FBI Returns Video Camera Confiscated During Raid!


No longer in FBI custody.

It’s been just over a month since the FBI, state police, and Keene police raided the Free Talk Live and LRN.FM studio in a search for alleged child pornography.  They confiscated dozens of storage devices and computers and though we don’t expect them to find any child porn, we also didn’t expect to get anything back anytime soon.  Apparently these investigations can take months or as much as a year or more.  (It took the DEA nine months to arrest the owners of Phat Stuff after their raid.)

However, in a pleasantly unexpected development, the FBI has returned the video camera I use to record court hearings and other various activism, the Canon HF-G30, when my attorney requested it!

When they were searching the house and found the camera, I asked them to google it to make sure it didn’t have any internal storage (it doesn’t), but they refused and confiscated it anyway.  So, given how little they cared at the time, I didn’t expect to see it again for a year.

They were certainly not required to accede to the request, but they did.  Thank you to the US attorney and FBI lead agent Scott Bailey.  Hopefully this is the beginning of our vindication and a good sign for the return of our church’s equipment sooner rather than later.

Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest on the raid.

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  1. Glad to hear you got something back, hope you get it all back soon.

  2. Police took my ex mother in law’s computer when we found her husband looking at child porn, that was over 8yrs ago & she still never got her computer back & he’s never been charged

  3. It is far from over. They just didn’t find anything on the camera. There is a lot of computers that were confiscated to go through. This all means they are going through each piece of equipment you own.

  4. thats jus stealing. damn.

  5. Good for you Ian to get your prized camera back, the one that you record wasted hours of people’s court cases and post some of them to try to seem relevant. It’s also the same camera that you have used to stick in the faces of a honest hard working individuals, unlike yourself, to do nothing else but get a reaction out them, which for the most part is negativity towards your pitiful group of “peaceful activists “. It’s the same camera that you have used to base your front page on, Robinhooding. What happened Ian, you or your friends aren’t doing that noble “job” that cast you into the media spotlight anymore, that and chalking up downtown Keene. Keep up the good work with that camera, I can’t wait to see what other lame brained idea your going to come up with to “seem” relevant.

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    Jumping Jacks

  7. Jumping Jacks don’t bother with the little man that has a phobia of being a mountain man, aka Matt Phillips. He claims that you are supported by meals on wheels, yet this deadbeat father of multiple children is on EBT.
    Also he claims to have served in the military as a exonerated wounded navy seal, which has turned out to be false on stated court documents. So take what this delusional psychopath has to offer with a grain of salt.
    Jp how do you sleep at night knowing that you have abandoned so many of your offspring?

  8. I wonder were Drac Vermell has gone?
    I guess he has jumped ship from Free Keene.

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  10. Damn Road Pirates!

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