NH1 Reports on Liberty Candidates

Libertarian candidate for governor of New Hampshire Max Abramson and I were both featured on a recent piece on NH1 about “controversial” candidates. Reporter Chantel McCabe’s narration contains a major error. The Free State Project didn’t distance themselves from me after they found out my libertarian position on age of consent. My views have been public knowledge for many years. While emancipation of young people is not a major issue for my campaign for governor, I’m happy to discuss it. Thanks to NH1 for the brief though inaccurate appearance.

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  1. Candidates that will never be elected is really the name of this article.  Part of your expulsion from the FSP is your views on age of consent and the fact that you are being investigated by the FBI for kiddie porn.

  2. In your ideal world, would “kiddie porn” be viewed the same as regular “by consenting adults porn”?

  3. Both of the past comments are dead on and I couldn’t of said them any better. NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD VOTE YOU INTO ANYTHING IAN BERNARD!

  4. Although a “devout minarchist”, we all know this “Free Keene” is spearheaded by “anarcho/voluntarysts”… which is no problem (as i see a need to witness what they would do with a town, city or county running without a government).  But if we envision such an enclave, I ask literally and with honest intent:  on a pragmatic level, assuming you are against “underage” porn and “sexual contracts” of varying styles, how could it be stopped in that zeroGov world?

  5. I’m not even going to respond with a reasonable comment to that, shame on you Icharles14.

  6. GGGMAN Are you Ian, there, GGGman?  If not, should I care if you comment on it?  If you are Ian, please understand that I posed the question with honorable intentions, and to help solve a problem that has been hounding libertarians since Mary Ruart became “famous”.  Thusly, don’t comment on the question, please simply answer it.  Yes or no?

  7. Ian’s correct. His views on sex with children were known to the FSP hierarchy. The FSP leadership is trying to go corporate, and Ian became an inconvenience – along with the rest of Free Keene. The new management is embarrassed by unwashed flag burners, Robin Hoodlums chasing meter readers around with video cameras, and the rest of the negative press the Keene cult seems to attract. Keene is a sinking ship. The rats are moving on.

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