NHexit Rally in Keene Covered on NH1

NHexit Rally in Keene, July 2016

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Just about one week after a successful first rally for New Hampshire independence in Manchester, NHexit activists held another one for independence day in Keene. NH1’s Jennifer Currier came out and reported live from the scene for the 5:30 and 6:30 news. She also filed this excellent report. No video available online yet, but here’s the text:

KEENE – A handful of New Hampshire residents gathered outside the Post Office in Keene on Monday evening to show support for NHExit.


The movement started shortly after Britain broke ties with the European Union, in hopes that the Granite State would follow the example and secede from the United States.


“The goal is to pretty much send the message to the feds of we don’t like what you’re doing, knock it off, or we will try to leave,” said Darrel W. Perry, a member of the New Hampshire Liberty Party and one of the protestors.


This was the second peaceful protest organized for the movement in less than two weeks. The first was held in Manchester on June 26.


About a half dozen people were at the Keene protest, which had about half the turnout as the first protest.


Ian Freeman, also of the Liberty Party and a candidate for governor, organized Monday’s gathering. He wasn’t discouraged by the turnout.


Photo of Most of the Protestors

NHexit NOW!

“We’ve got a lot of great people who’ve come out today, and we’ve been getting a lot of honks and waves so far,” he said.


The protesters waved to cars and passersby and received many honks or waves in return. However, none of the onlookers joined in.


Organizers said planning a protest for Independence Day was no coincidence.


“It was definitely a strategic move to choose Independence Day because today really is the day that people are celebrating secession,” Freeman said. “If you think about it, the United States seceded from the thirteen colonies, seceded from the king’s rule. So really, we’re just talking about doing that again.”


The main message of the protest was that the NHExit is meant to be a peaceful one.


“A lot of people will look at secession and say, well, that’s a dirty word or secession is violent,” Perry said. “I’ve been an advocate of secession as long as I can remember.”


The next NHExit gathering is planned for later this month in Portsmouth.

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  1. A “successful rally”? Seven people showed up and you call that successful? Too funny.  It’s nice activists have a hobby like this. It helps them from making bigger asses out of themselves when they have something to do.

  2. Actually one of the protesters was taken away by ambulance from what I heard. Was it dehydration, or another overdose in their group. Either way it looks like they don’t care for themselves. BTW nice turn out! The locals that were around said that no one was in support of your “cause”, contradictory to what Ian Bernard said, I’m not surprised.


  4. GGGMAN 

    might come as a shock, but yes, it was ruled dehydration. Not everybody
    is a stoner and not everybody pushes the boundaries in excess what is
    probably reasonably safe to ingest.
    Nobody honesty thinks
    NHExit is going to succeed short term. It doesn’t matter that we
    ‘failed’, ‘will fail’, etc. The point is to bring up issues and get
    attention for the causes we support so more people consider moving that
    support liberty. The reality is these sorts of protests lead to more and
    more liberty-minded people moving here. The fact that a small town like
    Keene even has enough liberty-minded people to put on a protect let
    alone sustain small protests year after year is quite amazing. 

    there are hundreds of groups across New Hampshire and Keene is fairly
    small. There are thousands of people actively involved in different
    ways. Very few are protesting on the street.

  5. libretea GGGMAN  Street protests aren’t popular for sure. I’m always amazed by how many random people, unconnected to the FSP or FK will bring up the topic of a protest without cue. I can’t count how many times I overheard, “Did you hear about…” not something you get much of anywhere else regarding local protests that happen everyday in every state.


    I freed a thousand slaves. I could’ve freed a thousand more if only they had known they were slaves. – Harriet Tubman

  7. “I made you eat your parents, I made you eat parents!!! Eric Theodore Cartman

  8. People in NH have WAY too much time on their hands and not enough local leisure activity options.

  9. StaceyRowan

    People in D.C. have way too much blood on their hands.   Peace.

  10. I guess it never aired, eh Ian Bernard?
    Not so relevant anymore, eh Rich Paul?

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