LIVE Manchester Checkpoint Blocked

The livestream will be from 10pm to about 1am EST.

Activists gather at a police checkpoint in Manchester, New Hampshire.  Two similar checkpoints this year resulted in 306 total stops and only 2 arrests.  Both arrests were for (unspecified) drug possession.

Instead of Bambuser, Shire Dude is testing Facebook live video this evening.  The stream will be available here.

This is a live event.  If the linked video is not live, you can access Shire Dude’s archived footage on Bambuser, Facebook and
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  1. cool

  2. What if one of the people you helped not get “caged”, got to leave and then struck and killed a family member or loved one of yours? Would your tune change drastically? Hmm….

  3. GGGMAN  Michael darling, I understand that your inability to keep your emotions under control makes it very difficult for you accept the obvious most of the time, but one would think that you should at least be able to understand that the Fourth Amendment’s wording does not provide a list of exceptions to any of the rights of those being accused of a crime. This means that someone being accused of say – driving under the influence – is entitled to the same protections against unreasonable stops, searches, and seizures, as say someone being accused of – writing a bad check. Don’t you think that stopping every driver that passes through a suspicionless checkpoint and then forcing them to prove their innocence to the satisfaction of state agents is a blatant violation of this wording, Michael? Now I thought you had always championed the opinion that everyone must obey the rule of law – no matter what? You’re not intimating that enforcers of the law should be the granted the power to void the rule of law whenever they wish to, now are you sweetie?

  4. It’s the typical activist attention getter. If there are fewer and fewer DUI’s caught at these checkpoints, then it must be working. The one DUI they would catch will save tax payers, insurance companies, and personal losses.

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