News and Blog Coverage of FBI Raid

There’s not much good one can say about the FBI’s raid on the LRN.FM studio on Sunday morning, but the news coverage has been pretty good. Free Talk Live host TJ the Spy and I have given multiple interviews on the raid to NH-based media, plus liberty-oriented bloggers have weighed in. Here’s a quick rundown:

Plus, dozens more pickups of an AP article.

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  1. Keep trying to spin it Ian. Every dog has its day! Roof, roof!

  2. Dont you have a bridge to hang out under?

  3. Making fun of the homeless Katie? Now that’s not very nice. I have a very good job in a very nice family I am just trying to post things here to protect other people and children from this deviant cult. So I’m going to treat your comment here as water under the bridge. Like how I did that Katie?

  4. You can add the list of news and media, dropping your deviant ass, WKBK.
    Thank you WKBK for listening to the citizens in Keene in voicing their disappoval of this virus in our community. Their airwaves will not be compromise with such unsavory thinking by Ian Bernard and his twisted followers.
    Thank you, from a concerned citizen!

  5. More damage control by Ian Bernard. All the media you posted say the exact same thing. You are the person of interest in this warrant. When they have finished going through everything, there maybe more.

  6. Katie … Get a clue.

  7. Thomas Knapp at The Garrison Center put this raid in perspective very well:

    “Mere weeks ago, Free Talk Live dropped a bombshell into America’s political discussion, exposing a story that had previously only been noticed very much by tech insiders.

    “The Federal Bureau of Investigation, it seems, has been moonlighting as a provider of child pornography. After locating and seizing the servers of a child porn site on the “dark web,” known as Play Pen and reachable only via the Tor browser, the FBI decided not to shut the site down. Instead, they kept it running for two weeks, using it to spread malware that could identify and locate a handful of the site’s visitors. The vast majority of the 200,000 people downloading child porn from the site went on their way unmolested (pun intended). A few whose computers were mis-configured so as to be vulnerable to the FBI’s trick were arrested.

    “Read that last paragraph again. It’s illegal — and most people agree it SHOULD be illegal — to distribute child pornography.

    “Yet the FBI did so with complete impunity.

    “Now they’re harassing the journalists who told us about it, raiding their home and seizing their equipment on the unlikely, even risible, claim that a computer in that building accessed the Play Pen site.”


  8. BSizzle and MikeAB. Using your alt accounts yet again to slander here, we see. You are clearly threatened by the fortitidue and strength of the Free Keene members. You’re clearly just one sad and pathetic individual, who has far too !much time on his hands to stalk like this. Get a job, lowlife. Learn to create yourself. Quit attempting to frame those who threaten your very existence so badly.

  9. Starchild you’ve got your head so far up your ass. It does not even matter if Ian Bernard didn’t use “his” computers to look up terrible things on the dark web. It’s the fact that maybe “his buddies” that live with him might of been on these sites. As a loving father of a child IT FUCKING MAKES ME SICK knowing this is the company Ian Bernard keeps in that shithole of a “church”. Ian is guilty by association. FREE KEENE MAKES ME SICK. Your a fucking virus in this community, and the good citizens of Keene are finding the antidote to rid this scum in our city. YOU FUCKING HERE ME IAN AND RICH?

  10. Bsizzle – Are you always so crude when you comment on the Internet? What fills you with so much hate? What did Ian or Free Keene ever do to you personally? Do you work for the government?

  11. Hate starchild? There a virus in this community! People in this community and across the nation have had enough of their devious ways. So I will keep expressing my opinion of this sham of a cult, however I see fit. I do not work for the government. In my opinion I don’t like the government, and the way it works. But I am a law abiding citizen and work to support my family, and stay out of the way of causing trouble. Free Keeniacs on the other hand, don’t “work” for a living and find themselves in hot water with law enforcement.
    It looks like their doing a bang up job. If they don’t like it, move of the grid.
    Bye Free Keene.

  12. …I would not call national coverage of being raided for child pornography “good”.

  13. The alphabet soup agencies have robbed, kidnapped people and destroyed property because they felt like it.
    This community should support FTL and all it’s efforts it has done towards liberty.

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