Manchester Police Checkpoints Return

The Manchester Police Department has announced its first sobriety checkpoint of the 2016 year (4/22), continuing its tradition of revenue collection via suspicionless vehicle stops.  These ordeals have prevented nearly zero drunk drivers.  Instead, the MPD continues to harass Manchester drivers for copblock seasonvictimless crimes, such as cannabis possession, illegal immigration or driving with a suspended license.

Numerous activists have vowed to divert traffic from the upcoming checkpoints.  This activism traditionally has a fantastic turnout, and it garners widespread support in New Hampshire’s largest city.  Cheers and expressions of gratitude are heard from passing vehicles throughout the evening.  Folks walking near the activists often stop to discuss the uselessness of the checkpoints, and activists have even been handed cash tips on several occasions.

I’ll be present at this first checkpoint, livestreaming, so you can watch the event as it happens.  Bookmark this link, and it will be easy for you to tune in.  Oh, and don’t forget to grab your copblocking gear.

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  1. Hey shire dude what if your mother or father or family member was killed by a impaired driver that YOU helped avoid a checkpoint. I’d bet your idea of this “cause”
    would change real quick. I encourage you to think about that.

  2. I agree that Shire Dude is a moron. I think this is a good idea to help assist the growing drug problem in the area.

    Only someone with something to hide would worry about a 30sec police stop.You a cannabis head? You know it’s an illegal drugs right?

  3. In other news today the State of New Hampshire sold over $500 million in alcohol again last year and still have been unable to locate the PUBLISHED NH CONTROLLED DRUG SCHEDULES from years prior to 2011. Ahem….yes….”something to hide” (smirk) .

  4. The best way to avoid receiving jail time or tickets is don’t drive drunk and keep your vehicle up to code. People have to get from point A to point B and if that means driving through a DUI checkpoint, they will do it. The children of Manchester don’t affect as many drivers as you think you do.

  5. Zeigen Sie mir Ihre Papiere, Jude. (Show me your papers jew)

    The best way to avoid a Police State is to eschew warrantless searches and stops.

  6. STFU Bob … you’re a loser.

  7. B- they don’t think, that’s the problem. They don’t care about the effect their actions have on others. Shire Douche is one of the more idiotic people in their little gang of theirs.

  8. @MikeAB, If you could have refuted what I said, you would have. Insulting a person is not an example of good argumentation, in fact it’s usually a desperation tactic of a poor debater or the person “losing”. Have a nice day.

  9. MikeAB is an internet shill.

    Not a real person

  10. It’s highly likely Free State Project and Copblock has been targeted by JTRIG (Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group) for (OCA) Online Covert Disruption Ops

    “Critically, the “targets” for this deceit and reputation-destruction extend far beyond the customary roster of normal spycraft: hostile nations and their leaders, military agencies, and intelligence services. In fact, the discussion of many of these techniques occurs in the context of using them in lieu of “traditional law enforcement” against people suspected (but not charged or convicted) of ordinary crimes or, more broadly still, “hacktivism”, meaning those who use online protest activity for political ends.”

  11. Be aware of shills? Be aware of concerned citizens! Ones that are ALL DONE with this deviant virus in our community!

  12. Now now, Shylock dear. You’re being dishonest again. We’ve been over all of this before. You’re ashamed of the fact that you lack the pluck to be a man of action. That’s why you always cheer so vociferously from the safety of the sidelines. I know you think that no one notices this weakness of yours, lamb, but you haven’t fooled anyone with this false front of strength you’ve tried to put up. It’s pretty easy to see that your mettle is no stronger than that of any other voyeur.

  13. … Like this asshat, for example.

  14. Wow draccc, you try so hard to defend your friends here that you don’t actually see what a group of people can do, to bring to light the devious behavior of free keene. Ever heard of stop free keene? It looks like normal thinking citizens of keene, have for years come together collectively and called out the devious ideologies of this cult, and it looks like hard work pays off, eh draccc?
    Still hanging on, eh draccc. Your posts are getting more and more pitiful every week. Shylock, lamb, dear? Nobody has a clue to what you are trying to get across. But by all means keep it up. BTW where is your buddy flinty the sicko scumbag? He’s been pretty quiet since the deterioration of free keene lately?

  15. thatss cool graphic

  16. FBI is trying to take down the 170 radio stations that informs people about the Free State Project

  17. Why I’m not trying to defend anyone, Shylock dear. My my, you have such an active imagination! I’m only keeping you honest, lamb. Honesty apparently isn’t a code of conduct your mommy and daddy emphasized enough to you.

  18. Absolute babble from draccc. Are you done? Please tell me your done, now?
    Trying to remain relevant and cool while your friends free Keene are drowning?
    Well Dracula, it’s time to grab onto that life preserver! I wonder how long you can tread?

  19. Shylock dear, you don’t need to tread water when you wear a life preserver. Their expressed purpose is to keep a person afloat without the need for swimming. Don’t you think you should stick with your usual list of idioms instead of trying to use analogies in your posts? You don’t appear to to have any talent in constructing them, lamb.

  20. Thanks! I made the graphic in Paint.

  21. How long are you going to hang on here draccc, stop deflecting.

  22. And what is it that you think I’m deflecting, Shylock dear? Your lies, perhaps?

  23. And now draccc is reaching here. Lies? The FBI coming to the slap/kac wasn’t a lie. Can’t wait for the IRS to come next. You can stop now.

  24. Shylock dear, you continue to lie about the role you’ve served in these events despite the fact that the only thing you’ve ever done is watch from safety while others do you’re dirty work for you. That’s very dishonest of you. You should apologize to those you’re defrauding, lamb.

  25. Don’t stop believing.

  26. BSizzle and MikeAB, you two cowards have no idea. Appeals to emotion. By standing up for their God-given rights, they’re “promoting the death of familu bmembers.” Could you come off any less foolish? Probable cause is REQUIRED to stop any vehicle. Anyone that says otherwise clearly lack the Constitutional understanding of most middle school age students. The corrupt police there don’t give a damn about the fatalities or saving lives. They care about one thing. Additional revenue for the state. Their leadership ensures that’s always the case. If they cared about safety, as they claim, they wouldn’t be closing down streets recklessly to perform their shameful, unconstitutional searches.

  27. MikeAB then uses his secondary support shill accounts to prop up his asinine failed arguments. As the fool did above with his other account “BSizzle.” It’s really quite clear this idiot is operating on about half the brain cells required to function. Just a sad little pathetic shill, too stupid to make even a single valid points that actually runs counter any of this here on Free Keene.

    Yet another low IQ loser, not worth the time of day.

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