. Flint – You better check your numbers. He is part of the FSP and one of freekeene’s friend

  7. Hey flinty put your mouth in check before you open it, Tasker is part of the fsp. Nice try spinning it to your liking.

  8. Tasker is a native. He attended a private high school in NH, college @ KSC and is employed at his family’s NH based business that has been handed down through generations. He may hold some views that are consistent with that of some individual Free State Project participants, but he is locally grown and raised under the system his detractors want to perpetuate. Perhaps this affected him and perverted his way of thinking. This isn’t spin, Bsizzle. These are facts. You would do well to stop ignoring them and propagating lies in an attempt to smear and organization you don’t like, while pushing your hateful, vitriolic agenda. It’s not doing you any favors.

  9. There are a lot of folks in NH that want a much smaller, less expensive government and these people are no more FSP participants than you are. FSP participant means solely that you signed the pledge and agreed to move when the time came. If you were honest about your residency, the software wouldn’t allow you to sign under a NH address, unless you did so before the vote took place. Had you done even a cursory level of research, all of this would be very clear to you.

  10. Not the brightest bulbs, are ya? Tasker isn’t just a native, but a mutli-generational native. The Tasker well company was founded right after WWII by his grandfather, and if I recall correctly, the family had already been in the area for several generations even before that.

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