Keene Man Wears “FUCK COPS” Shirt to Trial on Disorderly Conduct Charge

Brandon Pinney Fuck Cops

Brandon Pinney Awaits Trial in a “Fuck Cops” Handmade Shirt

Brandon Pinney is a NH native who is now facing a year in jail for telling state police to fuck off. His is a classic case of being oppressed for freedom of speech. Historically, people arrested for flipping off or telling off police have been vindicated on appeal. It may not be nice to say mean things to cops, but freedom of speech is meant to protect unpopular speech.

Brandon was arrested at Surry Dam when after doing five-miles over the speed limit he was confronted by a forest ranger. We don’t know exactly how their interaction went, because Brandon did not record video. According to Brandon, the ranger berated him about the speeding and Brandon blew him off in an unkind manner. The ranger then said he would be calling the police and Brandon followed him back to his office. The ranger claims Brandon was pounding on the office door yelling at him, while Brandon says he was not pounding on the door and was in no way threatening the man.

However, the ranger’s testimony was that he was frightened and when state police arrived, Brandon told them to fuck off, and when he repeated it at the request of one of the staties, Brandon was arrested.

Here’s full video of Brandon’s trial in Keene district court from January and the sentencing hearing from February. As judge Edward J Burke found Brandon guilty, Brandon and his attorney will be appealing to a jury trial. Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest.

One note – during trial, Burke said nothing about his shirt, but at sentencing, wearing the same shirt, Brandon was told if he did it again it would be contempt of court. Not only can you not express yourself to police, you can’t express yourself via your wardrobe. Whatever happened to freedom? You generally don’t find it at the district court level.

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  1. “Not only can you not express yourself to police, you can’t express yourself via your wardrobe.” Somebody better tell Miley Cyrus…..

  2. the young lawyer really tried…but…GUILTY!…if i was in the jury… the “fuck the cops” guy would be done

  3. hes just stupid for wearin that shirt….ever hear the phrase “dress for success ..i mean ok he said his piece but his goose is gonna be cooked

  4. David Crawford, stop it yah lazy eyed psycho. Nobody cares what comes out of your pitiful mouth!

  5. “It doesn’t appear that he was trying to assert his First Amendment rights at that time.” Judge
    WTF?!! So speech is only protected by 1st Amendment if we’re specifically asserting the freedom of speech — as opposed to simply enjoying the freedom of speech?

    Did anyone else catch that duplicitous qualification on 1st Amendment protection?

  6. Replace black skin with profanity in cases like this. If an idiot feels threatened or scared, is the black person guilty? Could saying, “Boo!” possibly provoke a violent reaction by an ignorant bigot? What’s the judge’s point? If we cross this dangerous barrier and conclude that profanity, in and of itself, is enough to cause reasonable people to react violently, then we no longer have freedom of speech.

    Notice the state’s deliberate effort to establish that Pinney was free to leave; Park Ranger had no authority to make him stay. They know the Park Ranger abused his authority by leading Pinney to believe he’d be in a big mess if he left the scene. They want us to believe Pinney was just a freak, and had absolutely no reason to be agitated (sarcasm).

    Swing your arms around to loosen up, and now you’re viewed as unstable. Are these people for real??

  7. He is doing it wrong by letting his anger out so easily like that. He should take it inside and let it build into a genuine commitment to buck the state some day.

  8. It sounds like he wasn’t driving the speed limit. Of course he is going to say the ranger berated him. For him to wear a ridiculous shirt like that only proves he is a nutcase and needs to sit in jail.

  9. This asshole obviously has some serious problems that jail won’t solve. Still, I’d like to see how tough he thinks he is when he’s incarcerated for a couple of months.

  10. To stay consistent with Free-Stater ideology, his t-shirt should say “FUCK CHILDREN”!

  11. Couldn’t of said it any better George. The draccc and flinty show proves that time and time again, by supporting the Ian Bernard / Kyle Tasker little children diddler club. They are a delusional club of deviants!

  12. That is so edgy. What a daring activist.

  13. It would make a lot more sense if the t-shirt had “Fuck-Tard” written on it.

  14. Bye bye Free Keene the FSP doesn’t want you around any more!

  15. Somebody needs to read Cohen V. California.

  16. Certainly Mr. Pinney was disrespectful. Disorderly conduct? Probably but then again pretty much anything can be disorderly conduct. Sounds like the court had a slow docket that needed to be filled up. If anything I’d charge him with Disorderly Fashion because he looks like a tool with that shirt on.

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