Three of Four Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Are Now Open in NH

Patients have died while waiting for the state bureaucrats to finally allow the four legally-authorized medical cannabis dispensaries to open. Despite medical cannabis passing in 2012, bureaucrats dragged their feet on implementation until now, four years later the dispensaries are finally opening. So far there are locations in Plymouth, Dover, and Lebanon. Until the ultra-restrictive medical cannabis statutes are changed, the fourth facility still-to-open in Manchester will be the final one for the whole state.

Worse, apparently patients are assigned to a specific dispensary and can’t buy at the other three locations. All of these restrictions are continued, desperate attempts by the state to control a plant they’ve never been able to control. One patient, speaking anonymously, told me that he would no longer be buying from the dispensary as the quality of cannabis he can find on the black market is better.

Cannabis needs to be legal to possess, grow, transport, and sell with no government involvement whatsoever. Without true market competition, the government-approved, artificially-limited number of dispensaries will never be able to reach their full potential.

This is going to be a big election year with many prohibitionist senators leaving office as well as the governor, who has long stood in the way of any meaningful decriminalization. Cannabis freedom activists have pledged to make sure legalization is a major issue this election season.

Meanwhile, the state’s medical cannabis program continues to slowly move ahead. WMUR got to take a look inside one of the few legal growing operations in New Hampshire – here’s the video:

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  1. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……

  2. “Patients have died waiting” That is a ridiculous blanket statement. People have died waiting for a cure for cancer. Marijuana does not cure or prolong life. There are going to be a lot of restrictions and security regarding dispensaries.  It should be noted there are more physicians against medical cannabis then for. 

    Freekeeners hope this is a gateway for them to buy marijuana. According to Gov Hassan, that will never happen in New Hampshire.

  3. 1800Watt Gavitas with Red Pontoons.  NH stop playin.

  4. Jumping Jacks  Now, now Jacks. You know perfectly well that there was no questionnaire circulated that asked all of the doctors in the United States their positions on medical cannabis. So how could you possibly know what the majority opinion is on this subject?

  5. Now, now Jacks……. blah blah blah…..

  6. GGGMAN  Now what pray tell is this, Michael dear? No harsh language? No vulgar accusations of homosexual behavior? That’s quite unusual for you, isn’t it lamb? I’m very proud of you! This welcome change to your repugnant personality isn’t attributed to the new name you’ve chosen to post under, now is it dear?

  7. Jumping Jacks

    The United States Surgeon Generals report has published info. on the leading causes of deaths from substances which can be ingested.   Cigarettes came in first, ALCOHOL came in second.  A host of other things which are commonly consumed by Americans, such as caffeine etc. finished lower and Cannabis came in dead last, with ZERO deaths attributed to toxic responses to ingestion.  A DEA judge, Judge Francis Young, upon reviewing a study agreed cannabis is far less harmful than many other substances…

    So, not only has the State of NH done a hypocritical about face when they first pointed to the federal drug schedule as being legally valid and now they’ve chosen break federal law, they engage in selling via a forcible monopoly, alcohol, a deadly substance.   

    You might consider getting a more realistic perspective and shedding your stockholmy psychological handcuffs.

  8. WEEDA CLAUS Jumping Jacks Gov. Hassan said she will veto any bill decriminalizing or allowing the purchase of marijuana with the exception of medical marijuana. The THC in this type of marijuana can be up to 27%. Scientist don’t know at this time what damaging effect to the brain will be done.

  9. Jumping Jacks WEEDA CLAUS  Now Jacks, I’m sure you’re aware that dronabinol (an FDA approved version of the primary psychoactive compound found in cannabis) is approved for use in appetite stimulation for patients with AIDS as well as an antiemetic for patients undergoing chemotherapy. As a fanatical champion of government expertise, are you trying to make the case that you know more about the safety of THC than the FDA does?

  10. Jumping Jacks WEEDA CLAUS

    Does Governor Hassan own your body or do you ?

  11. Now, now Jacks….. blah ,blah, blah….

  12. GGGMAN  Michael dear, your characteristic lack of eloquence only serves to give away the fact that you know that I’m right.

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