Watch the 420 Rally Livestream

The livestream will begin at 4:00pm EST.
Activists gather annually at the statehouse in Concord, New Hampshire.  They smoke cannabis to protest plant prohibition.
This is a live event.  If the video below is not live, you can access archived footage on Shire Dude’s Bambuser account.

Funding for this broadcast provided by viewers like you.

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  1. This video link was poorly planned. It looks like maybe 75 people were there. Of course the freekeeners are there.  Where is Ian Bernard? These people are mostly drop outs of society. They don’t hold good jobs because if they did and were piss tested they would be without a job.

  2. You asshats can’t come up with a newer picture of your rally? I mean have you seen Rich Paul lately? He looks like a tow truck hit him and then backed up. I guess that is what liberty does to you, that and not working and chain smoking. What a waste!

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